Club Rules

Club Rules 
  1. Notts Federation books will be issued on request and must be paid for at time of issue. 
  2. Election of officers as per MAS constitution.
  3. Life members means members who have been in the club 20 years or more at the age of 65.
  4. Membership is at the discreation of the commitee.
  5. The commitee will have sole rights regarding Fianance and assets of the M.A.S.
  6. All fees to be fixed by the M.A.S commitee
  7. All meetings to start at 8 pm prompt.
  8. Members 65 and over may request a draw from the first 10 pegs this is at the discreation of the match secretary.
  9. The commitee will have the authority to make decisions for and on behalf of the members of the M.A.S. Which they consider to be in the best intrest of the Society.
  10. Junior members up 18 to pay half subs, over 18 full membership
  11. A copy of the MAS constitution is available from the club President.
  12. Live baiting is strictly banned