Angler Profiles

Angler Profiles

Bob Bent Role: Angler.
Bob getting on a bit but class act and all round good guy

Dave Briggs Role: Angler
Dave leaves his print everywhere; has Greek citizenship.
"I started fishing with my older brother when I was about nine years old with a home made rod. We were both very happy when fishing. I remember Dad taking us to Tom Watson's tackle shop on Canal Street with his mate, who was also a good angler. He bought for us both fibre glass rod blanks and all the parts to make six foot rods. We made them up into proper rods, with the help of Dad's mate, and I can remember feeling really good when we had done them. There were six of us who regularly went fishing together, visiting places like Fairham Brook, the River Trent, Wollaton Park Lake and Colwick Gravel Pits. We went all over until girls came along to split the 'six' up. I did a lot of specimen fishing after that, until I joined Midland. Now I just fish on Sundays due to work commitments, but it's a great day out, with a good set of lads and it means I have a good laugh and relax. I don't win a lot, but I enjoy myself."

Daryl Butler Role: Angler
Daryl - most improved angler in the club but he needs taking down a peg or two. "I started fishing the Trent as a kid and got fed up of the small fish so I went to try and catch the bigger barbel and chub. I mainly fished lead and feeder and used pellet, bread, meat, you name it! My biggest barbel to date is 11lb 7oz and my biggest chub is 7lb 3oz. I spent about fifteen years doing martial arts, specialising in Wada Ryu, a type of karate. I stopped doing this because I was getting too old to get out of the way, so I decided to take up fishing again, stupidly agreeing to fish with my travelling mate John. We visited Portland and started to catch chub and carp up in the water and on method feed and it all went wrong from there. Next minute I was in Midland Angling club fishing like a specimen hunter. Soon refined my tactics. I was doing really well, but winning the Merit cup slowed me down. Best match win the open at Hacketts with 39lb of carp."

Neil Culham Role: Angler
Likes it up in the water. Thinking man's angler.
"I started fishing when I was six and my Dad bought me one of those six foot rod kits where the line is too thick, the floats are more suited to pike fishing and the hooks wouldn’t be out of place on a shark boat. Despite this I was “hooked” and spent most of my younger days happy enough just being by a river or lake and if I was lucky enough I would catch sticklebacks or even a gudgeon or two. For most of my fishing life I have loved rivers and bream fishing on rivers in particular. Indeed, my first Midland match I won with 46lb of bream at Hoveringham and my best pleasure fishing catch is 252lb bream on the stick float at Radcliffe-on-Trent. However, since the demise of the Trent I’ve spent most of my fishing in the last 10 years on carp lakes. My favourite method is catching shallow whether its carp, ide, roach or chub; I haven’t caught a gudgeon shallow yet!!!"

Mick Danby Role: Angler
Former Trent ace; getting a regular hammering off his son, Jack.

Jack Danby Role: Angler
Jack, son of Mick, star of the future who can beat anyone on his day, but always his dad!

Mike Fletcher Role: Angler
Essex boy, likes playing with trains,a good performer when his wife lets him. "I started fishing with my dad at around 7 years of age. Living in London, we then moved to Essex where we fished the River Cam and local gravel pits; we also went sea fishing to Norfolk and Sussex. I gave up fishing at 16 to play other sports like footy, cricket, squash and table tennis. I moved to Nottingham at Burton Joyce in 1991 where I used to walk the dog in the Nelson field and would sit and watch the anglers. It was not long before I was off down the tackle shop to stock up with some new gear. I pleasure fished for several years before some bloke called Chris Shaw (who?) joined my company in 2000 and eventually persuaded me to join Midland AS. He has taught me a lot about match fishing over the past 12 years, which is probably why I have never won a match! I really enjoy it joining the guys on a Sunday when the the wife lets me go."

Martin Lacey Role: Angler
Best match secretary in the world; caster genius who likes to make a splash. "I started fishing when I was about five and my first memory of fishing was in Farndon Pit (now the Marina), catching small perch and I am ashamed to say, unhooking them with a towel. You see I was scared to touch them. I'm pleased to say that is now no longer the case! I grew up alongside the banks of the Newark Dyke, watching the likes of Matt Willis, a great tare angler on the river, and being taken under the wing of an older angler, who took me to such exotic waters as the Witham, Welland, South Forty Foot, Relief Channel, etc. I once fished about a dozen pegs away from the great Ivan Marks, when he was winning all the Relief Channel Championships. I progressed to fishing the winter league with Grantham, without any success, before joinng Imperial Anglers and ending up where I am today,the match secretary at Midland AS."

Ian 'Mr Mac' Mac Role: Angler
Ian, known as Mr Mac, commitee man - loves his waggler top. Trentman who loves his pies. "My introduction to angling began when my uncle gave me a rod and reel for my birthday and like all good uncles he took me fishing, which, as I remember ,was the only times I was able to go as a youngster as my Dad had no interest whatsoever. He instead introduced me to one of my other great passions in life Notts County Football Club, whom I have been supporting for sixty two years give or take a month! As I grew up I was able to fish with my mates, mainly the old Grantham Canal in West Bridgford and of course, my beloved Trent. Once again I was distracted from angling by music and the guitar, of which today I own several. I was a member of a well known city group for many years during the sixties and seventies, when the rods were put away. I started fishing again as a member of Nottingham Gas Sports A.C. We were a good club with a thriving membership of Trent Anglers and as members of the Nottingham Federation, would fish their matches on the Trent as well as the Fed Winter League, which had two divisions (1 & 2). This would attract twenty five teams of four to fish the Trent in 6 matches, each division from October to March. Along with Midland, Waltonian's and Gas Sports were the teams to beat. I was lucky enough to win both divisions of the League. Today, the days of the Trent matches are a distant memory; then the number of anglers turning out to fish the Federation and Nott's Anglers matches at Burton Joyce, Shelford & the Radcliffe Viaducts may never be seen again in Nottinghamshire. On some match days over 300 anglers would be seen on the banks of the Trent from all over the country, such was the pull of this great match river, and that was just fishing these well organised Open Matches, let alone the club and pleasure anglers out on other stretches of bank. My favourite method of Trent fishing apart from the stick float is the waggler and maggot,which, on its day it can still be deadly on the Trent. It can be fished just tripping bottom, dragging a long tail, in addition to up in the water, which is how I like to catch roach when they are having a go. As well as being a on Midland Committee I also serve as the General Secretary of Nottingham Federation.

John Morley Role: Angler
A window on the world, sometimes he is a bit glazed,but it 'panes' me to say class act.

Lew Nightingale Role: Angler
Pellet ace, fishes well after heavy drinking session.

Paul Nightingale Role: Angler
 Has shares in green Giant, master of the long pole. Paul is now a Proud dad so needs to work on the wife for a pass out to come fishing

John Rick Role: Angler
John the Wollaton Pirate first world war ace and canal mastro very rarley bombs out. "First started fishing when I was about 5 or 6. I cannot remember my first fish species, but it was either a roach from the old Wollaton Canal which is now in disuse or, more likely, a perch from the lake at Vernon Park in Basford. Between the ages of 15 and 17, I fished for Highbury AS. Pete Tomlinson was one of my team mates and I can remember going pleasure fishing with Pete and Wayne Swinscoe on the 'Road Stretch' at Burton Joyce. They caught, I didn't - no change there then! Johnny Rolfe from our club used to win so many matches, both club and Fed in those days and I used to love watching him fish. After this, time was spent playing football to a good standard and even had a trial with Notts, but when the knees eventually gave way, I saw Ian Mac's name concerning a Fed match on the canal in the Evening Post, phoned him and he introduced me to Midland and I've been there for the last 5 years, winning about 5 matches. Top weight 146 lb. I am ok on the Nottingham Canal and Trent, but really struggle at carp venues, not knowing which tactic or bait to use on the day. I am one of Colin's swimming mates, who likes to get amongst them - still caught 80 lb that very wet day!"

Chris Shaw Role: President - Angler
El President. Bullhead maestro as well as keeping a few bricks in his keepnet for the weigh in. "I started fishing at age 14 at Stoke Lock going early morning on bikes. The Trent then was a different river to now; Stoke Lock was a magical place, early morning mist clearing with steam rising from a warm river heated by the power stations. On a good day we would catch 6-8 lbs of dace and roach and felt like 'Kings'. I then joined the Nottingham Post Office AC we went everywhere on cronky old buses as far as Wales. I remember the bus breaking down many times. We fished the Cambridgeshire fens as well as the Witham, Sibsey Trader and many more. I don't remember catching much for a long time, but remember my first win it was on the Sibsey Trader - on a bad day with nobody catching I miss cast and snared a 2lb perch sheer fluke, felt great.
Midland AS then came along and again many bus matches and many breakdowns, the worst being on the North Level when we had a puncture and we only found at at the end of the match. The bus had no spare, so they had to send a spare and a jack from Nottingham and we eventually got home about midnight. We used to play 9 card brag on the bus trips and some days it was only on the way home that the pot was won. Proudest moment in fishing was winning a National Championship medal for coming 12th out of 1000 on the river Nene, also Midland winning promotion on the Thames in the Division 3 National - what a day. Fishing has changed over the years, but I feel that Midland has moved with the times and am proud to be associated with such a great club. The spirit within the club is great and I look forward to my Sunday fishing and meeting up with everyone and having a good laugh along the way."

Rob Sherrif Role: Angler
Rob the worm, ace with the wriggly things.

Gary Smith Role: Angler
Quite lad, never moans. Unlucky at the draw. Wins hatfulls of matches. "I was born in 1950 and I am a veteran open, team and club angler. I am a proficient all-rounder with a bias to silverfish. Whilst fishing I have an abrasive sense of humour and I tend to be very vocal. I have been a prolific match winner over the past forty years!"

Pete Tomlinson Role: Angler
Tomo loves his meat - 'a bit one dimensional' someone said , not me. "I started fishing when I was thirteen and like most anglers back in the day, it was mainly on the Trent. The first club I joined was Sketchley AC in 1968. We used to be picked up by one of the big laundry vans and we would all sit in the back with all our tackle (good job we only fished on the Trent in those days!). The next few years I was a member of a few clubs including Highbury Vale, and Arnold Liberal Club. I also joined Nottingham AA in 1971 and have been a member of the Fed since 1968. I joined Midland in 1976 and have been a member since then. My biggest success with Midland was winning my section in the 1993 division four national on the tidal Trent and finishing ninth overall out of 948 anglers. I just participate in club fishing now but still enjoy fishing as much as ever. I had a good season last year, but since then have been cursed by winning the merit cup. I just hope I can recover from it!" (Pete won another match on the day this entry was put in, quick recovery! - ed)

Anthony White Role: Angler
Sets the standard, top class, but needs to stay till the end!

Clive Williams Role: Angler
Punch for short, actually he is short; more bait than Gerrys!

Lew Nightingale Role: Angler
Pellet ace, fishes well after heavy drinking session.

Mick Danby Role Angler.
Mick was a member when the Trent was at it height and was known for his big catches of chub on the feeder, left for a while and has now returned and showing he has lost none of his skill, has passed his knowledge onto his son Jack.

Jack Danby. Role Angler
Well what can I say Jack has made rapid progress since joining and must be one of the best young anglers in the country not only winning club matches but also making his mark in opens