Match Results Archive

Match Results Archive

Nottingham Canal 27th October 2019

This was the last match of the season and the canal came up trumps, in first place from peg 198 was Pete Tomlinson with a net of Roach Perch and skimmers putting 17lb on the scales, a close second was Gary Smith with 16lb from peg 222, third place was a tie Clive Williams and John Simpson catching 15lb.

My thanks to Martin for all his hard work during the seson.
Full Result 
1 P Tomlinson 17lb 1oz
2 G Smith 16lb 12oz
3= J Simpson 15lb 13oz
= C Williams 15lb 13oz
5 M Lacey 14lb 2oz (section)
6 D Briggs 9lb 2oz (section)
7 S Harper 9lb
8 P Winfield 7lb 1oz
9 C Shaw 3lb 15oz

On a cold and windy day the lake produced some excellent weights, in first place was Simon Harper winning his first Midland match drawn at the favoured bottom end of the lake with those at the top end struggling to catch Simon caught from the off putting a 10 pounder in the net first put in, he then caught steady all day finishing  with 92lb, in second place opposite Simon was Gray Smith who finished with 84lb just pipping Mick Danby who had a great last two hours catching down the margin.
Full Result

 1.S Harper 92lb 4oz
2 G Smith 84lb 8oz
3 M Danby 80lb 13oz
4 P Tomlinson 39lb 10oz (Section)
5 J Simpson 26lb 11oz
6 C Shaw 20lb 14 oz (Section)
7 D Briggs 19lb 6oz
8 L Nightingale 11lb 10oz
9 M Lacey 3lb 6oz

Little John 13th October

Rain or what! our second match in 3 weeks at this venue was a copy of the first with heavy rain falling all day
Top man was Martin Lacey who caught down the margins on peg 14 putting in a blistering performance to finish with142lb, in second on peg 4 was Pete Tomlinson who produced a margin masterclass to finish with 125lb, third place went to Neil Culham peg 22 with101lb.
Full Result
1 M Lacey 142lb 12oz
2 P Tomlinson 125lb 7oz
3 N Culham 101lb 1oz
4 G Smith 101lb
5 D Briggs 97lb 1oz
6 L Nightingale 77lb 4oz
7 C Shaw 73lb 2oz
8 M Fletcher 43lb 10oz

London Road Canal 6th October
 With a tinge of Colour it was hoped for a good match however after the first hour things got very hard, Pete Tomlinson on 206 caught well in the first hour putting 6lb in the net he finished with 9lb, in second was John Simpson on 210 not the best of pegs but John put 8lbs of Roach on the scales, third place went to Clive Williams with 7lb fom peg 200.

Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 9lb 2oz
2 J Simpson 8lb 15oz
3 C Williams 7lb 6oz
4 M Lacey 7lb 4oz (Section)
5 I Mac 5lb 6oz
6 G Smith 5lb 
7 C Shaw 3lb 15oz (Section)
8 D Butler 3lb 5oz
9 J Rick 2lb 13oz
10 P Winfield 2lb 8oz

Little John Friar Tuck
Well did it rain you bet, it tipped it down all day shocking conditions but lots of fish caught John Rick continued his run of form putting 148lb on the scales from an end peg, in second was Gary Smith with 127lb third place went to M Lacey all three catching in the margins on various baits.
Full Result
1 J Rick 148lb 5oz
2 G Smith 127lb 15oz
3 M Lacey 123lb 10oz
4 C Shaw 113lb 1oz (section)
5 P Tomlinson 86lkb 6oz (section)
6 L Nightingale 76lb 12oz
7 N Culham 73lb 2oz
8 D Briggs 57lb 4oz
9 M Fletcher 53lb 9oz
10 1 Mac 43lb 2oz

1 John Rick 148lb 5 oz

Shelthill 22nd September

Not much info on this match Barston gave us a battering
Full Result
1 M Lacey 103lb 1oz
2 C Williams 99lb 5oz
3 G Smith 89lb 12oz
4 D Briggs 81lb 6oz
5 P Tomlinson 56lb 9oz
6 P Winfield 43lb 7oz
7 J Rick 32lb 1oz

Caythorpe 15th September
 Despite good conditions this was a hard match with the roach not showing. Trent ace Pete Tomlinson did well to put 6lb on the scales, in second was a rare visitor to the river Neil Culham Neil fishing pole over groundbait catching a bonus eel.
Full result.
1 P Tomlinson 6lb 14oz
2 N Culham 5lb 13oz
3 P Winfield 4lb 8oz
4 J Simpson 3lb 2oz
5 C Williams
6 M Danby 2lb 2oz
7 I Mac 1lb 4oz
8 D Briggs 1lb 3oz
9 M Lacey 1lb 2oz
10 D Butler 1lb

Wellow Dam 8th September

With low overnight temperatures the day was always going to be difficult, the silvers did not feed so carp dominated, recording his first win of the season Martin Lacey put 69lb on the scales from peg 11, Martin caught most in the margins, in second place was evergreen Neil Culham Neil used a dobbing method for some bonus fish and also caught in the margins finishing with 59lb, In third place was Chris Shaw with 47lb which was enough to win him the Knock out trophy.
 Full Result
1 M Lacey 69lb 6oz
2 N Culham 59lb 11oz
3 C Shaw 47lb 7oz
4 G Smith 37lb 10oz
5 L Nightingale 36lb 15oz
6 J Sinpson 36lb 11oz
7 M Danby 35lb 9oz
8 P Tomlinson 33lb 10oz
9 D Briggs 26lb 13oz
10 C Williams 19lb 3oz

Portland 4 Islands 1st September

Continuing his rich vein of form John Rick put in a top class performance to take the win with 142lb, in second place was Neil Culham Mr big weight who caught with 122lb, third place went to Martin Lacey who caught  late on 108lb.
Full Result
1 J Rick 142lb 14oz
2 N Culham 122lb 4oz
3 M Lacey 108lb 7oz
4 P Tomlinson 90lb 1oz
5 M Danby 85lb 6oz
6 D Butler 84lb 7oz
7 C Shaw 82lb 4oz
8 H Smith73lb 12oz
9 J Simpson 55lb 3oz
10 C Williams 27lb 9oz
11 L Nightingale 19lb 1oz
12 M Fletcher 15lb 5oz
13 D Briggs 13lb 12oz.

Mill Dam 26th August

With temperatures in the high 20s this was a tough day Neil Culham drew peg 12 which had produced a 400lb weight the day before and again produced the top weight with Neil putting 328lb on the scales, Neil has made this venue his nailed on win with many wins over the years, in second place was inform John Rick with 218lb, third was Pete Tomlinson .
 with 159lb just pipping Martin Lacey who had 158 lb.
Full Result
1 N Culham 328lb 3oz
2 J Rick 219lb 10oz
3 P Tomlinson 159lb 10oz
4 M Lacey 158lb 10oz (section)
5 H Smith 138lb 11oz (section)
6 L Nightingale 105lb 7oz
7 C Shaw 104lb 9oz
8 D Butler 102lb 9oz
9 C Williams 88lb 1oz
10 I Mac 82lb 1oz

Springvale Duke Lake 11th August

Barnston took revenge for there loss on the River 2 week ago with the top 5 weights  105lb was top.

Top dog for Midland was Horace Smith who came a close second with 104lb.
Full Result
1 H Smith 104lb 4oz
2 M Danby 93lb 6oz
3 P Tomlinson 70lb 14oz
4 A White 69lb 15oz
5 J Simpson 63lb 1oz
6 C Shaw 51lb 13oz
 7 C Williams 50lb 12oz
8 D Butler 38 8oz
9 J Rick 32lb 7oz
10 M Lacey 32lb 3oz
11 I Mac 32lb 1oz

Mill Dam match lake 3rd August.

Drawn on peg 7 John Rick found fish  feeding in the margins to his right margin from the start, John fished a great match for his second win in a week putting 188lb on the scales, in second place was Neil Culham  on peg 1 Neil struggled early on but went on the feeder in the margins and found lots of fish, putting 178lb on the scales.
 Full Result
1 J Rick 188lb 3oz
2 N Culham 178lb 4oz
3 P Tomlinson 148lb 8oz
4 J Simpson 119lb 5oz(Section)
5 C Shaw 107lb 15oz (Section)
 6 C Williams 99lb 12oz
7 H Smith 96lb 9oz
8 L Nightingale 78lb 5oz
9 I Mac 69lb 13oz

River Trent Challenge 28th July

On a rising river this proved to be an excellent match with the top 5 Midland weights being 50lb 9oz and Barston top 5, 44lb 16oz

In first place was Gary Smith with 11lb 15oz, second place went to Pete Tomlinson with 10lb 13oz
Full Result Midland only
1 G Smith 11lb15oz
2 P Tomlinson 10lb  15oz13oz
3 J Rick 9lb 7oz
4 M Lacey 9lb 10oz
5 C Shaw 8lb 5oz (Section)
6 P  Winfield 7lb 15oz
7 C Williams 7lb 13oz
8 D Butler 7lb 9oz
9 R Sherrif 5lb 11oz
10 D Briggs 3lb 13oz

Springvale Duchess. 21st July

Venue regular Neil Culham fished meathod feeder to win with 110lbs well clear of the field, in second spot was Mr consistant Gary Smith, who fished pole for 94lbs, third was evergreen Clive Williams with 76lb the top three weights coming from the far side on the near side was Martin Lacey who lost several big fish and finished with 73lb.
Full Result
1 N Culham 110lb 2oz
2 G Smith 94lb 14oz
3 C Williams 73lb 2oz
4 M Lacey 73lb 2oz
5 H Smith 59lb 8oz
6 L Nightingale 59lb
7 D Butler 58lb 5oz
8 J Rick 57lb 7oz
9 P Tomlinson 56lb 14oz
10 D Briggs 42lb 9oz
11 C Shaw 36lb 13oz
12 I Mac 29lb 8oz
13 M Fletcher 27lb 8 oz

Portland old lake.
John Rick on peg 13 fished and outstanding match to win with 91lb, in second place was Gary Smith on peg 17 Gary put 82lb on the scales, in third after a bad start was Martin Lacey with 76lb
Full Result 
1 J Rick 91lb 11oz
2 G Smith 82lb 15oz
3 M Lacey 76lb 12oz
4 P Tomlinson 73lb 10oz (section)
5 J Simpson 63lb 6oz (section)
6 C Shaw 55lb *
7 D Butler 50lb 13oz
8 D Briggs 44lb 8oz
9 H Smith 44lb 7oz
10 C Williams 39lb 6oz
11 I Mac 27lb 1oz
* Weight knocked back to net limit plus 10%
Caythorpe 6th July.
 A fair day to fish the river no wind but clear water.
Pete Tomlinson put in a sparkling performance of stick float fishing putting 11lb on the scales to push Anthony White into second place Anthony catching 9lb, in third place was Gary Smith with 6lb .
The top three all came from adjacent pegs in the middle of the stretch.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 11lb 6oz 
2 A White 9lb 6oz
3 G Smith 6lb 3oz
4 C Shaw 6lb 1oz
5 C Williams 5lb 13oz ( Section)
6 M Danby 5lb 9oz
7 J Rick 4lb 14oz ( Section)
8 M Lacey 4lb 7oz
9 J Simpson 4lb 6oz
10 D Briggs  4lb 3oz
11 D Butler 2lb 11oz
12 P Winfield 1lb 7oz 

Mill Dam 30th June

The top three on the old lake came of adjacent pegs, Venue expert Neil Culham putting 178lb on the scales from peg 15, followed by Martin Lacey peg 12 who had 115lb, in third place was Pete Tomlinson with110lb. on peg 17
Full Result
1 N Culham 176lb 2oz
2 M Lacey 115lb 11oz
3 P Tomlinson110lb 10oz
4 J Simpson 95lb 12oz
5 M Fletcher 78lb 7oz
6 D Butler 71lb 4oz
7 C Shaw 65lb 14oz
8 G Smith 63lb 2oz
9 D Briggs 42lb 9oz

Hoveringham 23rd June

Leading the way with a fine performance was Daryl the whip Butler, Daryl started on feeder for the bream, after the loss of a 5lb bream at the net early on he decided to go on the wip and caught steady with roach and dace, he reverted back to the feeder with 10 minutes to go and had a bonus bream, finishing with 13lb 9oz .In second place was Mick Danby who caught from the off on stick for 13lb 2oz, third place went to John Rick from peg 2 John fished waggler for 12lb.Everyone said they enjoyed the match with lots of fish showing in difficult conditions.

Full Result

1 D Butler 13lb 9oz
 2 M Danby 13lb 2oz
3 J Rick 12lb
4 G Smith 10lb 7oz
5 C Williams 9lb 2oz
6 A White 7lb 5oz
7 P Tomlinson 6lb 5 oz
8 C Shaw 6lb
9 M Lacey 5lb 14oz
10 I Mac 5lb 13oz
11 D Briggs 4lb 2oz
12 P Winfield 3lb 15oz
13 S Harper DNW

Springvale 16th June

Another wet and windy day with pegs on the sheltered side of the lake providing the best weights, in first palce was Clive Williams with 96lb Clive was on peg 12 and had a net of Ide and 4 carp for 27lb, in second place was Martin Lacey with 91lb Martin had 80lb of Ide and chub with 4 carp for 10lb, third place went to Gary Smith with 72lb.

Full Result

1 C Williams 96lb 4oz
2 M Lacey 91lb 7oz
3 G ASmith72lb 3oz
4N Culham 69lb 12oz
5 C Shaw 61lb 15oz (Section)
6 J Rick 56lb 8oz(Section)
7 P Tomlinson 49lb
8 D Butler45lb 15oz
9 D Briggs 43lb 1oz
10 L Nightingale 40lb 13oz
11 H Smith 30lb 3oz
12 I Mac 21lb
13 M Fletcher 15lb 8oz

Car Vale 9th June

Always something different at Car Vale last year green algea, this year willow fluff that affected anglers on two sides of the lake, the 123 came from  the carpark side with all three in a line, on top drawing favoured peg 7 Neil Culham showed how it should be done with 54lb mainly crucians, on peg 6 Pete Tomlinson had 26lb which included a bream of 3lb caught late in the match, which edged out Dave Briggs on peg 9 ,Dave finished with 26lb 10oz, in forth place on the opposite bank was Gary Smith with 26lb 2oz.

Full Result

1 N Culham 54lb 4oz
2 P Tomlinson 26lb 14oz
3 D Briggs 26lb 10oz
4 G Smith 26lb 2oz
5 C Shaw 25lb 9oz ( Section)
6 H Smith 23lb
7 J Simpson 21lb 13oz (Section)
8 M Lacey 20lb 8oz
9 C Williams 20lb 5oz
10 D Butler 18lb 10oz
11 J Rick 17lb 4oz
12 A White 15lb 13oz
13 I Mac 7lb 4oz

Wellow Dam 2nd June

The match was fished in near conditions, coming out on top with a masterfull performace was Mick Danby on peg 11 finishing with 68lb, a close second was Gary Smith with ird 64lb from peg 2, third place went to MartinLacey with 56lb  from peg 3.
Full Result 
 1M Danby 68lb 12oz
2 G Smith 64lb 12 oz
3 M Lacey 56lb 3oz
4 C Shaw 55lb 9oz
5 J Simpson 54lb 9oz (section)
6 P Tomlinson 45lb 15oz (section)
7 C Williams 44lb 3 oz
8 H Smith 40lb 7oz
9 N Culham 37lb 14oz
10 J Rick 27lb 12z
11 D Butler 13lb 13oz 
12 L Nightingale 13lb 12oz
13 D Briggs 13lb 3oz
14 I Mac 9lb 9oz

Litle John Friar Tuck 26th May

Today was a tale of lost fish for many anglers with upto 18 fish for Martin Lacey being lost most would be foul hookers , In first place was Pete Tomlinson who lost 8 fish before finding them settled down the margin, putting 54lb on the scales for his second win of the season, in second was Martin Lacey with 38lb  third place going to Gary Smith with 33lb.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 54lb 2oz
2 M Lacey 38lb 10oz
3 G Smith 33lb12oz
4 N Culham 31lb 14oz
5 J Simson 29lb 9oz
6 D Briggs 29lb 7oz
6= I Mac 29lb 7oz
8 D Butler 27lb 2oz
9 C Shaw 25lb 3oz
10 H Smith 24lb 14oz
11 C Williams 24lb 6oz
12 L Nightingale 23lb 3oz
J Rick 14lb 2oz

Hacketts 19th May
This was our first challenge match of the season fished against Barnston AC. Barnston won overall on weight 270lb to Midlands 217lb, they also took the first two places, Midland top performer was carp catching guru Neil Culham who finished third.

Full Result
1 N Culham 47lb 10 8oz
2 G Smith 37llb 11oz
3 P Tomlinson 37lb 6oz
4 A White 36lb 11oz
5M Lacey 35lb 9oz
6 J Simpson 22lb 8oz
7 D Butler 22lb 4oz
8 C Williams 13lb 12oz
9 J Rick 9lb 9oz
D Briggs DNW
M Danby DNW
H Smith DNW  

Shelt Hill Hazel 12th May

John Rick put in a top class performance to win with 48lb of mainly Ide on waggler, in second was Clive Williams returning to form with 40lb 14oz , in third was Mr consistant Gary Smith with 40lb 5oz.
Full Result
1 J Rick 48lb 2oz
2 C Williams 40lb 14oz
3G Smith 40 lb 5oz
4 J Simpson 37lb 4oz
5A White 31lb 4oz
6 H Smith 27lb 7oz
7 P Tomlinson 23lb 7oz
8 L Nightingale 22lb 1oz
9 D Butler 21lb 8oz
10 M Danby 19lb 8oz
11 D Briggs 12lb 12oz

Mill Dam 5th May.

First match of the new season was held at Mill Dam
the match lake fished hard after a run of cold nightsWinning on the day was Pete Tomlinson , drawn on peg 12 Pete caught close to an overhanging tree putting 54lb on the scales, on the other side of the lake there was a close battle between Gary Smith and Martin Lacey, Gary coming out on top with 51lb Martin had 50lb losing a big fish at the death which could have won him the match.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 54lb 6oz
2 G Smith 51lb 10oz
3 M Lacey 50lb 3oz
4 N Culham 43lb 15oz
5 L Nightingale 42lb 8oz
6 J Simpson 39lb 7oz
7 M Danby 33lb 6oz
8 J Rick 30lb 1oz
9 D Butler 30lb
10 C Shaw23lb 7oz
11 I Mac 21lb 3oz
12 M Fletcher 20lb 12oz
13 C Williams 8lb 9oz
14 H Smith 4lb 13oz
15 D Briggs 4lb 3 oz


Match fished Nottingham canal 29 Oct

Well thats it for another season as Midland fished there last match in very cold weather.
Gary Smith came out on top in a very close match 14 oz seperating the top 4 Gary drew peg 202 in the bay, he caught a pound Perch last put in to finish with 5lb 14 oz John Simpson was second with 5lb 13oz on end peg 226 and in third place was Rob Sheriff on peg 200 fishing Elderberry and hemp for 5lb 11oz.
Full Result
1 G Smith 5lb 14oz
2 J Simpson 5lb 13oz
3 R Sheriff 5lb 11oz
4 C Shaw 5lb 1oz (Section)
5 L Nightingale 4lb 2oz
6 D Briggs 1lb 11oz
7 I Mac 1lb 8oz (Section)
8 C Williams 12oz
9 P Tomlinson 5oz
10 M Lacey 3oz

I am sure all the members would like to thank Martin for all his hard work during the season.
Well done Martin

Match Fished at Hemington Moat lake. 21st Oct

In perfect conditions the fishing was hard for most, out in front on peg 12 just below the pylons Pete Tomlinson fished agreat match to finish with well clear with 54lb 8 carp and a couple of skimmers, in second opposite Pete on peg 18 Gary Smith continued his good form with 44lb, in third place was Ian Mac who fished the feeder all day for 35lb.

Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 54lb 9oz
2 G Smith 44lb 9oz
3 I Mac 35lb 8oz
4 M Lacey 33lb 2oz
5 L Nightingale 26lb
6 C Shaw 18lb 13oz
7 H Smith 17lb 8oz
8M Danby 15lb 6oz
9 C Williams 12lb
10 D Briggs 10lb 4oz

Match Fished on Nottingham Canal 15 Oct

With a dissapointing turn out, 5 hardy members fished in heavy rain , 2 members without an umbrella. the canal was gin clear but still produced a decent  result, in first place was Clive Williams who was pegged opposite the boats he had a bream of 5lb and a mixed bag of fish for 10lb on the next peg Martin Lacey had a mixed bag for 6lb the top 3 came from pegs above the walkover bridge. Pete Tomlinson and Chris Shaw drew pegs in the dead water and struggled, not helped by a bike being thrown into the water just above .

Full Result
1 C William 10lb 3oz
2 M Lacey 6lb 10oz
3 G Smith 5lb 6oz
4 C Shaw 4lb 2oz
5 P Tomlinson 2lb 7oz

Match fished at Portland Buzzard.
After low overnight temperatures and a hard frost at the venue weights were going to be low in first place was that highly talented angler Martin Lacey Martin fished a great match on peg 7 fishing caster tight to the far bank, putting 35lb 14oz on the scales, a fish on the whistle secured a close thing with Neil Culham 6oz adrift.

Full Result 
M Lacey 35lb 14oz

2 N Culham 35lb 8oz
3 H Smith 23lb 5 oz
4 C Williams 21lb 11oz(Section)
5 C Shaw 19lb10oz (Section)
6 PTomlinson 18lb 7oz
7 D Briggs 17lb 10oz
8 I Mac 12lb 6oz
9 M Danby 11lb 6oz
10 M Fletcher 10lb 15oz

Match fished at Little John 30th September

Fishing end peg 25 Anthony White put 128lb on the scales  running him close was Richard Turner with 121lb Third place went to evergreen Gary Smith 114lb.

Full Result
1 A White 128lb 6oz
2 R Turner 121lb 15oz
3 G Smith 114lb 14oz
4 P Tomlinson 111lb 4oz
5 M Lacey 90lb 12oz
6 M Danby 84lb 13oz
7 D Briggs 84lb
8 N Culham 82lb
9 C Williams74lb 3oz
10 L Nightingale 64lb 3oz
11 H Smith 48lb 14oz
12 M Fletcher 44lb 12oz
13 I Mac 19lb 3oz

Match fished at Mill Dam 23rd September

Winning for the second week running Richard Turner produced another blistering performance of peg 14 putting 164lb on the scales in second place was Gary Smith with 105lb

Full Result
1 R Turner 164lb 8oz
2 G Smith 111lb 12oz
3 L Nightingale 105lb 2oz
4 P Tomlinson 96lb 14oz (Section)
5 N Culham 84lb 7oz
6 D Briggs 63lb 9oz ( Section)
7 H Smith 57lb 14oz
8 C Williams 38lb 12oz
9 M Lacey 21lb 5oz
10 I Mac 11lb 12oz

Match fished at Shelt Hill 16th September

This was a challenge match with Barnston, Richard Turner came out in top with 158lb on peg 32 in second place was Anthony White with 134lb on peg 1 taking a well earned 3rd was Martin Lacey who had to put up with the wind but still put 92lb on the scales the challenge went to Midland by 863lb to 629lb.

Full Result Midland only
1 R Turner 158lb 12oz
2 A White 134lb 14oz
3 M Lacey 92lb 11oz
4 C Williams 85lb 2oz
5 G Smith 78lb
6 P Tomlinson 73lb 4oz
7 John Simpson 70lb 50z
8 H Smith 66lb 15oz
9 L Nightingale 60lb 11oz
10 D Briggs 45lb 8oz 
11 C Shaw 33lb 12oz
12 I Mac 16lb 12oz

Match fished at Wellow Dam 9th September

On the day margin fish proved decsive in this match Lew Nightingale took full advantage taking carp down the edge for a match winning 61lb 10oz on peg 20 on end peg 24 Pete Tomlinson had carp showing in the margins but Pete lost several foul hooked fish but finished with 61lb dead 1 fish short, in third place on peg 4 was Gary Smith trying to recover from a blank the previous day on the National Chaps on the Nene, Gary finished with 55lb to take the Knock out Trophy beating Neil Culham who struggled on peg7.

Full Result
1 L Nightingale 61lb 10oz
2 P Tomlinson 61lb
3 G Smith 55lb 3oz
4 M Lacey 39lb 9oz
5 R Turner 36lb 10oz (Section)
6 D Briggs 36lb 6oz (Section)
7 C Shaw 29lb 14oz
8 N Culham 27lb 9oz
9 H Smith 25lb 8oz
10 M Danby 22lb 10oz
11 C Williams 16lb 12oz
12 I Mac 2lb 13oz


Match fished at Hoveringham

 John Simpson rolled back the years with a masterfull exhibition of Trent fishing to take his first win since rejoining the club, fishing a pole at 11meters John caught roach on tares and hemp for 10lb, in second place on the next peg Gary Smith found plenty of small dace and Perch to finish with 9lb.
In third was Martin Lacey after a peg for peg tussle with Clive Williams winning it by 1oz.

Full Result
1 J Simpson 10lb 15oz
2 G Smith 9lb 11oz
3 M Lacey 8lb 10oz
4 C Williams 8lb 9oz
5 P Tomlinson 7lb 4oz (Section)
6 C Shaw 6lb 10oz (Section )
7 P Winfield 4lb 15oz
8 R Sherrif 3lb 7oz
9 M Fletcher 2lb 9oz
10 N Culham 2lb 4oz
11 D Butler 1lb 5oz
12 D Briggs 14oz
 R Turner DNW

Match fished at Little John 26th August.
Considering the conditions the venue fished well, spare a thought for John Simpson who sat in the teeth of the rain all match and was unable to put his brolley up and got soaked, but still managed 49lb.
The knock out final was decided Gary Smith v Neil Culham, final to be fished at Wellow Dam.

Full Result
1 R Turner 123lb 1oz 
2 P Tomlinson 100lb 11oz
3 G Smith 95lb 13oz
4 N Culham 91lb
5 C Williams 71lb 13oz
6 M Lacey 69lb
7 C Shaw 64lb 15oz
8 J Simpson 49lb 4oz
9 Horace Roach 32lb 2oz
10 I Mac 15lb 8oz

Match fished at Caythorpe 18th August

On a very windy day weights were down coming out on top was Trent ace Paul Winfield with 6lb on feeder, in second was Clive Williams with 5lb 10oz.

Full result
1 P Winfiel6lb 1oz
2 C Williams 5lb 10oz
3 I Mac 5lb 8oz
= G Smith 5lb 8oz
6 R Turner 5lb 6oz 7 
7 D Butler 5lb
8 R Sheriff 3lb 4oz
9 P Tomlinson 1lb 3oz
10 M Lacey 8oz

Match fished at Springvale.

Midland held another challenge with Barnston AC and got a severe hamering but a good day was had by all
Top weight on the day was Alan Houghton with 170lb fishing for Barnston, Midlands top man was Clive Williams with 103lb

Full result Midland only.
1C Williams 103lb 8oz
2 P Tomlinson 93lb 4oz
3 N Culham 88lb 12oz
4 J Simpson 84lb 4oz
5 L Nightingale 47lb
6 I Mac 17lb

Match fished at Mill Dam Match lake

Well what can you say to this the top 6 all had 100lb plus, the fish went on a feeding frenzy, in top spot was the big weight expert Neil Culham who put 417lb on the scales using 9 nets, in second place was Evergreen Gary Smith with 212lb, third place to Pete Tomlinson with 181lb.

Full Result top 6
1 N Culham 417lb 10oz
2 G Smith 212lb 1oz.
3 P Tomlinson 181lb 6oz
4 L Nightingale 132lb 8oz
5 I Mac 118lb 13oz
6 M Fletcher 100lb

Match fished at Caythorpe 1-70

This was our annual challenge with Barnston the weather was not the best with a strong downstream wind, however weights were good with 16lb the top weight Neil Fisher from Barnston had a miked bag which included some decent Bream on maggot feeder. in second spot was Midland river ace Paul Winfield with13lb again on feeder, top float weight was Clive Williams of the end peg with 11lb .

Full Result Midland only.
1 P Winfield13lb 7oz
2 R Turner 12lb 4oz
3 C Williams 11lb 9oz
4 A White 5lb 10oz
5 D Briggs 3lb 5oz
6 D Butler 3lb 1oz
7 J Simpson 2lb 12oz
8 M Lacey 2lb 8oz
9 P Tomlinson 0 14oz

Match fished at Hakkets lake22nd July

Despite near perfect conditions fishing was hard Clive Williams put in a great performance to win with 40lb skimmers and Carp, in second place on the next peg was Neil Culham with 30lb.

Full Result

1 C Williams 40lb 3 oz
2 N Culham 30lb 12oz
3 M Danby 23lb 12oz
4 M Lacey 23lb 7oz (section)
5 G Smith 22lb 12oz
6 P Tomlinson 19lb 7oz (section)
7 R Turner 19lb 1oz
8 J Simpson 18lb 1oz
9 D Briggs 14lb 1oz
10 M Fletcher 11lb 1oz
11 I Mac 8lb 1oz.

Match fished at Longford Aldercar lake. July 15th

This match recorded the lowest attendance of a Midland match for many years due to holidays illness ect, well done to the 4 anglers that made it, 2 of of our regulars are struggling at the moment Daryl and John so best wished to them and hope to see you both back on the bank soon.
On another very hot day Neil Culham was is sizzling form putting 200lb on the scales for an easy victory thats over 500lb in the last two matches well done Neil, in second place was Pete Tomlinson another man at the top of his game Pete came second with 46lb.
Ian Mac had a very frustrating day drawn next to the aerator his peg was was impossible to fish due to the movement of the water.
Full Result
1 N Culham 210lb 11oz
2 P Tomloinson 46lb 7oz
3 M Lacey 45lb 9oz
4 I Mac 10lb 6oz.

Match fished at Portland 4 islands 8th July

Well what can you say about the result of todays match the winner Neil Culham broke the club record with 330lb using 7 keepnets that will take some beating.
Well done to Neil on the next peg was Pete Tomlinson who had 159lb and in third was Mick Danby with 158lb , Mick would have been second but had 2 of his nets reduced to 55lb, club net limit.

Full Result
1 N Culham 330lb 13oz
2 P Tomlinson 159lb 13oz
3 M Danby 158lb 4oz
4 J Simpson 111lb 15oz (section)
5R Turner 106lb 13oz
6 M Lacey 71lb11oz
7 L Nightingale 49lb 13oz
8 D Briggs 32lb 5oz
G Smith DNW

Next match at longford check with Martin re draw time.

Match fished at Little John on Friar Tuck

With only 7 anglers present all had pleanty of room, in first place was Gary Smith with 91lb a mixed net of skimmers carp and Barbel fishing soft pellet, in second place was Clive Williams who finished with 86lb, in third place and winning the section was Martin Lacey with 64lb.

Full Result
1 G Smith 91lb 15oz
2 C Williams 86lb 13oz
3 M Lacey 64lb 14oz ( section)
4 N Culham 58lb 3oz
5 P Tomlinson 53lb 13oz
6 J Simpson 40lb 13oz
7 L Nightingale 25lb 6oz

Match fished at Mill Dam old lake.

In general weights were down on past matches this made it a closer affair , but a clear winner on the day from peg 3 was man inform Pete Tomlinson who fished a great match to win with  128lb and stopping Richard Turner from making it 4 wins on the trot, Richard drew a favored island peg but lost a lot of fish to finish with 83lb. In third place was Mr consistant Mick Danby with 75lb.

Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 128lb 4oz
2 R Turner 83lb 15 oz
3 M Danby 75lb 9oz
4 M Lacey 61lb 14oz (Section)
5 C Shaw 61lb (Section)
6 D Briggs 60lb 10oz
7 G Smith 44lb 1o 14ozz
8 M Fletcher 28lb 11oz
9 I Mac 26lb

Match Fished at Springvale on Duchess Lake.

Richard Turner made it a hatrick of wins with 83lb of quality fish, Richard had to go swimming during the match to retrieve his pole which was being dragged into the middle of the lake, the site of his naked body did not put the fish off, 
down  one fish adrift was in form Pete Tomlinson who caught 80lb, in third place was Neil Culham with 62lb.

Full Result

1 R. Turner 83lb 4oz
2 P Tomlinson 80lb 8oz
3 N Culham 62lb 12oz
4 G Smith 62lb 9oz (Section)
5 M Danby 48lb 1oz
6 C Williams 41lb 5oz
7 C Shaw 30lb 14oz (Sction)
8 M Lacey 25lb 1oz
9 D Briggs 18lb 11oz
10 L Nighingale 16lb 6oz
11 I Mac 13lb 4oz

Match Fished at Car Vale 10th June.

Lake covered in green algae but this did caused a few problems during the day as it drivted.
Richard Turner in corner peg 12 was an easy winner fishing caster shallow finishing with a mixed net of silvers for 68lb, in second place was Ant White with 41lb in the opposite corner on peg 8 with 41lb.

Full Result
1 R Turner 68lb 15oz
2 A White 41lb 12oz
3 G Smith 34lb 15oz
4 P Tomlinson 30lb 6oz (Section)
5 M Danby 29lb 15oz
6 M Lacey 29lb 5 oz ( Section)
7 D Briggs 25lb 6oz
8 C Shaw 22lb 14oz
9 M Fletcher 20lb 14oz
10 I Mac 11lb 15oz

Match Fished at Wellow Dam 3rd June
On a very hot day with the lake flat calm Richard Turner mugged his way to a win with 44lb 9oz on peg19 on peg 4 Pete Tomlinson had a mixed bag for 42lb 11oz in third on end peg 2 Neil Culham caught carp on paste close in for 40lb 13oz.

Full Result
1 R Turner 44lb 9oz
2 P Tomlinson 42lb 11oz
3 N Culham 40lb 13oz 
4 M Danby 34lb 6oz
5 M Lacey 25lb 8oz
6 L Nightingale 21lb 13oz
7 C Shaw 21lb 2oz
8 I Mac 16lb 15oz
9 J Simpson 15lb 4oz
10 D Briggs 14lb 3oz

Match Fished at Aldercar 27thMay
On a very warm day a lot of anglers had a slow start except Mick Danby on the end peg.who showed his class fishing fishing caster he caught from the off catching Ide and skimmers then going on to catch Carp for an easy win with 118lb in second place was Richard Turner who fished long on pellet to take 58lb, third place went to Gary Smith of end peg 36 with 49lb,

Full Result
1 M Danby 118lb 8oz
2 R Turner 58lb
3 G Smith 49lb 13oz
4 C Shaw 48lb 14oz ( section win)
5 N Culham 38lb ( section win)
6 J Simpson 27lb 9oz
7 P Tomlinson 25lb
8 D Briggs 24lb
9 M Lacey 10lb 11o

Challenge match fished at Portland.
 Mick Danby was the top Midland man with a fine  80lb off 4 islands peg 30, in second place was Gary Smith with 78lb.
Midland came second in the 3 way challenge with Barstone in first place.

Full Result Midland only.

M Danby 80lb 3oz
G Smith 78lb 15oz
R Turner 73lb 11oz
P Tomlinson 44lb 2oz
M Lacey 36lb 9oz
D Briggs 33lb 4oz
L Nightingale 33lb 1oz
C Williams 22lb
I Mac 16lb 5oz


Match fished on Buzzard lake Portland Waters 13th May
Match fished in perfect weather, on top on the day was Chris Shaw with 61lb fishing pellet and maggot tight to the far bank, in second place was John Simpson who is showing he has lost none of his skill after a long lay off  putting 52lb on the scales. In 3rd was Mister consistant Gary Smith with 41lb.
Full Result
1 C Shaw 62lb 2oz
2 J Simpson 52lb 4oz
3 G Smith 41lb 14oz
4 P Tomlinson 41lb 12oz
5 R Turner 40lb 7oz (section)
6 M Danby 40lb 3oz (section)
7 M Lacey 26lb 14oz
8 L Nigtingale 18lb 1oz
9 D Briggs 13lb 10oz
10 C Williams 12lb 12oz
11 I Mac 10lb 13oz
12 N Culham 1lb 9oz

Match fished at Mill Dam 6th May.
The match lake at Mill Dam was fished in bight sunshine far removed from the conditions of last weeks match.
Fish could bee seen moving on top right from the start, mugging fish on a 6mm banded pellet saw Richard Turner off to a flying start then switching to fish close in he finished with 208lbs in second place was Neil Culham with 197lb caught on various methods in third place was Pete Tomlinson  with 128lbs most fish from the margins.

Full Result
1 R Turner 208lb 4oz
2 N Culham 197lb 12oz
3 P Tomlinson 128lb 3oz
4 G Smith101lb 9oz Section
5 C Shaw 98lb 12oz Section
6 D Briggs 96lb 15oz
7 L Nightingale 77lb 3oz 
8 M Lacey 63lb 13oz
9 M Fletcher 60lb 15oz
10 I Mac 67lb 4oz

Midlands first match of the season was held at a freezing Portland waters
Pegs at the cafe end proved to be the best area all caught over 30lbs, in a very close match Pete Tomlinson came out on top peggede on the inner, with a last gasp Carp which gave him the edge, catching in the margins late on. New member John Simpson came a close second with Dave Briggs third.
Pete Tomlinson also won the first cup of the season the Executive cup
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 38lb 3oz
2 J Simpson 37lb 12oz
3 D Briggs 37lb 4oz
4 R Turner 36lb 13oz
5 G Smith 35lb 4oz section
6 M Danby 31lb 10oz
7 C Shaw 23lbv 13oz section
8 C Williams 14lb 8oz
9 L Nightingale 12lb 14oz
10 M Lacey10lb 1oz
 11D Butler 8lb 9 oz
 12 I Mac 4lb

Midland fished there last match on the 30th Oct on Nottingham Canal with a strong wind blowing conditions not perfect and the canal running very clear. Gary Smith produced the goods with a winning weight of 14lbs from peg 198, in second was Chris Shaw with 6lb from peg 226.
Thanks to every one for making this a trouble free and enjoyable season best wishes Chris.
Full Result
1 G Smith 14lb 6oz
2 C Shaw 6lb 10oz
3 C Williams 4lb 12oz
4 P Tomlinson 3lb 1oz
5 J Rick 2lb 10oz
6 M Lacey 2lb 8oz
7 D Briggs 2lb 7oz
8 I Mac 1lb 13oz
9 R Sherrif 1lb 4oz
10 D Butler 11oz

Hemmington 22nd Oct
On a very cold and windy day it was decided to fish the bank with the wind over our head so every one in line. Peg 13 produced the winning weight for Anthony White of 74lb on pole, in second place was Richard Turner with 46lb on the bomb, Dave Briggs lost a fish at the death which cost him second place. Match Sec Martin had a bad day he dropped his glasses in the lake along with his feeder arm and to cap it off his zip broke on his holdall,
Full Result
1 A White 74lb 14oz
2 R Turner 46lb1oz
3 D Briggs 45lb 10 oz
4 G Smith 31lb 12oz
5 J Rick 27lb 5oz
6 C Shaw 18lb 3oz
7 M Danby 16lb 3oz
8 D Butler 11lb 12oz
9 N Culham 10lb 9oz
10 P Tomlinson 9lb 6oz
11 I Mac 8lb 12oz
12 M Lacey 6lb 12oz.

Little John 17th Oct.
Richard Turner  fishing a pellet feeder from fancied peg 15 caught 131lb, in second place was Pete Tomlinson who is in outstanding form Pete put 93lb on the scales from end peg 12, in third was Neil Culham who struggled early on but caught late on in the margins for 80lb.
1 R Turner 131lb 1 oz
2 P Tomlinson  93lb 1oz
3 N Culham 81lb 4oz
4 A White 63lb 3oz
5 M Lacey 58lb 10oz
6 G Smith 58lb 7oz
7 D Butler 57lb 4oz
8 M Danby 49lb 10oz
9 C Shaw 44lb 1oz 
10 I Mac 42lb 15oz
11L Nightingale 27lb 15 oz
12 M Fletcher 24lb

Nottingham Canal 8th October.

In the words of John Motson this was a match of 2 halfs with the top end pegs doing well and the lower half struggling for a bite, Pete Tomlinson continued his outstanding run winning his 4th match in as many weeks with 11lb of quality fish, in second place was Rob Sheriff with 7lb of fish caught on hemp, in third was ever green John Rick with 5lb, the top 3 pegs proving the best area.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 11lb 14oz
2 R Sheriff 7lb 10oz
3 J Rick 5lb 15oz
4 R Turner 2lb 14 oz
5 G Smith 2lb 2oz
6C Williams 1lb 2oz
7 C Shaw 1lb 1 oz
8 D Butler 11oz
= D Briggs 11oz
10 I Mac 10oz
11 M Lacey 8oz

Little John Friar Tuck 1st Oct
With only 8 anglers turning up for this match 5 pegs per side were used and three anglers inline had the best of it with Pete Tomlinson putting 81lb 8 oz on the scales with Neil Culham one fish away with 80 14oz.

Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 81lb 8oz
2 N Culham 80lb 14oz
3 G Smith68lb 13oz
4 M Lacey 60lb 9oz
5 D Butler 59lb
6 J Rick 47lb 5oz
7 I Mac 38lb 6oz
8 L Nightingale 38lb 1oz

Barnston Challenge Shelt Hill 24th Sept
Both lakes used for this challeng match won by Barnston.
Full Result Midland weights only.
1N Culham 81lb 9oz
2G Smith 68lb 2oz
3 P Tomlinson 63lb 13oz
4 M Lacey 58lb 11oz
5 J Rick 58lb 8oz
6 M Danby 47lb 15oz
7 C Shaw 46lb 6oz
8 R Turner 44lb 10oz
9 L N ightingale 40lb 11oz
10 C Williams 40lb 9oz
11 Dave Briggs 28lb 11oz
12 M Fletcher 23lb 14oz
13 I Mac 4lb 10z

Notts Fed water Radcliffe
After a poor result at Caythorpe some members asked for a change of venue , however apart from the winning weight results were very disappointing.
Leading the way Richard Turner put 7lbs on the scales for an easy win Richard had a bream first put in on feeder and caught on and off during the match.
This was a challenge match which Midland won 14lb2oz to Barnston 12lb 11oz
Full Result
1 R Turner 7lb 2oz
2 M Lacey 1lb 10oz
3 C Shaw 1lb 9oz
4 P Winfield 1lb 8oz
5 D Briggs1lb 2oz
6 P Tomlinson 12oz
 7 J Rick 7oz
8 C Williams 7oz
9 A White 3oz
2 did not weigh in.

Aldercar Railway 10 th September
Antthony White chalked up another win with 152lb catching in both margins on paste, in second place was Neil Culham on the end peg on the railway bank catching 40lb of Ide then backed it up with over 100lb of carp, in third place was Gary Smith with 90lb. Congatulations to Pete Tomlinson who beat Martin Lacey to take the knock out trophy.Chris Shaw maintained his good form finishing last for the third match running.
Full Result
1 A White 152lb 14oz
2 N Culham 145lb
3 G Smith 91lb 6oz
4 P Tomlinson 81lb 4oz
5 M Lacey 62lb 3 oz
6 J Rick 60lb 8oz
7 D Butler 56lb 13oz
8 D Briggs 27lb 12oz
9 C Shaw 13lb 9oz

Caythorpe 3rd September
Difficult conditions added to the lack of fish made this a very frustrating day, out on top for his second win was Paul Winfield who fished wagler from peg 2 putting 5lb 10oz on the scales second on peg 1 was John Rick followed by Pete Tomlinson on peg 3.
Full Result
1 P Winfield 5lb 10oz
2 J Rick 3lb 6oz
3 P Tomlinson 2lb 5 oz
4 M Danby 1lb 14oz
5 R Turner 1lb 9oz
 = D Butler
=M Lacey
=G Smith
9 D Briggs 1lb 3oz
10 C Williams 10oz
11 I Mac 7oz
12 C Shaw 3oz.
Note September the 17th Challenge is now at Radcliffe Notts Fed water.

Longford 27th August lilly 

First let me congratulate Martin and Pete for getting to the knock out final well done to both of you.
This was our first visit to this lake and although the weights were not bad the general thought was that it is not as good as Carwood our usual venue at Longford
Anthony White won with 57lb of peg 3 catching on feeder and pole, in second place on peg 4 was the consistant Mick Danby, Mick had a great last hour catching at his feet his catch also included 2 big Chub for 37lb. Third was Neil Culham with 35lb.

Note next match is Caythorpe pegs 1-60
Full Result
1 A White 57lb 9oz
2 M Danby 37lb 8oz
3 N Culham 35lb 3oz
4 G Smith 30lb 11oz
5 M Lacey 27lb 12oz
6= R Turner
P Tomlinson 20lb 10oz 
8 J Rick 19lb 9oz
9 I Mac 13lb 10z
10 C Shaw 3lb 12oz

Caythorpe River Trent 20th August
Paul Winfield topped a close but low weight match using his local knowledge, three anglers tied for second place, weights consisted of mainly Quality Roach.
Full Result
1 P Winfield 7lb 4oz
2= C Shaw
=D Butler
=P Tomlinson 6lb 8oz
5 M Lacey 5lb 4oz
6 C Williams 5lb
7 G Smith 3lb 4oz
8 J Rick 3lb 2oz
9 M Fletcher 2lb 12oz
10 R Sherriff 1lb 12oz
11 I Mac DNW

Shelt Hill 13th August
This was a challenge match with our friends from Barnston AC,
On the day Midland came out second best with Barnston taking the top three weights two being over 100lbs and the third at 97lb.
Full Result
Midland weights
1 C Williams 77lb 13oz
2 P Tomlinson 67lb 6oz
3 M Danby 66lb 14oz
4 J Rick 50lb 4oz
5 D Butler 39lb 9oz
6 L Nightingale 32lb 5oz
7 I Mac 28lb 6oz
8 N Culham 27lb 8oz
9 C Shaw 16lb 1oz

Mill Dam 6 th August
 Meathod feeder won the match for Anthony White from peg 7 putting 128 lbs on the scales catching from the off Neil Culham was second with 119lb from peg19 fishing feeder down the margins, in third was Mick Danby who caught on a various methods for 102lb.
Full Result
1 A White 128lb 5oz
2 N Culham 119lb 6oz
3 M Danby102lb 10oz
4 M Lacey 100lb 10oz
5 G Smith 94lb 7oz
6 D Briggs 75lb2oz
7 P Tomlinson 70lb
8 I Mac 64lb 14oz
9 C Shaw 60lb 14oz
10 D Butler 48lb 6oz
11 L Nighingale 37lb 12oz

River Trent Caythorpe 30th July.

22 Anglers fished this match 15 from Midland and 7 from Barnstone.
On a very windy day the results proved to be good considering the conditions in 1st place was Richard Turner who wisley decided to fish groundbait feeder from the off  a method he had used in the week before the match, Richard caught roach and dace before the skimmers moved in and he finished with 14lb 10oz from upstream end peg one. Anthony White put 8lbs on the scales from peg 21 followed by Martin Lacey on peg 22 who had 7lb9oz.
Midland taking the top 5 slots.

Full Result
1 R Turner 14lb 10oz
2A White 8lb 4oz
3 M Lacey 7lb 9oz
4M Danby 7lb 6oz
5 D Butler 6lb 
6 D Briggs 2lb 11oz
 7R Sherriff 2lb 9oz
8 C Shaw 2lb 8oz
9 P Tomlinson 2lb 1 oz
10 J Rick 2lb
11 C Williams 1lb 8oz
12 P Winfield 1lb 5oz
13 G Smith 1lb 4oz 8drms
14 M Fletcher 10oz
15 I Mac 7oz

Springvale Duke Lake July 23rd
Full Result

N Culham 109lb10oz
2 M Danby 83lb7oz
3 R Turner 82lb 6oz
4 G Smith 66lb 8oz
5 P Tomlinson 60lb 6oz
6 J Rick 46lb 11oz
7 L Nightingale 35lb 12oz
8 M Lacey 31lb 9oz

Longford  Carrwood 16th July

 Full Result
1 G Smith 104lb 11oz
2 M Danby 82lb 8oz
3 N Culham 60lb
4 P Tomlinson 57lb 5oz
5 M Lacey 56lb 15oz
6 D Briggs 36lb 3oz
7 I Mac 17lb 3oz

Shelt Hill 10th July
This proved to be one of the most consistant match result in terms of weights every angler can say they had a good days fishing. Anthony White won on peg21 with 95lbs on paste in second place was Richard Turner fishing 16 meters puting 79lb on the scales in third place with a slendid performance was Pete Tomlinson  with 77lb 5oz just edging out Daryl Butler.A special mention for Dave Briggs who drew an unfavoured peg Dave fished a great match catching over 90 Ide and only 2 Carp for his 41lb

Full Result
1 A White 95lb 1oz
2 R Turner 79lb
3 P Tomlinson 77lb 5oz
4 D Butler 77lb 2oz
5 M Danby 62lb
6 J Rick 54lb 7oz
7 M Lacey 52lb 15oz
8 C Shaw 52lb 7oz
9 M Fletcher 50lb 15oz
10 I Mac 49lb 8oz
11 C Williams 47lb 3oz
12 G Smith 43lb 11oz
13 D Briggs 41lb 8oz

Mill Dam 2nd July
 Once again Neil Culham showed how it should be done fishing an excellent match to win with170lb Neil fished pellet down the shelf, in second place was John Rick who we have not seen for some time but John fished a great match to record his best ever match weight of 152lbs, in third place was the ever consistant Mick Danby with 146lb.

Full Result
1 N Culham 170lb 4oz
2 J Rick 152lb 10oz
3 M Danby146lb 1oz
4 G Smith 109lb
5 D Briggs 102lb 4oz
6 M Lacey 81lb 2oz
7 L Nightingale 79lb5oz
8 R Turner 76lb 5oz
9 C Shaw 65lb 9oz (Carp 14lb 11oz)
10 P Tomlinson 63lb 9oz
11 D Butler 50lb 1oz

Buzzard Lake Portland 25th June

On a new venue due to Old lake being closed we moved to Buzzard, Anthony White was top fishing banded caster putting 77lb on the scales, in second place two  pegs away was Gary Smith fishing maggot for 66lbs, on the opposite bank Mick Danby finsished third with 61lb also fishing  caster.
Full Result
1 A White 77lb
2 G Smith 66lb 8oz
3 M Danby 61lb 8oz
4 C Shaw 34lb 2oz
5 R Turner 30lb 1oz
6 D Briggs 25lb 1oz
7 M Lacey 22lbs 14oz
8 P Tomlinson 15lb 9oz
8 G Butler 13lb 3oz

Mill Dam Old Lake18 June

On a blistering hot day with temperatures reaching into the low 30s this was a match of 2 halves with aireators running all day, I am now deaf in one ear, one side of the lake seemed to hold all the fish as anglers on the other side struggled appart from Dave Briggs who fished a great match. In first palce was Richard turner drawn on the Island mugging fish shallow Richard put 186lb on the scales, in second place was Anthony White with153lb and in third place was Neil Culham with 108lb all three fishing up in the water.
Full Result
1 R Turner 186lb 10oz
2 A White 153lb 13oz
3 N Culham 108lb 5oz
4 P Tomlinson 77lb 11oz
5 D Briggs 70lb 12oz
6 G Smith 64lb 3oz
7 D Butler 55lb 10oz
8 C Shaw 36lb 10oz
9 M Lacey 35lb 10oz
10 I Mac 35lb 20z
11 J Danby 32lb 3oz
12 M Danby 25lb 10oz
13 L Nightingale 25lb 2oz
Next match is now Buzzard at Portland.

Aldercar 11th June
On a wind swept lake Richard Turner found the fish on the far bank fishing meathod feeder to put 70lb on the scales, followed by Anthony White in second with Pete Tomlinson 3rd.
Full Result
1 R Turner 70lb 1 oz
2 A White 67lb 2oz
3 P Tomlinson 62lb 2oz
4 M Lacey 58lb 4oz
5 N Culham 55lb 3oz
6 D Briggs 49lb 9oz
7 M Danby 46lb 15oz
8 L Nightingale 31lb 15oz
9 G Smith 21lb 4oz
10 D Butler 12lb 8oz
 11M Fletcher 8lb 3oz
12 I Mac 4lb 14oz

Carvale 4th May
With the water a funny shade of green we thought that things might be difficult but how wrong can you be the lake fished very well.They say practice makes perfect well so it proved Anthony White went to practice the water mid week he fished peg 16  and guess what he drew it in the match lucky or what anyway he put 62lbs on the scales fishing worm and soil to win , in second place was Mick Danby also fishing worm on the next peg puting 50lb on the scales.
Full Result
1 A White 62lb 15oz
2 M Danby 50lbs
3 N Culham 46lb 12oz
4 R Turner 42lb 15oz
5 G Smith 39lb 12oz
6 C Shaw 32lb 14oz
7 D Butler 30lb 13oz
8 P Tomlinson 30lb 9oz
9 J Rick 23lb 9oz
10 M Lacey 23lb 7oz
11 I Mac 16lb 3 oz
12 L Nightingale 14lbs

Mil Dam 28th May
As usual this venue threw up some excellent weights out in front again was Neil Culham who fished pellet on the deck from end peg 11 to put 246lbs on the scales breaking the club record outstanding, although he broke his pole in the process.
In second place was Anthony White from peg 15 with 162lb
in third place was Martin Lacey with a magnificent 122lb.
Full Result
1 N Culham 246lb 11oz
2 A White 162lb 1 oz
3 M Lacey 122lb 7 oz
4 P Tomlinson 118lb 4 oz
5 J Danby 105lb 10oz
6 M Danby 101lb 8oz
7 R Turner 99lb 8 oz
8 D Butler 86lb 4oz
9 J Rick 62lb 1oz
10 L Nightingale 61lb 3oz
11 C Shaw 59lb 5 oz
12 I mac 48lb 5 oz
13 G Smith 38lb 12oz
Next match Carvale no carp allowed 

Lakeview Challenge V Barnston v Holwell 21st May

The match was fished over 4 lakes I only have the Midland results Jack Danby won his lake with 54lb our other lake winner was Pete Tomlinson with 33lb 6oz.
Full Result
1 J Danby 54lb 8 oz
2 G Smith 35lb
3 P Tomlinson 33lb 6oz
4 M Danby 30lb 4oz
5 A White 19lb 4oz
6 I Mac 16lb
7 M Lacey 14lb 15oz
8 D Briggs 14lb 6oz
9 N Culham 13lb 9oz


Out in front was Anthony White fishing the far bank with banded pellet on peg 12 putting 82lb on the scales next to him Neil Culham on peg 10 was second fishing the same method finishing with 55lbs, third place went to Lew Nightingale with 41lb from peg 28 fishing meat over.
Martin Lacey took the lead in the biggest fish competion with a carp 11lb 3 oz
Full result
1 A White 82lb 9oz
2 N Culham 55lb 14oz
3 L Nightingale 41lb 15oz
4 C Shaw 39lb 
5 P Tomlinson 38lb 11oz
6 G Smith 35lb 14 oz
7 R Turner 28lb 4 oz
8 D Butler 25lb
9 M Lacey 23lb 10oz
10 D Briggs 22lb 7oz
11 I Mac 19lb 5 oz
= M Danby
13 M Fletcher 13lb

On the day Peter Tomlinson came out on top well in front of the field, Pete fishing off end peg 6 put 94lbs on the scales mainly of carp including a carp of 11lb 2oz, in second place was Gary Smith on peg 9 who caught from the off small carp and chub, third place went to Richard Turner on end peg 19 catching on method feeder down to the lake end, then catching on pole tight over. All 6 off the top weights apart from Richards weight came from the left bank.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 94lb 9oz
2 G Smith 68lb 5oz
3 R Turner 64lb 7oz
4 M Danby 53lb 14oz
5 A White 45lb 10oz
6 C Williams 41lb 14 oz
7 L Nightingale 35lb 14oz
8 C Shaw 28lb 14oz
9 D Butler 21lb 5 oz
10 D Briggs 17lb 4oz
11 M Lacey 17lb 4 oz
12 I Mac 13lb 15 oz


Midlands first match of the new season on Chesnut Lake, with a strong wind blowing this made presentation difficult for most anglers top of the list was R Turner with 37lb of mixed fish of peg 14, in second place was A White with 33lb on peg 33, third place went M Lacey with 29lb from peg 24 Martin also won the executive cup for the upteenth time well done Martin.
Full Result
1 R Turner 37lb 1oz
2 A White 33lb  13oz
3 Martin Lacey 29lb 15oz
4 M Danby 28lb 3oz
5 G Smith 25lb 15oz
6 C Shaw 23lb 4oz
7 I Mac 21lb 10oz
8 C Williams 16lb 4oz
9 P Tomlinson 13lb 6oz
10 D Butler 13lb 2oz
11 D Briggs 5lb 




London Road Canal 30th October.

With near perfect conditions the canal fished well,  in first place was Pete Tomlinson who continued his good run putting 11lb on the scales, in second place was Gary Smith with 9lb third place went to Clive Williams who drew peg 198 for the second match running but with clear water the skimmers did not appear but still put 8 lb on the scales. A mention for a catch of roach by Martin Lacey Martin came 4th the net of Roach was outstanding.
Full Result
1 P Tomlinson 11lb 14 oz
2 G Smith 9lb 9oz
3 C Williams 8lb 12oz
4 M Lacey 8lb 4oz
5 R Turner 7lb 7oz
6 C Shaw 6lb 12oz
7 R Sherrif 4lb 9oz
8 D Briggs 4lb 12oz
9 I Mac 4lb
10 J Rick 3lb 14oz
11 D Butler 3lb 4oz

Kingfisher Lake Portland 24th October.
 On a cold day with low water the match was won by Pete Tomlinson, Pete fished meat down the track and over catching carp Ide and chub this gave him 2 wins in 2 days as he won Notts Anglers match at Mill Dam on the Saturday, well done to Pete who put 70lbs on the scales, Anthony White was second off end peg 21 catching on feeder first then on the pole, he finished with 50 lbs.  Third was the ever consistant Lew Nightingale on peg 14 with 47lb.
Full Result  
1 P Tomlinson 70lb 3oz
2 A White 50lb 13oz
3 L Nightingale 47lb 9oz
4 M Danby 43lb 10oz
5 G Smith 43lb 9oz
6 M Lacey 34lb 8oz
7 I Mac 26lb 11oz
8 C Williams 23lb 3oz
9 M Fletcher 22lb 10oz
10 C Shaw 18lb 2oz
11  J Rick 7lb 3oz
12 D Briggs 3lb 8oz
D Butler DNW

Springvale Duke Lake
16th October

The first 3 hours of the match were fished in driving rain and wind but the fish still fed well and provided a close match Neil Culham drew peg 22 with the wind over his back in the deepest part of the lake put 65lb on the scales, in second place was Gary Smith on Kingfisher  end peg 30 who had to cope with the wind and the sun in his face but did well to finish with 57lb, in third was John Rick with 54lb.
Full result
1 N Culham 65lb 14oz
2 G Smith 57lb 14oz
3 J Rick 54lb 10oz
4 A White 52lb 8oz
5 C Williams 51lb 8oz
6 C Shaw 48lb 8oz
7 L Nightingale 41lb 15oz
8 D Briggs 39lb 13oz
9 P Tomlinson 38lb 5oz
10 D Butler 37lb 10oz
11 I Mac 19lb 14oz
12 M Fletcher 16lb 3oz
13 M Lacey 14lb 11oz

Nottingham Canal 228-198
The canal was clear and running hard during the day but still produced some decent weights, drawing favored peg 198 Clive Williams caught some quality skimmers and roach for 15lb, in second spot was Chris Shaw on 206 catching a mixed bag of smaller fish for 9lb, in third place was Pete Tomlinson on 201 putting 7lb of mainly skimmers to the scales.
Full Result
1 C. Williams 15lb 3oz
2 C Shaw 9lb 2oz
3 P Tomlinson 7lb 3oz
4 D Briggs 6lb 5oz
5 M Lacey 5lb 14oz
6 I Mac 5lb 3oz
7 R Turner 4lb 10oz
8 L Nightingale 2lb 14oz
9 D Butler 2lb 3oz
10 G Smith 2lb 1oz

Longford Carrwood
After a nights heavy rain bites were hard come by in the first couple of hours, Martin Lacey started to catch on worm and continued till the end of the match winning with a weight of 97lb, opposite Martin was Clive Williams , Clive also fished worm to put 57lb on the scales. At the far end of the lake Chris Shaw waited 2 hours for his first fish before catching at 11meters on maggot finishing with 46lb some pegs seemed devoid of fish making it a struggle for some of the members.
Full Result
1 M Lacey 97lb 1oz
2 C Williams 57lb 4oz
3 C Shaw  46lb 10oz
4 I Mac 23lb 1oz
5 L Nightingale 17lb
6 R Turner 13lb 7oz
7 D Butler 13lb
8 P Tomlinson 12lb 8oz
9 N Culham 9lb 10oz
10 G Smith 9lb 9oz
11 M Danby 7lb 11oz
12 D Briggs 6lb 7oz
13 J Rick dnw

Springvale 25 September
This was Midlands first visit to this new venue and its all good news, this fishery has great potential with a number of lakes.
The venue is well thought out with car parking behind pegs and a cafe is planned down the line.
The match was a challeng with our Friends at Barnston AC Midland won the challenge  487lb to 418lb taking revenge for a defeat on our own water.
Result Midland only.
1 R Turner 85lb 1oz
2 G Smith 68lb 14oz
3 J Rick 63lb 6oz
4 C Williams 60lb 7oz
5 M Lacey 57lb 13oz
6 L Nightingale 43lb 6oz
7 N Culham 42lb
8 P Tomlinson 38lb 14oz
9 D Briggs 30lb 13oz
10 C Shaw 26lb 4 oz
11 I Mac 25lb 7oz
12 M Fletcher 24lb 15oz


Midland fished a challenge with Barnston on a low clear river top weight went to Nick West from Barnston with 14lb on pole and waggler, in second place was Chris Shaw with 8lb, the match was also Midlands knock out cup final congratulations to Martin Lacey who beat Mick Danby in a close final.
Full Result
1 Cshaw 8lb 5 oz
2 A White 5lb 4oz
3 C Williams 4lb 4oz
4 R Turner 2lb 12oz
5 P Tomlinson 2lb 1oz
= M Lacey 2lb 1 oz
7 M Danby 1lb 14oz
8 G Smith 1lb 11oz
9 D Briggs 1lb 6oz
10 D Butler 8oz
P Winfield DNW

Coopers lake 11th September
On the day the lake fished very hard with some struggling for bites on the day, Anthony White put 41lb on the scales catching on feeder pole and pellet wag. Daryl Buter was second from favored peg 28 catching several carp on feeder and a nice net of silvers for 32lb, in third place was Gary Smith who made the most of his margin peg catching 4 carp and a few silvers for 30lb.
Full result.
1 A White 41lb 7oz
2 D Butler 32lb 7oz 
3 G Smith 30lb 9oz
4 N Culham 27lb 5oz
5 C Shaw 23lb 9oz
6 C Williams 22lb 10oz
7 R Turner 21lb 1oz
8 M Danby 17lb 4oz
9 M Lacey 11lb 14oz
10 P Tomlinson 4lb 14oz
11 L Nightingale DNW

Wellow Dam September 4th
With almost perfect conditions fish proved in a mean mood anyone who had a late run on the Carp could have won
Mick Danby continiued his rich run of form winning with 41lb in second place was Mr consitant Gary Smith with 34lb.
Full Result
1 M Danby 41lb 12oz
2 G Smith 34lb 2oz
3 R Turner 31lb 12oz
4 C Williams 31lb 9oz
5 N Culham 27lb 5 oz
6 L Nightingale 27lb 4oz
7 P Tomlinson 26lb 10oz
8 M Lacey 25lb 1oz
9 I Mac 24lb 3oz
10 D Briggs24lb 2oz
11 J Rick 16lb 7oz
12 D Butler 14lb 9oz

Caythorpe 28th August

On a rising river this proved to be a difficult match coming out on top was Martin Lacey who landed a 9lb Barbel on light tackle alon with a few dace and roach he put 12lb 3oz on the scales,Martin also progressed to the final of the knock out, in second place on the culvert was Gary Smith who had a net of quality fish for 9lb15oz in third was Mick Danby with 9lb 10oz of quality roach mick also made the final of the knock out, in fourth place was Chris Shaw with 6lb 13oz Chris had problems with a big pike in his peg which bit him off 5 times and even tried to grab a fish as it was lifted out of the water.
Full Result
1 M Lacey 12lb 3oz
2 G Smith 9lb 15 oz
3 M Danby 9lb 10 oz
4 C Shaw 6lb 13oz
5 D Butler 5lb 2oz
6 C Williams 5lb 1oz
7 R Turner 3lb 15 oz
8N Culham 3lb 3oz
9 I Mac 2lb 7oz
10 P Winfield 2lb 5oz
11 P Tomlinson 2lb 2oz
12 J Rick DNW.
Next Match Wellow.

Shelt Hill Fishery
Challenge match V Barnston
Fishing both lakes for the first time this new fishery produced some excellent weights and will only get better as it matures.
The match was won with 97lb G Hicks the first three anglers all next to each other on the big lake. The small lake fished a lot harder being won with 31lb.
Top two weights on the big lake went to Athony White with 73lb and Martin Lacey with 51lb, Martin caught his fish on caster proving to be a demon with casters.
On the small lake Midland took the top two places with Mike Fletcher fishing an excellent match catching on corn, on the opposite side of the lake was Chris Shaw who had 27lb on soft pellet. A mention to Jack Danby our ton up specialist he had a very difficult day failing to trouble the scales we are gutted for him.
Full result Midland only
1 A White 73lb 10oz
2 M Lacey 51lb12oz
3 J Rick48lb 2oz
4 N Culham41lb 13oz
5 M Fletcher 31lb 8oz
6 C Shaw 27lb 8oz
7 L Nightingale 23lb 4oz
8 P Tomlinson 13lb 11oz
9 M Danby19lb 13oz
10 C Williams 11lb 13oz
11 G Smith 8lb 1oz
12 I Mac 2lb 15oz
13 J Danby DNW

River Trent  Caythorpe
Fishing pegs 40 to 68 proved to be a good match with most catching .
Out in front was Mr Trent Clive Williams with a blistering display of stick float fishing.
Full Result
1 C Williams 13lb 9 oz
2 G Smith  8lb 2oz
2= M Danby 8lb 2oz
4 J Rick 6lb 6oz
5 P Tomlinson 5lb12oz
6 N Culham 5lb 11oz (Bream 4lb 12oz)
7 C Shaw 4lb 11oz
8 R Sherrif 4lb 1oz
9 I Mac 4lb
10 P Winfield
11 M Lacey 1lb 15oz
Pairs winners 
Paul Winfield
Clive Williams

Mill Dam 7th August
This match proved to be a triumph for Jack Danby Fishing  peg7 short with pellet and corn Jack put 220lb on the scales and outstanding performance, in second place was Neil Culham with 129lb on corner peg 16, in third place was Dave lily pad Briggs Dave put 110lb on the scales from corner peg 4 he also lost a lot of fish in the Lily pads.
Mill Dam is one of our best venues providing fish for all.
Full Result
1 J Danby 220lb 4oz
2 N Culham 129lb 8 oz
3 D Briggs 110lb 4oz
4 R Turner 100lb 3 oz
5 L Nightingale 81lb 12oz
6 C Shaw 75lb 9 oz
7 M Danby 73lb 6oz
8 I Mac 63lb 3oz
9 P Tomlinson 54lb 8oz
J Rick dnw

Willow lakes Foston
31st July
Out ahead with 70lb was Gary Smith on an end peg catching down the side, Richard Turner had 53lb for second place fishing feeder in a gap, Mick Danby was third with 28lb again down the margin. Overall results were poor the fishery is in poor condition with platforms in a very poor state and lack of overall maintenance.
Full Result
1 G Smith 70lb
2 R Turner 53lb 11oz
3  M Danby 28lb 10oz
4 D Briggs
5 L Nightingale 22lb 4oz
6 I Mac 21lb 4oz
7 P Tomlinson 17lb 8oz
8 C Williams 14lb 15oz
9 M Lacey 12lb 1oz
10 J Rick 5lb 6oz
11 M Fletcher 3lb 4oz
Next match Mill Dam Aug 7th

River Trent Caythorpe
24th July
Midland entertained both Barnstone and Ratcliffe with 29 anglers fishing this team challenge the river was in a dour mood with low weights, Midland came out on top with Barnstone second and Radcliffe 3rd
Just a mention for John Rick who won the best dressed angler competition turning up in a crisp white shirt looking like he was going to a wedding.
Results Midland only.
1 A White 6lb 3oz
2 R Turner 5lb 1oz
3 P Tomlinson 4lb 6oz
 4 C Williams 3lb 2oz
5 R Sherrif 3lb
6 M Danby 2lb 10oz
7th M Lacey 2lb 6oz
8th D Briggs 2lb 2oz
9th J Rick 2lb 1oz
10 G Smith 1lb 11oz
11 C Shaw 1lb 9oz
12 D Butler 1lb 5 oz
13 I Mac 1lb 4oz
14 P Winfield D.N.W. 

Hayton Lakes Greabe Lake
July 17th
Midland made their first visit to Hayton unfortunately weights were not as good as we would have hoped with the water being clear and showing weed growth alon with a lack of fish, the match was won by I Mac who put in a class display on a difficult day putting a level 25lbs on the scales , in second place was Neil Culham with 23lb .
Full Result
1 I Mac 25lb
2 N Culham 23lb 14oz
3 P Tomlinson 21lb 6oz
J Rick 18lb
5 M Lacey 14lb 11oz
6 R Turner 10lb 9oz
7 M Danby 9lb 11oz
8 G Smith 9lb 2oz
9 G Butler 5lb 5oz
10 L Nightingale 4lb 12oz 

Longford Carwood lake
July 10th
For the second week running Pete Tomlinson took the honours with another fine performance fishing at 5 meters down the nearside with dead maggot putting 80lbs on the scales, just opne fish short was back to form Martin Lacey catching a mixed bag putting 77lb on the scales.
Full Result

  1.            1 P Tomlinson 80lb 10oz
  2. 2 M Lacey 77lb
  3. 3 N Culham 73lb
  4. 4 G Smith 68lb 11oz
  5. 5 C Williams 54lb 11oz
  6. 6 D Briggs 50lb 8oz
  7. 7 M Danby47lb 150z
  8. 8 J Rick 35lb 11oz
  9. 9 D Butler 20lb 11oz
  10. 10 I Mac 7lb 4oz
  11. 11 A White DNW

2016 Match Results
Portland 26th June Four Islands
Once again Neil Culham showed his class winning by a country mile Neil is currently different class, he put 162lb on the scales fishing hard pellet short, closest to him fishing on the island was Richard Turner who had a creditable 121lb, in third place putting his Brexit woes behind him was John Rick who cracked the ton with 101lb well done John. Also need to mention Dave Briggs who fished a great match fishing banded caster finishing with 87lb although he is the subject of a drug test, result pending.
Full Result
1 N Culham 162lb 4oz
2 R Turner 121lb 14oz
3 J Rick 101lb 10oz
4 D Briggs 87lb 3oz
5 G Smith 85lb 11oz
6 J Danby 72lb 12oz
7 M Danby 58lb 12oz
8 M Lacey 52lb 6oz
9 P Tomlinson 46lb
10 A White 44lb 9oz
11 C Shaw 41lb 130z
12 C Williams 40lb 120z
13 L Nightingale DNW

Mill Dam 19th June
Anthony White won this one for the second week running drawing on the island he was the only angler on the island the result being an easy victory putting 107lb on the scales in second place was Jack Danby with 88lb. Mr consistant Martin Lacey has plunged down the the table after two last places on the trot but am sure he will bounce back.
Full result.
A White 107lb 12oz
J Danby 88lb 4oz
R Turner 67lb 14oz
L Nightingale 61lb 5oz
M Danby 56lb 15oz
J Rick 53lb 4oz
P Tomlinson 50lb 7oz
C Shaw 48lb 15oz
N Culham 46lb 15oz
G Smith 46lb 14oz
D Butler 43lb 4oz 
M Lacey 23lb 9oz

Portland 12th June
Due to loy levels of Oxygen in the old lake the match was cancelled and moved to Heron Lake, thsi proved to be a pleasent suprise as everyone caught,
Anthony White drawn opposite one of the islands caught all day fishing dead maggot and put 116lb on the scales, next was Gary Smith who caught down the edge into a corner putting 76lb in third place also fishing to an island was Mike Fletcher who put 68lb to the scales.
Full Result
A White 116lb 14 oz
G Smith 76lb 7oz
M Fletcher 68lb 1oz
N Culham 47lb 13oz
L Nightingale 47lb 10oz
C Shaw 41lb 2oz
J Rick 32lb 6oz
R Turner 30lb 10oz
P Tomlinson 29lb 3oz
D Briggs 28lb 3oz
M Lacey 23lb 10oz

WellowDam 5th June
Winning his first match newcomer Richard Turner caught most of the match from peg 4 wich won the midweek open putting 63lb on the scales Richard caught long and short fishing an excellent match, in second place was Neil Culham from peg 16 with 49lb fishing short with corn, in third place was Midlands up and coming star Martin Lacey putting 39 on the scales fishing caster.
Full Result
1 R Turner 63lb 11oz
2 N Culham 49 12ozDanby
3 M Lacey 39lb 12oz
4 G Smith 35lb 6oz
5 M Danby 32lb 13oz
6 D Butler 25lb 10oz
7 C Shaw 23lb 7oz
8 C Williams 22lb13oz
9 L Nightingale 22lb 5 oz
10 P Tomlinson 14lb 1oz
Next Match Portland.
Carvale Sunday 29th May
Neil Culham and peg one at Carvale go together like fish and chips he won off the peg last year and repeated his sucess of the previous year winning once more fishing short to finish with 35lb, second on the day was a refitalised Daryl Butler who ran Neil close with 34lbs, Gary Smith took third with 31lb.
Full Result
1 N Culham 35lb 12oz
2 D Butler 34lb 3oz
3 G Smith 31lb 10oz
4 P Tomlinson 29lb 2oz
5 C Williams 20lb 7oz
6 R Turner 18lbs 11oz
7 A White 17lb 4oz
8 M Lacey 13lb 
9 M Danby 12lb 2oz
10 C Shaw 11lb 4 oz 
11 L Nightingale 11lb 1 oz

Sunday22nd May
Midland were involved in a challenge match with Barnston and Holwell.
The match was fished over 3 lakes, our thanks to Barnston for all there hard work.

Top weight for midland was Rob Sherrif fishing his first match of the season Rob fished worm taking 45lb to the scales on Lagoon, second was Mr Consistant Martin Lacey with 42lb fishing against platform peg 2 to on Canal.

Full Result.
1 R Sherrif 45lb 10oz
2 M Lacey 42lb 8oz
3 J Danby 34lb
4th G Smith 28lb
5 D Butler 22lb
6 CWilliams 18lb 14oz
7 M Danby 12lb 13oz
8 C Shaw 11lb 8oz
9 L Nightingale 10lb 15oz
A White DNW
N Culham DNW

Sunday 15th May
Four Islands
With several members practising the venue during the week good weights were on the cards without a practice session was Jack Danby who once again showed what a talent he is, Jack destroyed the rest of the field with 196lbs, keeping it in the family Dad Mick also put on a great performance to finish second with 85lb 13oz.
Full Result
1. J Danby 196lb
2. M Danby 85lb 13oz
3. A White 82lb
4. R Turner 76 11oz
5. J Rick 74lb 13oz
6. P Tomlinson 69lb 10oz
7. N Culham 66lb13oz
8. G Smith 54lb 3oz
9.M Lacey 51lb 7oz
10.D Butler 44lb 14oz
11.D Briggs 43lb 15oz
12.C Williams 43lb 10oz
13.C Shaw 38lb 6oz
14. L Nightingale 37lb 11oz
15. I Mac DNW

Sunday 8th May
Lodge Farm Signal Lake.
The match was won by Neil Culham his second win in a row catching well from the off on end peg 20 after a quite mid match spell he caught down the margins late on.
Full Result
1st N Culham 104lb 1oz
2nd A White 92lb 13oz
3rd G Smith 86lb 10oz
4th C Williams 73lb 12oz
5th M Danby 70lb 5oz
6th P Tomlinson 68lb 11oz
7th L Nightingale 61lb 5oz
8th D Butler 55lb 13oz
9th M Lacey 50lb 13 oz
10th D Briggs22lb 3oz

Next match Portland 4 islands 8.30am draw

Midland kicked off their new season on the match lake at Mill Dam, heavey overnight frost certainly had an effect on the weights, but the venue still produced a fair match.
Neil Culham started as he means to go on catching short finishing with 82lb 13oz from peg 3 round the corner on peg 6 Jack Danby fished long for 66lb 11oz Martin Lacey rounding off the top 3 with 49lb 15oz which included 11lb of silvers on caster, Martin also claimed the Executive cup.
Full Result
1st N Culham 83lb 13 oz.
2nd J Danby 66lb 11oz.
3rd M Lacey 49lb 15oz.
4th M Danby45lb 15oz. 
5th P Tomlinson 42lb 14oz.
6th G Smith 41lb 7oz.
7th R Turner 38lb 2oz.
8th C Shaw 31lb 10oz.
9th D Butler 28lb 6oz.
10th C Williams 21lb 14oz.
11th A White 19lb 10oz.
12 D Briggs 17lb 5 oz.
13th M Fletcher 16lb.
14thJ Rick 13lb 7 oz.
15thI Mac 11lb 12oz.
Next Match Lodge Farm.

London Road Canal Oct 25th
This was was the last M.A.S. match of the season and the result followed a pattern from th last canal match Clive Williams drew favoured end peg 198 finishing with 16lbs, in second place was Gary Smith at the the next peg, Gary finishing with 10lbs, in 3rd place was Martin Lacey who fished a great match to finish with 7lbs off peg 208.
May I thank Martin for doing a great job throughout the season and my thanks to all the members who helped with the weigh in during the year.
Full Result
Ist C Williams 16lb 3oz
2nd G Smith 10lb 8oz
3rd M Lacey 7lb 7oz
4th L Nighingale 6lb 13oz 8drm
5th J Rick 6lb 9oz
6th R Sheriff 5lb 1 oz
7th P Tomlinson 4lb 9oz
 8th A White 3lb 4oz
9th I Mac 2lb 9oz
= C Shaw 2lb 9oz
11th  D Butler 1lb 13oz 8drm.
Barnstone Challenge Lakeview 18th Oct.
The match was fished over two lakes Serpent & Marina the match result proved to be very difficult for the majority of anglers several blanking. The water was cold and was losing its colour.
Fishing bread on end peg 12 Neil Culham found the fish had settled at the end of the lake, Neil fished a great match to win the challenge with 42lb.
Full Midland result (Barnstone weights not shown.)
1st N Culham 42lb 12oz 
2nd P Tomlinson 24lb 6oz
3rd D Briggs 17lb 13oz
4th J Rick 7lb 4oz
5th A White 6lb 7oz
6th M Lacey 6lb 3oz
7th C Williams 6lb 1oz
8th G Smith 5lb 6oz
C Shaw  1lb 15oz

Robinswood Oct 11th
Midland were on lake one and despite ideal conditions fishing was very hard for most of the anglers, out in front was Anthony White who caught 20lbs plus of silvers on worm and caster plus 18lb of carp pn the meathod, on the next peg was Jack Danby who had a mixed net  for 32lb, in third place on the opposite bank was Chris Shaw catching 13lb.
Full Result
1st A White 39lb 10oz 8drm
2nd J Danby 32lb 1oz
3rd C Shaw 13lb
4th M Danby 12lb 13oz(Section)
5th D Briggs 12lb 2oz (Section)
6th M lacey 9lb 12oz
7th I Mac 9lb 2oz
8thP Tomlinson6lb 5oz
9th J Rick 5lb 8drm
10th M Fletcher 1lb 8oz

Nottingham Canal Oct 4th.
Considering the amount of boat traffic the canal fished well anglers having to cope withe canoes a dragon boat a cruiser as wide as the canal and the usual narrow boats.
End pegs proved yet again to be the prime draw Clive Williams drew end peg 206 and fished a great match catching quality roach on hemp and caster , At the opposite end of the stretch Gary Smith put in anaother good performance with a mixed bag.
Full Result
1st C Williams 12lb
2nd G Smith 10lb 1oz
3rd P Tomlinson 6lb 3oz 8 drm
4th I Mac 4lb 11oz
5th J Rick 4lb 4oz 8drm
6th C shaw 4lb 2oz
7th L Nightingale 2lb 2oz
8th M Lacey 2lb 1oz 8drm

Barnston Challenge 
Fiskerton Trent September 27th.
On  bright sunny day with the river holding no colour this proved a very hard match for those anglers who did not catch a Barbel, many of the pegs were devoid of fish.
Clive Wiliams came out on top of the Midland members and second overall Clive have 4 barbel for 16lb but by all accounts lost several more, in second place was Dave Briggs one bite at the death producing a Barbel of 8lb, third place went to Neil Culham who caught a barbel first put in on Halibut pellet. Best silver net went to Paul Winfield who had 4lb of small fish.
Full Result
1st C Williams 16lb 13oz
2nd D Briggs 8lb 15oz
3rd N Culham 7lb 15oz
4th P Winfield 4lb 13 oz
5th I Mac 2lb 9oz
6th P Tomlinson 2lb 4oz
7th A White 13oz
8th M Danby 7oz
9th M Lacey 4oz
10th= C Shaw 3oz
 10= M Fletcher 3oz

Full Result
Portland 4 Islands
20th September
Four islands was very low with at least a meter of water misssing, as it happened it fished better than expected.
A great performance by Jack Danby on island peg 24 was the highlight Jack putting 204lb on the scales Jack could see the fish shoaled up in the corner and took full advantage. In second place was Clive Williams who fished a great match to put 94lb to the scales catching down his peg to the next platform, in 3rd place was Ant White who found some quality fish on  corner peg 28.
Full Result
1st J Danby 204lb 15oz (inner)
2nd Clive Williams 94lb 12oz
3rd A White 77lb 11oz
4th L Nightingale 75lb 2oz (Inner) (Section)
5th P Tomlinson 74lb (Inner)
6th N Culham 46lb 14oz
7th G Smith 45lb 8oz(Section)
8th C Shaw 40lb 140z
9th J Rick 32lb 10oz (Inner)
10th M Danby 32lb1oz
11thDave Briggs 28lb 9 oz
12th D Butler 11lb 6 oz

Little John Friar Tuck.
13th September
The match was fished the day after the venue record had been broken but was still able to throw up a a good match, way out in front was Pete Tomlinson who was an easy winner with a cracking 115lb on meat fished at 9 meters, in second place was Ant White with 75lb catching on dead reds, followed by Chris Shaw with 71lb catching at 11 meters.
The fish of the day went to John Rick who caught one of only 2 Sturgeon in the lake, no caviare present though.
Full Result
1st P Tomlinson 115lb 13oz
2nd A White 75lb 15oz
3rd C Shaw 71lb 6oz
4th G Smith 69lb 15oz
5th J Danby 64lb 10oz
6th M Lacey 63lb 9oz
7th C Williams 55lb 1oz
8th J Rick 49lb 12oz
9th N Culham 43lb 6oz
10th M Danby 36lb 7 oz
 11th L Nighingale 33lb 11oz
12th D Briggs 28lb 12oz
13th M Fletcher 23lb 1oz
Next Match Four Islands.

Hoveringham 5th Sept
Midland fished there match on Hoveringham stretch pegs 100 to125. Anthony White drew favored peg one and finished clear with 10lb 13oz, at the bottom end of the match length Mick Danby put 7lb 5oz on the scales, in 3rd place was mister consistant Gary Smith with 6lb 13oz, the middle pegs fished very hard with some anglers strugling for a bite.
Full Result
1st A White10lb 13oz
2nd M Danby 7lb 5oz 8drm
3rd G Smith 6lb 13oz 8drm
4th C Williams 4lb 7oz 8 drm
5th D Butler 4lb 1oz
6th D Briggs 3lb 12oz (3lb 10oz bream)
7th M Lacey 3lb 30z
8th G Smith 3lb 1oz 8drm
9th I Mac 2lb 8oz
10th P Tomlinson 1lb 8oz
11th J Rick 10oz 8drm
N Culham7oz 8drm
= C Shaw 7oz 8drm

Wellow Dam August 30th
Jack Danby showed yet again what an exciting talent he is putting in an outstanding performance fishing long to a feature and then swapping to the margins for some better fish  finishing well clear of the rest of the field, in second place was Neil Culham who kept skimmers and crucian carp feeding most of the match, in 3rd place was Mr consistant Lew Nightingale with the money he has won this season you would think he could afford a decent pair of shorts.
Full Result
1st J Danby73lb 4oz
2nd N Culham 44lb 8oz
3rd L Nightingale 35lb 3oz 8 drm
4th P Tomlinson 33lb 5 oz
5th G Smith 30lb 8drm
6th M Lacey 27lb 6oz
7th C Williams 26lb 14oz
8th M Danby 25lb 10 oz
9th C Shaw 24lb 8oz 8drm
10th I Mac 15lb 11oz
11th D Briggs 10lb 2oz.

Lodge Farm 23 August
On a warm Day the match was a close run thing in first place  was P Tomlinson 2 pegs from the corner putting 66lb to the scales in second place was Anthony White with 64lb
 in 3 place Was Jack Danby with a creditable 52lb.
Full Result
1st P Tomlinson 66lb 15 oz
2nd A White 64lb 2 oz
3rd Jack Danby 51lb 12oz
4th L Nightingale 49lb 15oz
5th M Lacey 47lb 3oz
6thM Danby 42lb 2oz
7th Gary Smith36lb 4oz
8th Dave Briggs 29lb 4oz
9th N Culham 27lb 6oz
10th I Mac 21lb  1oz
11th Clive Williams 17lb 14oz
12 D Butler 14lb 5 oz
13 th CShaw 7lb 5 oz
Robinswood Barnston Challenge
Midland came out on top in this latest challenge match fished on lake 3 & 4 top weight was Jack Danby who fished a great match at distance on pole on th end of lake 4 finishing with 71lb second with another solid performance was Pete Tomlinson with 61lb of lake 3
Midland 219lb 12oz
Barnston177lb 1oz
Full Result
Barston in blue.
1st J Danby 70lb 1oz
2nd P Tomloinson 61lb 8oz 4 drm
3rd A Houghton 33lb 1 oz
4th G Smith 32lb 8oz
5th K Redwood 32 lb 1oz
6th S Woods 29lb 6 oz 4drm
7th L Nightingale 26lb 5oz
8th M Brewster 23lb 9oz
9th P Giles 14lb 5 oz
10th I Brewster 13lb 6oz 8 drm
11th M Diamond 13lb 3oz
12th J Rick 11lb 5 oz
13th G Hicks 10lb 3oz
14th M Danby 8lb oz
15th Clem 7lb 14oz
16th M lacey 5lb 7 oz
17th I Mac 4lb 4oz 8drm.

Caythorpe pegs 1-40
Anthony white won this one due in part to catching a Bream of 5lb 5oz his first bite after 10 minutes he then added small roach and dace over maggot and hemp on the waggler, three pegs upstream Clive Williams also netted a bonus Bream also catching some quality Roach on caster and stick Pete Tomlinson was a creditable 3rd with a net of small roach and Dace.
Highlight of the day John Rick in his full length chest waders.
Full Result
1st A White 12lbs 5oz
2nd C Williams 12lbs 1oz
3rd P Tomlinson 6lb 13oz
4th M Danby 5lb 14oz(Section)
5th C Shaw 5lb 13oz (Section)
6th N Culham 5lb 9oz
7th M Lacey 4lb 7 oz
8th J Rick 4lb 4oz
9th I Mac 3lb 1oz
10th P Winfield 3lb 
Next match Barstone Challenge Robinswood.

Mill Dam old lake
Lots of fish moving abaout but not thast keen on taking the bait.
Jack Danby put in a blistering performance of peg 21 opting for method feeder to the island before switching to his margin peg putting 129lbs to the scales facing him was Daryl (super Star Butler) on peg 30 on the islandfished method feeder down the margin to catch 124lb in 3 rd place was Mick Danby on peg 11 Mike had 79lb mainley down the margin.
Full Result 
1st J Danby 139lb 15oz
2nd D Butler124lb 6oz
3rd M Danby 79lb 4 oz
4th C Shaw 71 lb 2 oz (section)
5th  L Nightingale 59lb
6th G Smith 54lb 15oz (Section )
7th M Lacey 35lb 15oz
8th N Culham 31lb 3oz
9th J Rick 23lb 15oz (Retired)
10th I Mac 23lb 5oz
11th P Tomlinson 21lb 3oz.
Next Match Caythorpe.

illow lakes Foston Hawthorne
Gary Smith had a convincing win from a corner peg fishing both long and down the margins he fished meat putting 105lb on the scales well done to Gary. in second place was Anthony White with 67lb followed by Mr consistant Martin Lacey with 64lb.
Full Result
1st G Smith 105lb 2 oz
2nd A White 67lb 10oz
3rd M Lacey 64lb 14oz
4th P Tomlinson 47lb 6oz
5th C Shaw 37lb 4oz
6th N Culham 36lb 5oz
7th J Danby 36lb 4oz
8th I Mac 27lb 9oz
9th M Danby 36lb 12oz
10th C Williams 21lb 2oz
11th D Briggs 18lb
12th J Rick 11lb 15oz

Mill Dam July 5th
What a day for Neil Culham drawn on peg 22 he started over and down the track this produced little success so he came short top 2 line. the swim just built producing carp after carp Neil is an expert at getting big weights and this time he broke his excisting record to put 207lb on the scales well done.In Second place was Mr Consistant Jack Danby who fished peg 1 for 124lbs, in third place was Martin Lacey fishing long Martin caught 98lb it proved an expensive day for Martin he broke 2 sections of his pole but to his credit he still managed a great performance.
Full Result
1st N Culham 207lb 2oz
2nd J Danby 124lb 3oz
3rd M Lacey 98lb 1oz
4th P Tomlinson 97lb 3oz
5th R Sherrif 86lb 8oz
 6th C Williams 84lb 15oz
7th G Smith 81lb 7oz
8th J Rick 81lb
9th D Butler 68lb 9oz
10th D Briggs 50lb 8oz
11th C Shaw 47lb 4 oz
12th M Danby 44lb 7oz

Wellow Dam
Pete Tomlinson took the honours with his first win of the season drawn next to the peg he won from last year taking a mixed bag of fish with 7 carp coming in the last hour making 40lb 8oz second was Neil Culham a net of Ide with a couple of carp giving him 37lb 5 oz
Clive Williams was 3rd with a net of Ide for 31lb 8oz
Chris Shaw continued his run of securing last place yet again with another shocking performance.
Full Result
 1st P Tomlinson 40lb 8oz
2nd N Culham 37lb 5 oz
3rd C Williams 31lb 8oz
4th J Danby 26lb 12oz
5th G Smith 26lb 10oz 
6th M Lacey 24lb 11oz
7th M Danby 22lb 10oz
8th I Mac 19lb 15oz
9th D Butler 19lb 13oz
10th J Rick 16lb 10oz
11th L Nightingale 15lb 4 oz
12th D Briggs 14lb
13 C Shaw 10lb 3oz
14th A White DNW.

Portland Old Lake 21st June
With perfect conditions Neil Culham drew his favorite peg 7 opposite the island the outcome then became very predictable Neil fished very well after cracking of first cast he fished pellet waggler taking carp up to 12lbs and a godd net of chub for a weight of 123lbs 12oz, at the next peg Dave Briggs fished similar tactics for an excellent68lbs, on the far bank Gary Smith was third from peg 15 he had 34lb of carp and 22lb of roach for his 56lb some big carp caught the biggest weighing in at 17lb from peg 13.
Full Result
1st N Culham 123lb 12oz (carp 12lb)
2nd D Briggs 68lb
3rd G Smith 56lb12oz
A White 53lb 14 oz (carp 17lb 2oz 8drms)
M Lacey 46lb 2oz
R Sherrif 43lb 120z
D Butler 41lb 10oz (carp 14lb 9oz)
C Shaw 41lb 1oz
C Williams 36lb 7 oz
J Danby 33lb 9oz
P Tomlinson 23lb 6oz
L Nightingale 21lb 7oz
I Mac 20lb 2oz
Robinswood lake 1 14th June
On the day the lake proved to be very peggy with Jack Danby drawing peg 41 which proved to hold a good head of Ide along with some skimmers and carp putting 48lb onto the scales , on the opposite bank was his dad Mick he also found the Ide feedding shallow, finishing with 29lbs both Father and son fishing excellent matches 3rd went to Lew who also fished very well catching at 13 meters.
Full Result
1st J Danby 49lbs 13oz
2nd M Danby 29lb 3oz
3rd L Nightingale 27lb 15oz
4th G Smith 22lb 5 oz
5th D Butler 21lb 15oz
6th A White 13lbs 4oz
7th P Tomlinson 11lb 10oz
 8th R Sherrif 10lb 15oz
9th C Williams 10lb 8oz
10th M Lacey 10lb 7oz
11th I Mac 10lb 5oz
12th J Rick 8lb 2 oz
13th D Briggs 7lb14oz
14th M Fletcher 5lb 14oz
15th C Shaw 4lb11oz

Anthony White came out on top with 61lb11oz from peg 9 a close second on peg 5 was Gary Smith with 62lb 5oz in third place was Clive Williams with 49lbs 13oz from peg 15. Bringing to and end A great run of results for Martin Lacey.
Full Result
1st A White 66lb 11oz
2nd G Smith 62lb 5oz
3rd C Williams 49lb 13oz
4th P Tomlinson 47lb 7oz
5th L Nightingale 46lb 10oz 
= Jack Danby 46lb 10oz
7th J Rick 39lb 11oz
8th M Danby 38lb 
9th N Culham 34lb 10oz
10th M Lacey 33lb 30z
11th D Briggs 28lb 8oz
12th C Shaw23lb 10oz
13th D Butler 18lb 9oz
14th I Mac 10lb 8oz

The match was fished under difficult conditions with the low numbers having to fish in high winds, fishing in the bottom corner on peg 2 Martin Lacey continued his amazing run winning with 61lbs well clear of the field Martin has now had 2 firsts and 3 second places and has now been elevated to super star status. A White was second with the wind off his back catching 41lbs I Mac had a great match fishing peg 21  again under difficult condition finishing with 38lbs.
Full result
1st M Lacey 61lb
2nd AWhite 41lb
3rd I Mac 38lb
4th G Smith 37lb
5th P Tomlinson 35lb
6th D Butler 32lb
7th L Nightingale 30lb
8th C Shaw 29lb
9th M Danby 25lb
10th J Danby 21lb
11th J Rick 15lb
12th D Briggs 9lb

Carvale 24th MAY
Neil Culham took top spot after drawing favoured peg 1 fishing caster close in caught steady all day catching Crucians skimmers roach and perch, on the opposite bank Martin Lacey continued his outstanding form finishing second with half his fish being foul hooked Martin caught at 11meters on meat, Anthony White was third after arriving late he also had several foul hooked fish.
Full Result
1st N Culham 29lbs
2nd M Lacey 26lb
3rd A White 22lb
4th D Butler 21lb
5th C Williams 17lb
6th D Briggs 16lb
7th G Smith 15lb
8th J Danby 14lb 13 oz
9th J Rick 14lb 13oz
10th M Danby 12lb 13oz
11th C Shaw 12lb 4oz
12th R Sherrif 6lb
13th P Tomlinson 6lb
14th I Mac 3lb
15th B Bent DNW
Portland King fisher lake 17th May
On a new lake this proved to be an interesting match with a good spread of catches drawing in the favoured peg with the wind off his back Ant White caught 85lbs second following up his great result from the previous week Martin Lacey caught 47lb Martin has had a first and 2 second places in the first 3 matches of the season.
Full Result
1st A White 85lb
2nd M Lacey 47lb
3rd L Nightingale 45lb
4th RSherrif 38lb
5th N Culham 34lb
6th C Shaw 33lb
7th C Williams32lb
8th G Smith 31lb
9th J Rick 28lb
10th J Danby 23lb
11th I Mac 21lb
12th M Danby 20lb
13th D Briggs 17lb
14th P Tomlinson 4lb
15th D Butler 3lb

Lodge Farm May 10th
Gary Smith took  first place drawn on peg 35 Gary fished several lines catching on most with maggot and meat, second place went to the inform Martin Lacey who followed up his first place last week with another good result, 3rd place went to Jack Danby, Jack finished with 59lb fishing an excellent match mainly on long pole.
Full Rusult
1st G Smith 79lb
2nd M Lacey 73lb
3rd J Danby 59lb
4th P Tomlinson 55lb
5th M Danby 52lb
6thL Nightingale 37lb
7th N Culham 27lb
8th I Mac 21 lb
9th C Williams 19lb
10th M Fletcher 12lb
11th J Rick 5lb
D Briggs 4lb
C Shaw dnw 

Four Islands.
May 3rd 2015
Match Secretary Martin Lacey won the first match of the season drawn on the inner pegs he fished a great match catching well out then switching to the margins for a weight of 82lbs and also winning the Excutive Cup. 2nd was Mick Danby fishing on the outer weighing 70lbs,Mick took a tumble during the match and broke 2 top sections he had borrowed from Jack his son so his winnings will help towards 2 new tops. In 3rd place on the inner was Rob Sheriff , Rob had a mixed bag on caster and worm finishing with 49lbs.
Full Result
1st M Lacey 82lbs
2nd M Danby 70lbs
3rd R Sheriff 49lbs
4th L Nightingale 44lbs
5th P Tomlinson 36lbs
6th J Danby 29lbs
7th N Culham 28lbs 2oz
8th J Rick 28lbs
9th C Shaw 20lbs
10th G Smith 14lbs
11th G Butler 13lbs 12oz
12th D Briggs 13lbs 7 oz
13th I Mac 7lbs 
14th C Williams 6lbs 

London Road Canal Oct 26th
Pegs 228-198
This was the last match of the season, fishing was patchy with the top 3 all coming from consecutive pegs at the start of the match length. Gary Smith came out on top from the downstream end peg with a mixed bag of small fish for 10lb 3oz at the next peg Ant White had 8lb 15oz followed by Pete Tomlinson with 8lb 2oz.
Full Result
1st G Smith 10lb 3oz
2nd A White 8lb 15oz
3rd P Tomlinson 8lb 2oz
4th C Williams 4lb 13oz( Section)
5th I Mac 4lb 9oz (Section )
6th C Shaw 3lb 9oz
7th D Butler 3lb 6oz
8th J Rick 3lb 5oz
9th R Sherrif 2lb 9oz
10th B Bent 2lb 2oz
11th M Lacey 1lb 7oz
12 D Briggs 0lb 8oz 

Robinswood Lake 1
On a very windy day the match was pegged as much out of the wind as possible.
Pete Tomlinson was a clear winner of end peg 41 catching on corn his catch included a Tench of 5lb some carp and a mix of silvers weighing 37lb 1oz. On the far bank John Rick fished an excellent match fishing tight to the island with a method feeder to catch a cracking net of Ide mixed with a few carp finishing with 26lb 8oz. Rob Sherrif fishing his first match of the season was third with 23lb 9oz fishing tight over on pole and down the track with worm and casters catching a mixed bag of carp and silvers.
Full Result
1st P Tomlinson 37lb 1oz
2nd J Rick 26lb 8oz
3rd R Sherrif 23lb 9oz
4th J Danby 21lb 14oz(Section)
5th C Shaw 15lb 10oz (Section)
6th A White 13lb 11oz
7th G Smith 9lb 3oz
8th M Lacey 7lb 11oz
9th I Mac 7lb 4oz
10th M Danby 3lb 15oz
Next match London road canal.

Aldercar Oct 12th.
Sundays match was fished at Aldercar on Acorn Lake and it proved to be yet anaother convincing win for Neil Culham finishing with 83lbs of carp and 17lb of silvers  Neil drew hot peg 3 using all his skill to get the maximium out of the peg, on the day he also won the Knock out cup so well done to Neil.
In Second place was the ever consistant Jack Danby with 76lbs on peg38 the top 2 weghts coming from the bottom end of the lake. Gary Smith was third with 43lbs off peg 15 Gary was runner up in the knock out.
Full Result
1st N Culham 100lbs 11oz
2nd J Danby 76lb 5oz
3rd G Smith 43lbs 6oz
     4th L Nightingale 34lbs 7oz (section)
5th P Tomlinson 31lb 8oz (section )
6th A White 25lb 14oz
7th C Shaw 25lb 10oz
8th I Mac 25lb
9th M Lacey 24lb 3 oz
10th D Butler 21lbs 10oz
11th D Briggs 18lb 11oz
12th M Fletcher 14lb 10oz
13th C Williams 12lb 10oz
14th M Danby 12lb 
Next Match Robinswood lake 1
Nottingham Canal Oct 5th.
Midland fished London Road on the the tins this proved to be a dire match it was obvious after 15 minutes that the area was devoid of fish.Pete Tomlinson drew the upstream peg and used all his skill to win with 3lb 4oz peg 187, in second place was Martin Lacey who fished well over and finished with 2lb 14oz Martin lost enough fish to win it on peg 197. On the hot peg 198 was Chris Shaw who won from the same peg last year but a different story this time Chris came third with 1lb 7 oz, only 3 anglers broke the pound barrier.
Full Result.
1st P Tomlinson 3lb 4oz
 2nd M Lacey 2lb 14oz
 3rd C Shaw1lb 7oz
4th L Nightingale15oz
5th D Butler 9oz (section win)
6th G Smith 8oz
7th C Williams 6oz
A White 5oz
J Rick 2oz
I Mac 1oz
N Culham DNW
D Briggs DNW
Next Match Aldercar

Challenge  V Barnstone Fiskerton River Trent.
28th September.
Midland were taken to Nottingham Piscatorials water at Fiskerton for this challenge match.
The river is low and clear at the moment but still produced a decent match Midland coming out on top with the top three weights and winning three of the 4 sections.
Mick Danby rolled back the years to win with 15lb of roach and Chub on the stick float Gary Smith was second with 12lb of mixed fish followed by Clive Williams with 9lb of small fish.
Our thanks to Barnstone for organising the match and we send our best wishes to Brin who after having a few to drink the night before had to retire to his bed early in the match.
Full Result
1st M Danby 15lb 11oz
2nd G Smith 12lb 13oz
3rd C Williams 9lb 8 oz
4 th C Shaw 8lb 14oz (Section Win)
5th D Butler 8lb (Section win)
6 th D Briggs 6lb 9oz (Section win)
7th P Tomlinson 6lb 3oz
8th I Mac 5lb 13oz
9th A White 4lb 8 oz
10th J Rick 2lb 8oz
11th M Lacey 2lb 6oz
12th J Danby 1lb 8oz
P Winfield DNW
Next match Nottingham Canal.

Caythorpe river Trent 21st September
Difficult conditions prevailed for our match with a an strong upstream wind blowing making presentation difficult Anthony White drew peg one for the second time and again it produced the top weight Daryl Butler fished well on peg 11 to take second place catching on Tares on the waggler, third was John Rick on only his second match after returning from surgery well done John.
Full Result
1st A White 11lb 5 oz
2nd D Butler 8lb 14 oz
3rd J Rick 5lb
4th P Tomlinson 4lb 14oz
5th M Fletcher 4lb 12oz
6th C Shaw 3lb 15oz
7th C Williams 3lb 5 oz
8th M Danby 3lb 1 oz
9th I Mac 2lb 7oz
10th J Danby 2lb 7 oz
11th G Smith 2lb
12th M Lacey 1lb 15 oz
13th D Briggs 1lb 9 oz
Next Match
Barnstone Challenge meet Bromley Arms 8am

Robinswood lake 4 Sunday14th September.The match fished on lake 4 turned out to be a one sided affair with all the top 3 weights coming of the roadside bank. Ant White drew the top corner peg and caught down the side finishing with 70lb second in the other roadside corner peg was Jack Danby who caught  51lbs third was Gary Smith who was also on the roadside Gary had a lump on pellet waggler and then 7 more carp down the side. Top weight on the far bank was Pete Tomlinson with 25lb.
Chris Shaw and Martin Lacey drew the opposite corners but struggled to find fish.

1st A White 70lbs 5oz
2nd J Danby 51lb 10oz
3rd G Smith 39lb 10z
4th P Tomlinson 25lb 15oz
5th M Lacey 25lb 14oz 8 drms
6th D Butler 24lb 13oz
7th 23lb 11oz
Next Match Caythorpe 1-45

Coopers lake.September 7th
On a bright sunny day the lake proved to be in a strange mood one side of the lake fishing well and the other side proving very difficult. Jack Danby fished another great match to win with 53lb on pellet waggler followed by the ever consistant Neil Culham with 52lb third place went to Mick Danby who was the only person to catch on the poor side of the lake, all 3 using the same tactics.
Gary Smith had a cracking ghost carp of 14lb.
The KO final will be between Gary and Neil venue tba

Full Result
1st J Danby53lb
2nd N Culham 52lb 9oz
3rd M Danby 40lb 1oz
4th L Nightingale 37lb 7oz
5th G Smith 36 15oz
6th D Briggs 32lb 13oz
7th P Tomlinson 22lb 14oz
8th C Williams 20lb 5oz
9th C Shaw 15lb 6 oz
10 J Rick 8lb12oz
11 D Butler 3lb 11oz
A White DNW

Decoy lakes

Willows Lake August 31st
This was Midlands last visit to the venue due to the distance and costs involved over the years this venue has provided some of the biggest weights recorded by MAS members and must go down as one of the best venues around .
The match produced5 ton up weights led by Neil Culham who is the venue expert and has consistantly drawn flyers on his visits. Second was Martin Lacey who has hit a rich vane of form, in third place was the ever consistant Jack Danby.The Biggest fish went to Mr Mac with a carp of 12lb 2oz.
Full Result
1st N Culham 148lb 13oz
2nd M Lacey 133lb 10oz
3rd J Danby 127lb 8 oz
4th A white 113lb 14oz
5th M Danby 101lb 8oz
6th D Briggs 69lb 9 oz 
7th I Mac 61lb 14oz
Nex Match Coopers Lake.

River Trent Caythorpe August 24th
With the river being  gin clear and bright conditions it was going to be a difficult match and so it proved, Anthony White winning with 8lb 2oz part of his weight being a bream of of 4lb 9oz the rest of his catch made up of small roach fishing well out on the wag he also lost another bream later on in the match. Second was Martin Lacey who fished a great match finishing with 8lb 2oz Marting fished caster on the stick with a centre pin catching mainley roach, 3rd place went to Jack (The Perch ) Danby who caught some bonus Perch along with a lot of small fish weighing 6lb once again he beat his old man Mick on the next peg ,Mick weighing 5lb 13oz.
Full Result
1st A White 8lb 2 oz
2nd Martin Lacey 8lb 2 oz
3rd J Danby 6lb
4th M Danby 5lb13oz
5th G Smith 5lb 9 oz
6th C Williams 4lb 9oz
7th C Shaw 3lb 8 oz
8th P Tomlinson 3lb 7oz
 9th P Winfield 1lb 6 oz
 10th D Butler 15oz
11th I Mac 5oz
Next Match Decoy Willows Lake draw 9 am.

Robinswood August 27th
Midland  fished against Barnstone in a challenge match on lakes 3&4. Midland top ten weights total 232lb Barstone top 10 total 403lb a right spanking, well done to the Barnstone lads. Midland top performer once again was Jack Danby who had 52lb to finish 3rd overall. Top weight on the day went to Barnstone with Jamie Francis finishing with 96lb.

Full result (Midland only)
J Danby 52lb 8oz
P Tomlinson 45lb 10oz
M Fletcher 36lb 2 oz
D Butler 23lb 14oz
M Lacey 22lb 12oz
L Nightingale 14lb
A White 13lb 7oz
G Smith 9lb 12oz
M Danby 9lb 7oz
I Mac 5lb 3oz
Next Match Caythorpe

Wellow Dam 10th August
This was the first vist to the venue for Midland and we where welcomed with hurricane Bertha the rain was severe it lasted for 4 hours thankfully the wind was light so it was fishable with the expected Skimmers not feeding the match turned into a carp match and top of the tree was Pete Tomlinson fishing his favorite method meat close in on peg 2 for 50lb followed by Anthony White who caught some decent carp down the edge late on finishing with 46lb.
Jack Danby had a mare loosing so many fish he lost count and is of to bye some decent hooks for the next match.
Full Result
1st P Tomlinson 50lb 2oz
2nd A White 46lb 6oz
3rd N Culham 28lb 10oz
4th J Danby 29lb 9 oz
5th C Williams 24lb 6oz
6th M Danby 19lb 10oz
7th C Shaw 8lb 4 oz
8th M Lacey 5lb 12 oz
9th I Mac 5lb 1 oz
Next Match Robinswood Barstone challenge.

Mill Dam August 3rd.
The top three all broke the ton on the old lake A White drawn on peg 12 fishhed banded pellet and a bajo feeder to finish with 145lb second was Pete Tomlinson fishing corn taking mainly carp for 116lb Jack draw bag Danby drew the same peg as his last visit and finished with 109lb.
Full Result
1st A White 145lbs 3 oz
2nd P Tomlinson 116lb 7 oz
3rd J Danby 109lb 6oz
4th N Culham 84lb 15oz
 5th L Nightingale 82lb 6 oz
6th G Smith 80lb 10oz
7th C Shaw 71lb 10oz
8th M Danby 69lb 5oz
9th C Williams 56lb 4oz
10th M Lacey 40lb 1oz
11th D Briggs 38lb 14oz
12 I Mac 13lb 5oz.

River Trent Caythorpe 27th July
With clear water and bright sunshine conditions were not ideal however the results proved different with 2 double figure weights and good backing weights.We had invited Barnstone to fish with us and a good day was had by all. Pete Tomlinson fished a great match yo win with 10lbs 15oz fishing the waggler running him very close was Daryl Butler who had 10lbs 9oz following the match everyone retired to the Black Horse for beer and chips.
Full Result
1st P Tomlinson 10lbs 15oz
2nd D Butler 10lbs 9oz
3rd J Stone 9lbs 9oz
4th A White 8lbs 14oz
5th S Woods 8lbs 7oz
6th C Williams 7lbs 12 oz
7th J Danby 7lbs 6oz
8th G Smith 6lbs 125oz
9th D Briggs 6lbs 13oz
10th B Bent 5lbs 13oz
11th C.Shaw 5lbs 4oz
12th M Fletcher 4lbs 4oz
13th N Fletcher 3lbs 7oz
14th B Marrison 3lbs 5 oz
15th J Francis 3lbs 4oz
16th K Redwood 3lbs 3 oz
17th M lacey 2lbs 15oz
Next Match Mill Dam old lake Aug 3rd
Please note meat has been banned at this venue

Robinswood lake 20th July
With overnight rain dropping the water temperature weights were down on normal however an outstanding performance by Mick Danby gained him first place with 51lbs 11oz giving his son Jack a right pasting. In second place was the ever consistant Pete Tomlinson with 43lbs.

Full Result
1st M Danby 51lbs 11oz
2nd P Tomlinson 43lbs 12oz
3rd Gary Smith 30lbs 11oz
4th Lew Nightingale 
5th M Lacey 22lbs 2oz
J Danby 8lbs 13oz
Next Match Caythorpe pegs 30-80

Coopers Lake 13th July
The match at Coopers turned out to be a very close affair with Neil Culham continuing his fine run of form from peg 28 fishing pellet eaggler  finishing with 83lbs closley followed by Gary Smith who had 80lbs fishing meat on pole third was Clive Williams with 79lb again on pellet waggler.
Full Result
1st N. Culham 83lbs 9oz
2nd G Smith 80lbs 5oz
3rd C Williams 79lbs 15oz
4th Dave Biggs 44lbs 8oz
5th Martin Lacey 40lbs 4 oz
6thP Tomlinson 36kbs 5 oz
7th A White 30lbs 5oz
8th J Danby 29lbs 6 oz
 M Danby dnw
Next match Robinswood. lake 2

Eye Kettleby lake 5. 6th July
Sundays match was won by Anthony White with a weight of 74lbs method being pole fished bread just under the surface at 16 meters, Jack Danby fresh from a week partying in ibiza fished well for secon place with54lbs fishing the margins with paste, in 3rd place was Pete Tomlinson who had 40lbs fishing a margin with meat.
Full Result
1st A White 74lbs 2 oz
   2nd J Danby 54lbs 10oz
         3rd P Tomlinson 40lbs 14oz
4th G Smith 39lbs 5 oz
5th M Lacey 18lbs 7 oz
6th C Williams 15lbs
7th M Danby 11lbs 8oz
       8th L Nightingale 9lbs 10oz
9th N Culham 9lbs
10th C Shaw 8lbs 3oz
11th D Briggs 7lbs 11oz
12th M Fletcher 7lbs.
Next match Coopers lake. July13th

Little John Robin Hood 29th June
Excellent conditions greeted us on arrival although a lot of fish were lost during the match, Anthony White on peg 25 had no such problems drawing an end of lake peg with the wind blowing into the area, he fished corn at 8 meters finishing with 110lbs and his first victory of the season. Opposite him was Neil Culham who fished his favored pole fished caster shallow ending with 83lbs for second place. Dave Briggs gave a top class performance to finish third with 64lbs which included one of only two Sturgeon in the lake.
Full Result
1st A White 110lbs 9 oz
2nd N Culham 83lbs 7oz
3rd D Briggs 64lbs 13oz
4th P Tomlinson 62lbs 11oz
5thD Butler 50lbs 5oz
6th M Lacey 50lbs
7th M Danby 49lbs 13oz
8th C Williams44lbs 8oz
9th G Smith 39lbs 13oz
 L Nightingale 30lbs 3oz
2 dnw

Mill Dam June 22nd.
Neil Culham won his third match on the trot again fishing shallow with  Anthony White a close second and maintaining his form Jack Danby came in a creditable third.
Full Result
1st N Culham 131lbs 6oz
2nd AWhite 124lbs 2 oz
3rd J Danby121lbs 14oz
4th G Smith 81lbs 14oz
5th C Williams 78lbs 8oz 
6th M Danby 71lbs 11oz
7th P Tomlinson 64lbs 3oz
8th D Briggs 53lbs 4 oz
9th D Butler 53lbs 2 oz
10th M Lacey 47lbs 12oz
11th I Mac 47lbs 8oz
12 L Nightingale 43lbs 13oz
13th J Morley 42lbs 4 oz
Next match Little John Robin Hood.

Roystone Water June 15th
A still day provided perfect conditions  for fishing bread on the surface in some of the pegs, Neil Culham had prepared well for just this occasion falling just short of 200lb by 6 oz but in doing so raised the club record to 199lb 10oz. Neil free lined bread up to a willow tree and then close in under another tree. All three top weights came frome the top end of the lake, Jack Danby caught on  paste finishing with 120lbs 4oz followed by Anthony White with 108lbs 11oz.

Next Sundays Match Mill Dam old lake

Full Result
        1st Neil Culham 199lbs 10oz
      2nd Jack Danby 120lbs 4oz
 3rd AWhite 108lbs 11 oz
                               4th Chris Shaw 72lbs 10oz (Section Winner)
 5th Gary Smith 50lbs
      6th John Morley 43lbs 15oz (Section Winner)
          7th Lew Nightingale 39lbs 12oz
      8th  Martin Lacey 37lbs 15oz
       9th Clive Williams 37lbs 14 oz
10th Ian Mac 36lbs 5 oz
         11th Pete Tomlinson 34lbs 4oz

Longford Fishery. 8th June
Once again bright sunshine and a flat calm lake were the conditions the members had to contend with considering this the weights were pretty good. Fishing at 11 meters Pete Tomlinson kept fish feeding for most of the day taking over 40lbs of carp plus close on 30lbs of tench, meat being the telling bait giving Pete his first win of the season with 70lbs 3oz.At the next peg was Gary Smith who had a mixed bag of carp and tench for second spot fishing worm Gary finished with 48lbs 10oz.
Chris Shaw on the opposite bank endured a miserable start only putting one tench in his net until the final 90 minutes when the carp moved in over his bait ending with 42lbs 12oz for third.
Full Result
      1st P Tomlinson 70lbs 3 oz
2nd g Smith 48lbs 10oz
3rd C.Shaw 42lbs 12oz
     4th Jack Danby 40lbs 10oz
5th M Lacey35lbs 14oz
      6th Dave Briggs 34lbs 13oz
=  Anthony White 34lbs 13oz
            8th Lew Nightingale 25lbs 12oz
     9th Daryl Butler 19lbs 15oz
      10th Mick Danby 17lbs 10oz
11th Ian Mac 12lbs 15oz
Next match Royston North Scarle 8.30 draw.
Car Vale June 1st
Weights were good given the sunny conditions the top five were all in with a chance with 20 mminutes to go, however Neil Culham on peg 18 spotted a cruising carp, out went the floating biscuit and the carp took the bait after a long tussle the carp was landed weighing 18lbs 12oz in cracking condition, match over , added to around 15lbs of crucians gave  Neil a winning weight of 34lbs.
This was the only carp caught on the day this was unlucky for Mick Danby who fished a great match taking 6 decent bream on caster beating Gary Smith in to 3rd Gary looked favorite at the start as he was catching a fish a bung for the first hour.
Full Result.
             1st N Culham 34lbs 10oz
              2nd M Danby 22lbs 12oz
         3rd G Smith 21lbs 7oz
     4th I Mac 21lbs 3oz
         5th A White 20lbs 5oz
 6th C Shaw 11lbs
            7th J Morley 10lbs 14oz
          8th D Briggs 10lbs 3oz
                 9th P Tomlinson 10lbs 1 oz
        10th J Danby 8lbs 4oz
               11th M Fletcher 7lbs 12oz
                    12th M Lacey 7lbs 3oz 8drms
            13th C Williams 7lbs 3oz
         14th L Nightingale 7lbs
 15th D Butler 5lbs

Next Sundays match Longford.

Members are reminded that the AGM is on the 1tth June at the Horse & Groom Radford Road Basford..

Moat lake Hemminton 26th May
With the wind blowing down the lake it was expected that the end pegs would be winners this proved to be the opposite with first being half way along and second and third from the top end of the lake.Lew Nightingale fished a great match in difficult conditioins to take the win with Anthony White second fishing up in the water Gary Smith third fishing close in on meat. Chris wants to appologise to Dave for relegating him to last by 1 oz no scales are that good.
Full Result
               1st L Nightingale 46lbs 7oz
2nd Awhite 45lbs
       3rd GSmith 30lbs 13oz
             4th PTomlinson 29lbs 13oz
        5th M Danby 24lbs 2 oz
      6th M Lacey 23lbs 3oz
      7th J Danby 20lbs 13oz
              7th = C Williams 20lbs 13oz
  9th I Mac 15lbs 14oz
  10th C Shaw 9lbs 1 oz
   11th Dave Briggs 9lbs.

Hall Park Sunday 18th May
Midland members arrived at hall park to find the margins on both sides of the lake alive with with carp which were spawning as a result the match turned out to be very tough with carp having their mind on other issues the silver fish were hard to come by Clive Williams made the most of the conditions from a fancied peg catching some quality bream and Ide on maggot over groundbait for a winning total of 17lbs 11oz Neil Culham was second with 7lbs 1oz consisting of a couple of Ide and a carp. Mick Danby lost 5 carp but eventually landed one fish weighing 5lbs 13oz.
Lew Nightingale drew the end peg on the match and had to move to another peg in the morning as his peg became unfishable due to floating weed, this did not affect the result as Lew did not have a fish out of either peg.In the afternoon Chris Shaw was also affected by weed and was unable to fish the last 2 hours of the match.
Full Result
             1st Clive Williams 17lbs 11oz
    2nd N Culham 7lbs 1oz
         3rd Mick Danby 5lbs 13oz
                           4th G Smith 5lbs 6oz (section winner)
     5th Pete Tomo 4lbs 2oz
                                6th Chris Shaw2lbs 5oz (section winner)
         7th Martin Lacey 1lbs 7oz
 8th Ian Mac 1lbs 4oz
9th Jack Danby 4oz
3 dnw.

Robinswood lake 4 11th May
Gary Smith won for the second week running, with a convincing victory on an out of sorts lake four art Robinswood, drawn on corner peg 10, with the wind blowing into his corner, Gary fished upto the outlet pipe at 10 metres, and also at top two plus two, with meat as hook bait, to take carp upto 11lbs 3oz, ending up with 61lbs 9oz, On the same bank, but on the top corner, peg 2, Lew Nightingale pole fished the margin upto peg one, taking carp on either meat or corner, taking second spot with 29lbs 5oz. Third off the other bank, with a level 25lbs was Jack Danby, on peg 19, who pole fished caster shallow for the ide.

1st G Smith 61lbs 9oz
2nd L Nightingale 29lbs 5oz
3rd J Danby 25lbs 0oz
4th D Butler 20lbs 8oz
5th M Danby 16lbs 7oz
6th M Fletcher 10lbs 8oz
7th M Lacey 9lbs 9oz
8th I Mac 8lbs 8oz
9th P Tomlinson 6lbs 1oz
10th C Shaw 3lbs 2oz

Mill Dam Sunday May 4th
Midland kicked off the season with a cracking opening match with an average of over 50lb per angler.
Winning with 86lbs was Gary Smith off peg 3 catching a mixed bag, Jack Danby was second with 74lbs of peg 10, 3rd place went to Anthony White with 64lbs 11oz on peg 18.

Full Results
1st Gary Smith 86lbs 4oz.
2nd Jack Danby74lbs 15.
3rd A White 64lbs 11oz.
4th Paul Nightingale 65lbs 6oz
5th Martin Lacey 58lbs 15 oz
6th Chris Shaw 59lbs 8oz
7th Pete Tomo 54lbs 6oz
8th C Williams 50lbs 3 oz
9th Lew Nightingale 48lbs 9oz
10th Dave Briggs 45lbs 5oz
11th I Mac 38lbs 15oz
12th N Culham 35lbs 8oz
13th M Danby 28lbs 15oz

Nottingham Canal, 27th October, 2013.
Midland ended there regular season with a visit to the canal at London Road and despite the weather warnings given out, enjoyed a reasonable days fishing.
Leading the way of end peg 198 was Chris Shaw, who made no mistake after drawing the prime peg. Pole fishing the lollipop at with his top two and either 2 or 4 sections, Chris found a regular supply of skimmers up to 12oz, and smaller roach who took a liking to his maggot hookbait. He ended the day with 16lbs 2 1/2oz, a weight that migh have topped 20lbs if it wasn't for half an hour spent trying to fish out his seventh pole section that a gust of wind blew into the canal.
Clive Williams was also a casualty of the wind, rendering his pole line almost unfishable for the last two hours. Prior to that, Clive put together 8lbs 9oz of roach on hemp and caster from peg 223. Gary Smith took third with 5lbs 10 1/2oz of roach and skimmers plus a bonus 2lb perch from peg 208.

Robinswood, 20th October, 2013.
Jack got the better of his dad this week, and the rest of the pack, winning with over 10lbs to spare over second place. Jack, drawn on peg 26, pole fished shallow at 14 metres taking mainly ide on maggot and caster to end up with 42lbs 3 1/2oz. In the process he broke through the 1000lbs mark for the season. Anthony White had one of those matches you'ld sooner forget. Arriving late after over sleeping, Anthony put 30lbs 12oz of carp onto the scales off peg 5, method feeding to the far bank with hair rigged pellet as bait. However, he lost as many fish as he caught with the hook simply pulling out. Daryl Butler took third place with 23lbs 15 1/2oz; again fishing shallow for ide off peg 23.

Hackett's, 13th October, 2013.
This week there was a family double for the Danby's, as dad Mick totalled 25lbs 13 1/2oz from 8 fish out of 9 bites at peg 10 (6 carp, a bream and a skimmer falling to 8mm hair rigged pellet on straight bomb) whilst his son, Jack, weighed 20lbs 13oz from peg 38. Anthony White took third spot, thanks to a last cast 7lb carp, boosting his weight to 17lbs 1oz off peg 42.

Aldercar Lane Fishery, 6th October, 2013.
Neil Culham, drawn on peg 7, was this week's winner, netting 65lbs of ide plus carp to put 80lbs 9oz onto the scales. Targetting the ide from the off, Neil pole fished casters shallow at 10 metres, taking the carp down the edge late on in the match.
Anthony White had to settle for second spot this week. Drawn peg five next to Neil, he could only sit and watch as his line wasn't producing. However, a change to punched bread fished shallow to the far bank found the carp willing to feed, and by trying various spots along the far bank, he kept them coming in ones and twos, ended up with 63lbs 14oz.
Third place fell to Mike Fletcher off peg 39, who had carp on paste from both left and right hand margin swims.

Hemmington, New Canal, 29th September, 2013
There's no stopping Anthony White at the moment as he chalked up an impressive win at Hemmington on the New Canal. Drawn on peg 9, Anthony opted to pole fish pellets to the far bank when the wind permitted or to fish down the middle to take 44lbs of carp, backed up with 30lbs of tench, skimmers, ide and roach, to end with 74lbs 2oz.
Well behind in second place was Gary Smith who had 43lbs 11oz of carp tench and bream off peg 13, whilst Jack Danby had an expensive day's fishing, breaking two pole sctions on his way to third spot off peg 10, weighing in with a mixed bag of tench, carp and silvers for 33lbs 11oz.

Caythorpe, Trent, 22nd September, 2013.
Once again Midland found themselves on their own water and again conditions were far fron ideal with bright sunshine and clear water. Not that it bothered Anthony White, who once again showed his class winning this one to celebrate his 33rd birthday! Drawn peg three on the day, Anthony stuck with the method that won him his last match here a fortnight ago. Waggler fishing maggots over hemp, after a slow start with no fish for the first two hours, the roach eventually honed in over his bed of feed, to take 14lbs 11 1/2oz of the redfins with fish upto 10oz. At the next peg downstream, Pete Tomlinson had 6lbs 9 1/2oz of roach and perch to both stick or waggler, again using maggot as bait. Third spot fell to Martin Lacey in the bottom field, thanks to a 5lbs chub taken on stick float and caster and a few bits for 6lbs 1oz.

Lodge Farm, Signal Lake, 15th September, 2013.
Midland arrived to fish the Railway Bank on the Signal Lake to be told by the owner that the club who had booked the other side had phoned him Saturday, cancelling, due to the wearther forecast for the Sunday. As it happens the expected rain did not materialise although the high winds caused a couple of pole sections to be broken. This did not deter the fish! Winning a very close and even match, young Jack Danby drew peg 9 and set about pole fishing worm over caster close in th his right hand margin being rewarded with carp upto 5lbs in short bursts; catching 2 or 3 after each other and then blank having blank spells for 15 - 20 minutes. He weighed in with 77lbs 8oz and achieved his third victory this season. Gary Smith, drawn on peg 5, (which also won Saturday's match), took advantage of the far bank, fishing method and dead maggots ending up one fish short with a total of 74lbs 10oz. In third place, Anthony White off peg 10, had 73lbs 10z of carp close in on pole and maggots. This weight took Anthony's aggregate to over 1000lbs for the third consecutive season.

Caythorpe, Trent, 8th September, 2013.
For the second week running, Midland were fishing their own stretch of the river Trent at Caythorpe, between pegs 25 - 55.
Midland's bailiff, Paul Winfield topped this one. Drawn on one of the noted barbel pegs, Paul didn't have to wait long for his first bite as after only ten minutes he was into his first barbel of the day only for it to shed the hook after a few minutes. This encouraged Paul to stay on the feeder and he was rewarded with two samples (as well as losing another) plus 4lbs of bits to weigh 17lbs 5oz. Anthony White was next peg downstream of Paul and stuck it out with waggler to net a decent bag of roach totalling 12lbs 8oz, for second; whilst at the end peg, John Morley fished stick and maggots to take 4lbs 7oz of small roach, finishig third.

Caythorpe, Trent, 1st September, 2013.
Due to a fixture error, Midland hastily re-arranged Sunday's match to the Trent at Caythorpe between pegs 40 - 70. There were no big weights, but once again results were encouraging for the river with most anglers enjoying bites from roach and dace for most of the day. Still fresh from last week's lie in, Anthony White once again took top spot. Drawn peg 5, Anthony caught mostly 2-3oz roach with a couple of 8oz samples on both waggler and stick float with maggot as hookbait, to end up with 12lbs 1oz, narrowly ahead of Clive Williams on peg 9, who had a similar stamp of fish, falling to maggot and waggler for a weight of 11lbs 10oz.

Hackett's, 25th August, 2013.
Whilst Midland and Parkside were drawing pegs, Anthony White was fast asleep in bed and peg 47 was drawn out for him. However, starting half an hour after everyone else didn't matter as he was a convincing winner with 11 carp and 1 skimmer weighing 47lbs 11oz. These were taken on straight bomb and pellet fished over his pellet waggler line, which failed to deliver. Midland also had top weight on the car park bank with Mick Danby, off peg 15, weighing in 26lbs 15oz. Daryl Butler was third highest Midland's weight with 19lbs 12 1/2oz of skimmers on pellet feeder off peg 21.

Little John Lakes, Friar Tuck, 18th August, 2013.
In ideal conditions, Midland anglers had a frustrating day's fishing on Friar Tuck lakes with the fish reluctant to feed in earnest. In a match where several anglers could have come out top, Pete Tomlinson earned his first match win of the season. Drawn on peg 3, Pete opted to pole fish just 4 metres out on meat, to take carp up to 3 1/2 lbs, a bonus bream of 4lb and ide and barbel for 56lb 30z. Further down the same bank, Paul Nighingale off peg 11, just edged out Clive Williams on peg 23, 48lbs 8oz to 48lbs 7oz; both employing pole tactics for carp plus a few skimmers, ide and barbel. In what was also the Knock Out Cup Final, Anthony White took the honours with his 5th place, 44lbs 11oz of carp down the margin on paste from peg 25.

Mill Dam, 11th August, 2013.
For the second week running Midland were at North Scarle, although this time on the match lake at Mill Dam. Remarkably weights were almost identical to last week with five ton plus weights and 40lbs plus for last place. This venue surely takes some beating as it is not just a carp water, but holds loads of crucians, bream, roach, rudd, ide and perch should the carp not feed.
Only 2lb adrift of last week's winning weight, Anthony White pegged on 18, started on feeder, catching a dozen or so carp before venturing down the margin on paste over pellets. He caught consistently all match from both left and right margin swims to end up with 178lbs 3oz of carp, plus a few skimmers. To his left, Neil Culham on peg 16, targeted the silver fish up in the water, until crucially breaking a pole section on a carp before also trying down the side to end 125lb 14oz, 30lb of which were silver fish. Third with 103lbs 9oz of carp off peg 13 was Jack Danby who also caught down the side using paste. This just pipped the other two ton weights of Clive Williams (peg 12) with 102lbs 2oz and Pete Tomlinson (peg 24) who had 101lbs 9oz.

Royston, 4th August, 2013.
Neil Culham was a convincing winner on a day that included 4 tons and a bottom weight of 29lbs 3oz. After a slow start Neil had them crawling up his pole, by float fishing dog biscuit close to the reeds taking fish upto 6lbs in his total weight of 180lbs 9oz. Gary Smith ended second with 131lbs 4oz, having a fruitless first hour on the pellet wag, before catching close to the margin; meat being the bait to which the carp took a fancy. Anthony White had 108lbs 5oz of carp close in on paste, whilst Jack Danby also cracked the ton with 102lbs 12oz of carp caught shallow on sweetcorn.

Caythorpe, 28th July, 2013.
With the overnight rain and a tricky downstream wind, conditions were far from ideal for Midland's match at Caythorpe. However, with the extra water and colour, a few of the anglers found the odd bream willing to feed. Fairing best was Clive Williams, drawn peg 20, who managed two bream, one on feeder and one on float, plus a few dace and roach falling to float fished maggots, to weigh in with a respectable 11lbs 6 1/2oz. Kele Redwood, one of several Barnstone members invited to fish, took second spot with one decent bream plus a skimmer and two eels, all falling to feeder fished luncheon meat, totalling 8lbs 5oz. Pete Tomlinson took third with one bream and a skimmer on maggot feeder for 6lbs 8 1/2oz, while Paul Winfield also managed one bream on float, literally where he had been standing, to take fourth spot with 4lbs 14 1/2oz.

Robinswood, Lake 2, 21st July, 2013.
With the sun not putting in an appearance and a ripple on the water, plenty of bites and fish were to be had in the ideal conditions. Out in front was Gary Smith, who put a level 70lbs onto the scales to secure top spot. Drawn on peg peg 11, half way down the lake, Gary pole fished meat over caster at nine metres on the deck, to take mainly carp upto 5lbs plus the odd ide and skimmer. In second spot was Jack Danby,off peg 9, who weighed in with 58lbs 12oz of ide and skimmers by pole fishing worm over casters at 11 metres. In 3rd place, Daryl Butler, in corner peg 30, had a frustrating day, losing more than the 49lbs 8 1/2oz he placed on the scales with the carp bolting into nearside bramble bush and trashing his rigs; meat being the bait.

Hemmington, Moat,14th July, 2013
Anthony White won his second match on the trot, winning at Hemmingon on the moat lake with 68lbs 3oz of carp, pole fishing at 13 metres with either pellets or corn shallow at peg 12. Opposite him on peg 20, Mick Danby took second spot, weighing in with 54lbs 13oz, also fishing pole at 13 metres, with corn on the deck. Clive Williams took 3rd place with 50lbs 6oz of carp out of corner peg 14.

Beastie Lake, Decoy, 7th July, 2013
After almost 20 years of fishing at Decoy, Midland fished the Beastie Lake for the first time, on probably the hottest day of the year so far; but weights as ever at this complex were high, despite the number of fish cruising on the top. Anthony White opted for method feeder at peg 11, taking a steady stream of carp and F1's. In the last hour, his inside line was boiling with fish when feeding casters and he caught tench, barbel and carp virtually every put in, to finish with 111lbs 4oz. In contrast, Neil Culham, stuck with his pellet waggler approach and he too had a good second half of the match, taking carp upto 6lbs to put 101lbs 10 1/2oz on the scales for second. Third with 89lbs 10oz of pole caught carp, barbel, tench and skimmers was Pete Tomlinson off peg 30, whilst at the next peg 29, Mick Danby had the day's biggest fish a 14lb 4 1./2oz carp.

Mill Dam, Old Lake, 30th June 2013.
He may only be eighteen years old, but Jack Danby won his third match of the season with nearly seventy pound to spare, in a fish packed match at Mill Dam where even the last man Chris Shaw, had over forty pounds. Despite a slow start, young Jack, off peg 17, had the carp queueing up at the end, catching nearly every put in. He pole fished both margins with either paste on the deck or meat shallow, to end up with 155lbs 13oz. He could well have broken the club record weight had it not been for ten fish that broke him and falling foul of the weight limit. Gary Smith had a frustrating beginning, losing nine fish early one, but still took second spot with 83lbs 9oz of carp, off peg 22, again mainly down the margin. In third place, Colin Wolf opted for groundbait feeder with dead maggot to finsh with 79lbs 2oz of carp from peg 15.

Little John Lakes, Maid Marion, 23rd June 2013.
Anthony White netted carp up to 4 lbs off peg 11, to weigh in 64lbs 0oz to gain his first win this season. Opting to feeder to the island due to the tricky wind, Anthony had a dozen carp in the first two hours before swopping to his paste rig. He pole fished the top two plus two staying on this method to the end. Next peg down, on 11, Lew Nightingale pole fished from the off, picking off carp in short bursts to take second with 44lbs 10oz. Ian Mac stuck with the feeder at peg 25, catching 42lbs 4oz of carp, on pellet for third.

Robinswood Lake 4, 21st June 2013.
Continuing his excellent start to the season by coining in all the previous matches, either framing or with section wins, Chris Shaw won his first match in a below par, lake 4, at Robinswood. Drawn on peg 7, Chris pole fished worm and caster at eleven metres on the deck to finish with a respectable weight of 41lbs 6oz, mainly ide, with a few skimmers but only 4 to 5 carp. In fact the number of carp caught was surprisingly low given that they had spawned the previous week. On the other bank, opposite Chris, Clive Williams drew peg 18 and fished similar tactics to end with 32lbs 0 1/2oz of mainly ide for second, whilst Anthony White had an all silver net of 20lbs 12oz off peg 23 for third.

Cooper's Lake, 9th June 2013
Drawn on peg 28 and after speaking to his counterpart on Saturday night as they had fished their own match on Saturday, match secretary, Martin Lacey, was advised to ignore the carp as they were still in the process of spawning and target the skimmers. After a fishless first hour and a half he was beginning to think about changing, but stuck to his guns, and was rewarded with three slabs plus a dozen or so decent skimmers weighing 24lbs, plus a couple of carp, ending up with a level 30lb for his first win of the season. Pole fishing caster or meat over groundbait at nine metres did the damage.
Just one fish adrift, Daryl Butler on peg 25 had a similar net weighing 26lbs 13 1/2oz for second. Four lost carp cost him victory. Daryl also pole fished pellet for his fish. Gary Smith started on method feeder at peg 30 and had a carp first chuck, closely followed by a couple more before they disappeared. He did manage to add another from his margin swim to end up with 25lbs 14oz for third place.

Hacketts, 2nd June, 2013.
Once again, Jack Danby came out top with an accomplished display. Employing unusual tactics, drawn on peg 13 on the car park bank (an area known to hold carp), Jack opted to fish straight bomb with a pop up boilie as far as he could cast, catapulting 11mm pellets over his bait. This approach proved to be the right method on the day, resulting in carp up to 5lbs, plus a few skimmers for 64lbs 4oz, winning his second consecutive match. Drawn between the reed beds on peg 7, Clive Williams had a frustrating day, losing several carp which could have won him the match, As it was, his carp net of 42lbs 10oz, caught in the second half of the match on his margin swim, pole fishing paste, was good enough for second. He prevented a Danby family one two, as Jack's dad, Mick, took third place with 40lbs 9oz of carp and skimmers all caught on groundbait method feeder and boilie.

Longford, Carwood Lake, 26th May, 2013
Midlands first ever visit to Longford on Carrwood lake resulted in a fine match, with an impressive first win of the season for young Jack Danby . Drawn half way up the roadside bank, Jack pole fished caster at 11 metres before switching to paste to net nearly 45lbs of carp. Together with tench, chub and barbel his total was 82lbs 60z. At the next peg up Chris Shaw continued his recent good form, by securing second place with 50lbs of carp, backed up with tench for 64lbs 9oz, pole fished pellets doing the damage. Martin Lacey had top weight on the other bank, netting 56lbs 7oz, made up of 41lbs of carp, the rest being chub, tench and barbel all caught on pole, fishing 13 metres to the island using a variety of baits to keep them coming; caster, meat and pellets. Best fish of the day was a 10lbs 4 1/2oz carp falling to Pete Tomlinson, who had a poor first four hours before netting 47lbs in the last two hours.

Beechwood, Kingfisher Lake, 19th May, 2013.
Bites were hard to come by on Midlands latest match on Kingfisher lake at Beechwood and eight carp from ten bites were enough for Gary Smith to secure his second win this season. Drawn on peg 14, Gary had half his fish on pole down the track, with the other four falling to bomb and pellet. His last fish, taken just before the final whislte, boosted his weight to 29lbs 8 1/2oz. Had it not been for that final fish, Mick Danby would have been the winner, drawn just up from Gary on peg 12. Mick had 7 carp, all taken on straight bomb and hair rigged 8mm pellet, weighng in with 28lbs 14oz. Also drawn on the same straight, Anthony White, off peg 18 also netted 7 carp, although slighlty smaller. Again these fell to bomb and pellet and weighed 21lbs 10oz for third. Three members did not weigh in and not one silver fish was caught!

Carvale, 12th May, 2013.
Midland were at Carvale for this Sunday's match and in a close fought match where any of the top 6 anglers could have won, it was Paul Nightingale who took the honours courtesy of 15lbs 9 1/2oz of crucians off peg 17. Pole fishing maggot over groundbait at 13 metres Paul had around a dozen crucians plus a smattering of skimmers and roach. Only ounces behind with 15lbs 5 1/2oz was Neil Culham off peg one, who pole fished pellet at 14 metres to take 4 bream and a few silvers. Also off the car park bank at peg 7, Chris Shaw also pole fished pellet to take 14lbs 4 1/2oz of mainly crucians, for third place. On a day when not a single tench was caught, spare a thought for Mike Fletcher, who hooked and lost four big carp which would have given him an easy victory.

Portland, Four Islands, 5th May, 2013.
Here we go again with the start of another season and it started with a bang...
Midland had the whole of Four Islands and with only 13 fishing, the better pegs were put in. Winning with a massive 167lbs 12oz, was Gary Smith, on peg 24, who pole fished long to the island for the first hour catching a few carp on pellts, before trying his inside pole line, fishing meat into the wind. Gary never looked back, catching virtually every put in, the majority of the carp being up to 4lbs, catching the occassional barbel up to the same weight. Anthony White almost broke the ton, netting 94lbs 15oz of carp from peg 6, by alternating long to the island or close to the next platform, with pellet or meat. He did suffer spells without catching, Clive Williams took third with 73lbs 4oz, of carp, chub and barbel, pole fishing meat to the island from peg 30.

Nottingham Canal, London Road,27th October 2012.
Midlands last club match of the season was on London Road canal, pegs 198 - 228, and turned out to be a close affair. With the cold weather hitting Saturday, everyone turned up expecting it to ba a grueller, but everyone caught and in the process several anglers lost decent fish. The outcome could not have been any closer, with last week's winner Gary Smith top of the shop again, but this time only by 1/2oz. Gary on peg 206 had 5lbs 10 1/2oz to pole fished maggots, a mixed bag that contained perch, roach and an odd skimmer, just ahead of Paul Nightingale, on peg 224, who had mainly perch on the pole. There was a tie for third, with Lew Nightingale (peg 203) and Pete Tomlonson (peg 212), both weighing in with 4lbs 13oz.

Coopers Lake, 21st October, 2012.
Midlands match this Sunday at Coopers Arms was in doubt up until last weekend after the venue was re-opened following recent problems with KHV virus. Fortunately the lake looks to have suffered no adverse fish loss as the winning weight topped the ton with good back up weights of both carp and silvers. Gary Smith drew peg 23 and started on the method feeder for 4 or 5 carp, before choosing pole fished meat in front and down the margin. Gary ended up with 30 carp plus one barbel to weigh a magnificent 113lbs 11oz. Anthony White was unhappy to have drawn corner peg 21, which leaves you with little option other than to fish the pole, but 23 carp later, Ant had a smile on his face , finishing second for the third consecutive week, with 84lbs 0 1/2oz. 13 carp fell to pole fished pellet to the trees in the corner, the other 10 coming from open water using worm over groundbait. Neil Culham struggled to find carp on the method feeder at peg 17, catching only 2, before pole fishing shallow with caster to put over 45lbs of ide and roach onto the scales. Together with his carp, he ended with 57lbs 8 1/2oz for third.

Hacketts, Main Lake, 14th October. 2012.
Despite a heavy ovenight frost, weights were more than respectable. Drawn on peg 14, Daryl Butler had an eventful days fishing; casting a method feeder well out he was rewarded with 27 carp and 5 skimmers for 81lbs 9oz, boilie proving to be the successful hook bait. Half way through the match Daryl broke his feeder rod just above the joint, whilst playing a fish, but was still able to net the carp. Anthony White also fished method feeder and boilies, off peg 11, ending up with eleven carp for 48lbs 7oz, whilst young Jack Danby took third with 30lbs 2 1/2oz from peg 21, split between carp and skimmers,

Nottingham Canal, London Road, 7th October, 2012.
Paul Nightingale took the honours in this one. Drawn on end peg 227, Paul pole fished maggot just above half way to end up with 8lbs 5 1/2oz of perch, roach and skimmers. Just one fish behind on the next peg (225), Anthony White found a nice stamp of roach late in the match on pole fished caster to take second with 8lbs 3oz. Gary Smith claimed third spot with 6lb 9 1/2 oz with a similar net off peg 210.

Robinswood, Lake 2, 30th September, 2012.
Midland should have been fishing against Barnstone in a challenge match on the Trent at Caythorpe, but due to the high water levels, the match was called off on Tuesday. Fortunately they were able to book in on Lake 2 at Robinswood. However, with the forecast of bad weather Sunday and Forest at home to Derby, the turn out was on the low side. In fact only two Barnstone anglers turned out, but they went hone in first and third positions. Kele Redwood on peg 26 took the honours thanks to a dozen carp plus silvers; all taken on pole fished maggot for 39lbs 7oz, whilst Nick West claimed third with 26lbs 8oz, of carp, taken on method feeder from peg 10. Splitting them was Midlands Anthony White who had a mixed net of carp, ide, skimmers and roach off peg 2 weighing in with 31lbs 1oz.

Nottingham Canal, Willows, London Road, 23rd September, 2012.
Weights were lower than expected on an unusually dour canal and effectively it took just one fish to win the match. Martin Lacey, drawn on peg 178, had a 4lb 14oz chub within the first half hour falling to pole fished maggot down the track and added to the small roach, perch, skimmers and gudgeon, the winning weight was a modest 6lbs 11oz.
Next down at peg 180, Dave Briggs in second place also had a net chub together with a perch and a few bits totalling 4lbs 5 1/2oz. This time the chub were taken on lollipop float and worm. Third, with no bonus fish, Clive Williams on peg 185 pole fished punch to end with 3lbs4 1/2oz of small roach.

Robinswood, Lake 3, 16th September, 2012.
Anthony White picked up another win in a close match at Robinswood. Drawn peg 18, Anthony started on the feeder for the first hour for just one smal carp, before reverting to pole and paste close into the whips. Despite losing the first four carp he hooked, he stuck it out and ended up with 15 or so carp for 49lbs 11 1/2oz and first place. Opposite him on the other bank on peg 5, Pete Tomlinson ended up second again, not far behind with a dozen carp, skimmers and ide for 45lbs 5oz; the fish falling to either pole fished worm or meat at around eight metres. Just one fish adrift in third, John Morley had a similar net of fish weighing 42lbs 12 1/2oz off peg 7. He fished similar to Pete.

Mill Dam, Match Lake, 9th September, 2012.
Neil Culham chalked up another win with an impressive performance at Mill Dam, targeting the ide off peg 8, by fishing caster shallow at 13 metres. Neil had over 60lb of them backed up with 40lb of carp to weigh in 104lbs 14oz. On the day that was the second heaviest weight, but Pete Tomlinson, who put 110lbs 8oz of carp onto the scales, fell foul of the 50lb per net rule and was knocked back to a level 100lbs. Pete pole fished meat from peg 22, to catch steadily all day. Peg 18 provided Gary Smith with 98lbs 3oz of carp falling to pole fished meat close in just pipping Jack Danby off peg 10, who did well to put together a mainly carp net of 94lbs 10oz.

Caythorpe, River Trent, 3rd September, 2012.
After two challenge matches, Midland were back on familiar territory fishing their own water of the River Trent at Caythorpe. Once again results were encouraging. Leading the way off peg one was Anthony White, thanks to both a 4 1/2lb chub and a decent bream, in a catch of smaller chub and around 10lbs of roach and dace. His total of 22lbs 2oz all fell to stick float and maggots. Second with 13lbs 6 1/2oz of mainly roach was Martin Lacey off peg 28, who started off fishing for the barbel, but changed to stick float and casters afer an hour and caught steadily for the rest of the match. In third place with over 100 fish was John Morley, who also fished stick and maggot for a smaller stamp of roach from peg 19, totalling 9lbs 6 1/2oz.

Hackett's, Big Lake, 27th August, 2012.
For the second week running Midland were beaten in a challenge match, this time convincingly by Parkside, 303lbs 4 1/2oz, to 164lbs 5 1/2oz for the top ten weights on the big lake at Hacketts. Paul Hall, lead the way for Parkside, in a match dominated by pellet waggler tactics, landing 18 carp for 77lbs 12oz off peg 59, They also had second weight with Martin Turner weighing in with 77lbs 12oz from peg 77lbs 12oz. Top weight for Midland and third overall was Chris Shaw, peg 64, whilst top weight on the car park bank fell to Martin Reast from peg 15 with 26lbs 4oz.

Robin Hood Lakes, 19th August, 2012.
Midland entertained Barnstone at Little John, with the challenge match being spread over all of Robin Hood lake, and ten pegs on Maid Marion. Teamwise, Barnstone took the honours with their top ten weights totalling 610lbs 14oz to Midlands 523lbs 12oz.
Howevr, Midland did have the top individual weight of 106lbs 12oz which fell to Neil Culham off peg 16 on Robin Hood. Targetting the ide shallow at eleven metres with caster, fish were taken right from the off, with most of the ide being close on 2lb's each; later on, the carp muscled in to help Neil over the magic 100lb mark. Not far behind with 96lbs 9oz was Barnstone's John Giles off peg 1, again on Robin Hood as were the top ten weights. Clive Williams of Midland was best on Maid Marion with 50lbs 14oz off peg 1. Third spot fell to Midland's Anthony White, who stuck to method feeder from peg six, ending with 83lbs 15oz of carp, whilst Barnstone's Alan Houghton ended forth off peg 3, with 79lbs 6oz of carp.

Portland Fishery, Old Lake,12th August, 2012.
Midland members struggled on an unusually dour Old Lake at Portland with the carp unwilling to feed and the hoards of roach conspicuous by their absence. In the end, Gary Smith on peg 14, fishing which turned out to be the end peg on that bank of the lake, did well to end up with 41lbs 5 1/2oz of carp, falling initially to pole fished at eleven metres then later down the margin towards peg 13; meat proving to be the most successful bait. Someway behind, in second off peg 7, Daryl Butler had three carp on method feeder, going down the side in the later stages of the match for several more fish, also falling for meat, for 28lbs 14oz. Anthony White fished method feeder and dead maggots for 27lbs 11 1/2oz of carp from peg 15 for third.

Caythorpe, Trent, 5th August, 2012.
Midland fished Sunday's match on their own water at Caythorpe on the River Trent (pegs 1 - 44) and results for the river were quite encouraging. Making the most of local knowledge counted, as Midland bailiff Paul Winfield, fishing his first match, drew peg 28 and after a fruitless first hour and a half sat it out for the barbel and was rewarded with four fish, albeit on the small side, for 12lbs 12oz on his groundbait feeder and maggot bait. He also lost a larger fish. Clive Williams did well to land a 7lb barbel on light float tackle ending second with 11lbs 11 1/2oz off peg 22; whilst Gary Smith also had a barbel in his third placed weight of 9lbs 13 1/2oz from peg 7, again using float fished tactics. Most of the other anglers also float fished catching dace and roach, plus the odd decent perch, all falling to maggot.

Mill Dam, Old Lake, 29 July, 2012.
There was a three peg battle to determine the winner of Midland's match at Mill Dam and John Rick, drawn peg 22, turned out to be the winner. Peg 21 had won Saturday's match on the Lake with 176lbs and the fish were still in that area. Fishing poled meat down both sides, John had a magnificent mixed bag of carp, crucian, ide and bream to finish with 112lbs 1oz. Only a couple of fish adrift, Pete Tomlinson off peg 19, pole fished meat towards the corner and was rewarded with 104lbs 15oz, mainly carp upto 10lbs. Spare a thought for Jack Danby who ended up third with 91lbs 8oz off peg 25, again another nice mixed bag of mainly carp, crucian, ide and bream, only to be knocked out of the 'Knock Out Cup' by Pete.

Eye Kettleby, Lake 5, 22nd June, 2012.
Despite the strong wind making pole presentation difficult, Neil Culham, off peg 7, persevered with the long pole at 16 metres to the far bank, offering meat under a poly ball. Neil did well to net carp up to 4lbs in his winning weight of 61lbs 13oz. Further up the bank on peg 10, Gary Smith had one lump around 8lbs on meat at 6 metres, before coming in close down the margins for seven or eight more carp, finally weighing in 56lbs 10 1/2oz for second. Third placed Anthony White, started on pellet waggler, off peg 24, fished close to the island, catching around 20lbs, before also opting to fish down the margin, putting 50lbs 12 1/2oz on to the scales.

Robinswood, Lake 2, 15th July, 2012.
Pete Tomlinson, celebrated his 59th birthday in fine style, by winning Midlands match fished on lake two at Robinswood by some margin. Drawn on peg 26, he pole fished worm at 11 metres, picking up the odd carp and ide, before switching down both sides on either worm and meat, putting a total of 80lbs 15oz, of mainly carp up to 6lbs, a bream of 4lbs, plus ide and roach onto the scales. Someway behind, Colin Wolf, drawn peg 5 on the other bank, chose to feeder fish worm, ending up with 49lbs 10 oz of carp, for second place. Third, which included the day's biggish fish, a carp of 11lbs, was Daryl Butler, who ended up with 42lbs 3oz of pole caught carp, off peg 9. Special mention to young Jack Danby, who finished fourth with 39lbs 13oz, off peg 1, a real mixed bag, of carp, bream, roach, ide and barbel, despite taking a dip into the lake whilst setting up.

Cooper's Lake, Weston upon Trent, 8th July, 2012
Drawn on corner peg 21 which produced the winner last week, Gary Smith pole fished meat at eight metres to net twenty carp for 51lbs plus a further 17lb of bream to take top spot, ending with 68lbs 6oz. Just one fish adrift was Anthony White, who drew peg 4, and weighed 64lbs 9oz of carp, falling to method feeder and dead maggot cast to the side of the island. Third, off peg 6 was Pete Tomlinson with 49lbs 7 1/2oz, again mainly pole caught carp on worm.

Decoy Lakes, Willow, 1st July,2012
Last year, Neil Culham upped the club record weight at Decoy, and was close to repeating it again, falling just a couple of fish short. Pegged on 31, and with almost half the lake to himself, Neil pole fished caster shallow at 11 metres to take 189lbs 3oz of carp onto the scales, which doubled the weight of Anthony White, who fished second off peg 25, with 97lbs 6oz of carp, mainly caught on method feeder with dead maggot, fished tight into a hole against the island. Third was John Rick with 62lbs 13oz, of carp, again pole, shallow at peg 5.

Little John Lakes, Friar Tuck, 24th June, 2012
Paul Nightingale was a clear winner, thanks to seven good bream, between 4 - 5lbs, taken down the side on meat over potted pellet; pegged on 12, Paul also had the odd carp, plus ide, skimmers, barbel and even a chub, putting 47lbs 11oz onto the scales, for his second win this season.
Anthony White, was best of the rest, with 36lbs 6oz, of mainly ide, with again the odd carp, off peg 9, whilst Neil Culham had top weight off the Maun bank, with 33lbs 12oz, from peg 23. Once again ide made up a big part of his third placed catch.

Carrvale, Sunday, 17th June, 2012
Normally Anthony White has his peg drawn for him, as he's last to arrive, however, today, he drew himself, and promptly drew out peg 18, which he had won from the previous year. But the outcome was still the same, winning with a nice bag of 28 crucians, plus one bream, skimmer and roach, for 33lbs 4oz. Anthony pole fished double caster over chopped worm at 9 metres. Whilst Anthony was busy catching, it proved a difficult day for everyone else. Second went to Neil Culham off peg 8, with a mixed net of fish, pole fishing caster or pellet, weighing 13lbs 11oz; Mick Danby on next peg 7, ran him close with a similar net weighing 13lbs 5oz, but lost a big carp with minutes to go. Off peg 25, Colin Wolf took 4th place, with 12lbs 8oz, made up of a carp weighing 10lbs 11 1/2oz, caught on the pole, with only ten minutes gone, plus a roach and crucian.

Shearsby, Top Lake, Sunday, 10th June 2012
Gary Smith got his first win of the season with a convincing win at Shearsby, drawn on end peg 51, Gary pole fished pellet close to the island to catch carp from the off, ending up with 77lbs 12oz. At the next peg, 49, Chris Shaw took second place, some way behind with 36lbs 6 1/2oz of carp, caught in similar fashion, whilst 3rd place went to Colin Wolf, who feeder fished worm off peg 33 for 35lbs 12 1/2oz of carp.

Lodge Farm, Top Lake, Sunday 3rd June 2012
On to this Sunday, and it never stopped raining throughout the match, and the water temperature was probably higher than the air temperature, if the mist off the lake was anything to go by.
Top Lake at Lodge Farm, Scrooby Top, was the venue for this week's match, and Anthony White, arrived to find peg 26, was the last remaining peg, not that it made any difference, working a pellet waggler close to the trees on the island, Anthony caught all day in short bursts, to end up with 81lbs 5oz, with his largest carp, hooked on the final whistle,weighing 11lbs 9oz. Anthony lost another three or four animals, that dived straight into the tree roots, and could easily have had over the ton, if it wasn't for those. Both second and third places, also lost fish, Gary Smith, on peg 34, lost seven, but still put 40lbs 7oz of carp onto the scales, from peg 34, pole fishing metre at seven metres, whilst Daryl Butler, used a method feeder to the island, off peg 23, to finish with 39lbs 11oz, again all carp.

Hemmington, Clover, Sunday 27th May, 2012.
On a day when the sun came out and the carp had other activities on their mind, weights were respectable. Winning for the second week running, Paul Nightingale, on peg 12 took advantage of the platform at the vacant pet, to target the fish on pole fished meat, taking fish up to 9lbs 14oz in his 51lbs 4oz total. Also finishing second on consecutive weeks Anthony White missed out again, fishing pole and worm over the sunken island at peg 22, for a mainly carp net, totaling 40lbs 2oz. Also fishing worm Jack Danby, on peg 4, had fish in the margin to take third spot with 34lbs 12oz.

Little John Lakes, Maid Marion, Sunday 20th May, 2012.
Colin Wolf drew peg 13, a peg he had previous won on his last two visits, and he duly made it three, with a well earned 62lbs 10oz, on a day when Steve Beard, the owner of Little John Lakes, suggested only one net would be needed, as the previous day's weights had been poor. In fairness, Colin was the only angler to need two nets.
Casting a method feeder into the reeds by the island, Colin was kept busy all day, with carp upto 4lbs, caught on a variety of baits, with worm being the most successful. Anthony White enjoyed his second finish in a row, being only one good fish adrift, with 59lbs 6oz, from peg 15, starting on the feeder, before switching to paste on the pole, On the other bank, Paul Nightingale had the top weight, finishing third overall, with 52lbs 7oz of carp, taken on long pole and meat at peg 2. Neil Culham, on peg14, took forth, and the last money placing, ending up with 47lbs 2oz, which included several ide upto 2lb taken on caster, up in the water.

Beechwood Fishery, Oaks, Sunday 13th May, 2012.
Despite ideal conditions, bites were hard to come by on the Oak Lake at Beechwood. Coping best was Paul Nightingale, drawn on peg 12, who pole fished the far bank, just over a foot deep, using 4mm pellet, which accounted for 20 odd carp upto 4lbs, plus a bonus 1
0lb fish caught under the vacent next peg's platform, together they totalled 64lbs 14 1/2oz, and a convincing win. The only angler to run him close was Anthony White on peg 20, who employed similar tactics, but with 6mm banded pellet, to finish second, with a similar net of fish weighing 49lbs 10oz. Gary Smith took third place, pegged next to Anthony, on peg 22, Gary, also fished pole and pellet to the far bank for 29lbs 13oz.

Portland Fishery, Old Lake, Sunday 6th May, 2012.
Midland kicked off their 2012-2013 season with a visit to the old lake at Portland Fishery. With an overnight frost and cold water temperature, the carp were reluctant to feed, buy making the most of the conditions was Neil Culham, who put together a winning weight of 49lbs 9oz of carp off peg 8. Neil started on method feeder and meat, which accounted for three carp in the first hour, then switched to pellet waggler over the same spot, which added another dozen fish to his net.In contrast, Martin Lacey, on peg 9, opted to go for the silvers, putting 33lb of roach, plus two carp, for second place for 44lb 14oz firstly fishing caster at six sections and then just the top two shallow.Clive Williams at peg 24, was the only other angler to catch acouple of carp, feder fishing tight to the small island. Clive was third with 23lb 0 1/2 oz.

Nottingham Canal, 27th October, 2013.
1st Chris Shaw 16lbs 2 1/2oz
2nd Clive Williams 8lbs 9oz
3rd Gary Smith 5lbs 10 1/2oz
4th Lew Nightingale 5lbs 6 1/2oz
5th Rob Sherrif 4lbs 4oz
6th Anthony White 4lbs 2 1/2oz
7th Daryl Butler 3lbs 10oz
8th Pete Thomlinon 2lbs 10oz
9th Martin Lacey 2lbs 8oz
10th Ian Mac 2lbs 5 1/20z
11th Neil Culham 2lbs 1oz
12th Paul Nightingale DNW.

Robinswood, 20th October, 2013.
1st Jack Danby 42lbs 3 1/2oz
2nd Anthony White 30lbs 12oz
3rd Daryl Butler 23lbs 15 1/2oz
4th Mick Danby 23lbs 12 1/2oz
5th Chris Shaw 22lbs 10oz
6th Martin Lacey 18lbs 2oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 17lbs 13oz
8th Ian Mac 5lbs 0oz.

Hackett's,13th October, 2013.
1st Mick Danby 25lbs 13 1/2oz
2nd Jack Danby 20lbs 13oz
3rd Anthony White 17lbs 1oz
4th Daryl Butler 13lbs 11oz
5th Pete Tomlinson 10lbs 12oz
6th Gary Smith 9lbs 9oz
7th Clive Williams 7lbs 7 1/2oz
8th Martin Lacey 2lbs 15oz.

Aldercar Lane Fishery, 6th October, 2013.
1st Neil Culham 80lbs 9oz
2nd Anthony White 63lbs 14oz
3rd Mike Fletcher 41lbs 1oz
4th Mick Danby 29lbs 14 1/2oz
5th Gary Smith 29lbs 3 1/2oz
6th Martin Lacey 23lbs 0oz
7th John Morley 21lbs 15oz
8th Jack Danby 21lbs 14oz
9th Pete Tomlinson 21lbs 2oz
10th Clive Williams 12lbs 4oz
11th Lew Nightingale 8lbs 10 1/2oz
12th Ian Mac 8lbs 0oz
13th Dave Briggs 7lbs 8 1/2oz
14th Daryl Butler 7lbs 1 1/2oz

Hemmington, New Canal, 29th September, 2013.
1st Anthony White 74lbs 2oz
2nd Gary Smith 43lbs 11oz
3rd Jack Danby 33lbs 11oz
4th Mick Danby 30lbs 10oz
5th Martin Lacey 27lbs 4oz
6th Clive Williams 25lbs 7oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 20lbs 14oz
8th Daryl Butler 18lbs 15 1/2oz
9th Lew Nightingale 18lbs 11oz
10th Chris Shaw 14lbs 6oz
11th Ian Mac 11lbs 5oz
12th Dave Briggs 7lbs 10oz
13th Paul Nightingale D.N.W.

Caythorpe, Trent, 22nd September, 2013.
1st Anthony White 14lbs 11 1/2oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 6lbs 9 1/2oz
3rd Martin Lacey 6lbs 1oz
4th Paul Winfield 6lbs 0oz
5th Clive Williams 3lbs 12 1/2oz
6th Daryl Butler 3lbs 4oz
7th Gary Smith 2lbs 14 1/2oz
8th Mike Fletcher 2lbs 6oz
9th Chris Shaw 2lbs 2oz
10th John Morley 1lb 10oz
11th Dave Briggs 0lbs 8 1/2oz

Lodge Farm, Signal Lake, 15th September, 2013.
1st Jack Danby 77lbs 8oz
2nd Gary Smith 74lbs 10oz
3rd Anthony White 73lbs 1oz
4th Pete Tomlinson 69lbs 2oz
5th Chris Shaw 68lbs 0oz
6th Martin Lacey 62lbs 15oz
7th Neil Culham 60lbs 11oz
8th Mick Danby 53lbs 10oz
9th John Morley 41lbs 11oz
10th Daryl Butler 39lbs 60z
11th Dave Briggs 34lbs 2oz

Caythorpe, Trent, 8th September, 2013.
1st Paul Winfield 17lbs 5oz
2nd Anthony White 12lbs 8oz
3rd John Morley 4lbs 7oz
4th Glen Smith 3lbs 8 1/2oz
5th Ian Mac 3lbs 5 1/2oz
6th Dave Briggs 2lbs 4oz
7th Martin Lacey 1lb 15 1/2oz
8th Clive Williams 1lb 12oz
9th Chris Shaw 1lb 6oz
10th Gary Smith 1lb 1oz
11th Pete Tomlinson 0lb 11oz
12th Daryl Butler 0lb 6 1/2oz

Caythorpe, Trent, 1st September, 2013.
1st Anthony White 12lbs 1oz
2nd Clive Williams 11lbs 10oz
3rd Pete Tomlinson 7lbs 12oz
4th Gary Smith 7lbs 4oz
5th Chris Shaw 6lbs 14oz
6th Ian Mac 5lbs 4 1/2oz
7th Daryl Butler 4lbs 13oz
8th Martin Lacey 2lbs 6oz
9th Dave Briggs 0lbs 14oz

Hacketts, 25th August, 2013.
1st Anthony White 47lbs 11oz
2nd Mick Danby 26lbs 15oz
3rd Daryl Butler 19lbs 12 1/2oz
4th Neil Culham 14lbs 6 1/2oz
5th Chris Shaw 11lbs 14oz
6th Ian Mac 9lbs 14oz
7th Gary Smith 5lbs 14oz
8th Martin Lacey 5lbs 12oz
9th Jack Danby 2lbs 15 1/2oz
10th Clive Williams 2lbs 9oz
11th Lew Nightingale
= Colin Wolf D.N.W.

Little John Lakes, 18th August, 2013.
1st P Tomlinson 56lbs 3oz
2nd P Nightingale 48lbs 8oz
3rd C Williams 48lbs 7oz
4th M Danby 45lbs 14oz
5th A White 44lbs 11oz
6th G Smith 43lbs 6oz
7th J Danby 40lbs 1oz
8th D Butler 38lbs 7oz
9th M Fletcher 36lbs 2oz
10th M Lacey 33lbs 5oz
11th I Mac 32lbs 0oz
12th B Bent 29lbs 1oz
13th N Culham 20lbs 0oz
14th L Nightingale 16lbs 13oz

Mill Dam, 11th August, 2013.
1st A White 178lbs 3oz
2nd N Culham 125lbs 14oz
3rd J Danby 103lbs 9oz
4th C Williams 102lbs 2oz
5th P Tomlinson 101lbs 9oz
6th R Sherrif 86lbs 3oz
7th C Shaw 71lbs 1oz
8th M Lacey 60lbs 10oz
9th L Nightingale 52lbs 10oz
10th D Butler 51lbs 12oz
11th M Danby 43lbs 13oz
12th I Mac 42lbs 14oz
13th J Morley 41lbs 10oz

Roystone, 4th August, 2013.
1st Neil Culham 180lbs 9oz
2nd Gary Smith 131lbs 4oz
3rd Anthony White 108lbs 5oz
4th Jack Danby 102lbs 12oz
5th John Morley 86lbs 0oz
6th Clive Williams 78lbs 7oz
7th Mick Danby 62lbs 3oz
8th Colin Wolf 58lbs 8oz
9th Pete Tomlinson 50lbs 0oz
10th Martin Lacey 48lbs 2oz
11th Chris Shaw 43lbs 12 1/2oz
12th Bob Bent 42lbs 114oz
13th Ian Mac 32lbs 2 1/2oz
14th Lew Nightingale 29lbs 3oz.

Caythorpe, 28th July, 2013.
1st Clive Williams 11lbs 6 1/2oz
2nd Kele Redwood 8lbs 5oz
3rd Pete Tomlinson 6lbs 8 1/2oz
4th Paul Winfield 4lbs 14 1/2oz
5th Rob Sherrif 4lbs 5oz
6th Anthony White 4lbs 2 1/2oz
7th John Morley 3lbs 5oz
8th Alan Houghton 3lbs 4oz
9th Daryl Butler 2lbs 8oz
10th Mike Fletcher 2lbs 6 1/2oz
11th Gary Smith 1lb 12oz
12th Neil Fisher 1lb 7oz
13th Neil Pitfield 0lb 15oz
14th Martin Lacey 0lb 5oz
15th Chris Shaw 0lb 4 1/2oz
16th= Jamie Francis

Dave Briggs 0lb 0 1/2oz
18th Shaun Woods D.N.W
Robinswood, 21st July, 2013.
1st Gary Smith 70lbs 0oz
2nd Jack Danby 58lbs 12oz
3rd Daryl Butler 49lbs 8 1/2oz
4th Pete Tomlinson 42lbs 15 1/2oz
5th Clive Williams 41lbs 0oz
6th Rob Sheriff 33lbs 7oz
7th Mick Danby 29lbs 11 1/2oz
8th Martin Lacey 29lbs 7oz
9th Anthony White 28lbs 15 1/2oz

Hemmington, 14th July, 2013.
1st Anthony White 68lbs 3oz
2nd Mick Danby 54lbs 13oz
3rd Clive Williams 50lbs 6oz
4th Paul Nightingale 49lbs 0oz
5th Bob Bent 43lbs 10oz
6th Gary Smith 38lbs 7oz
7th Colin Wolf 37lbs 11oz
8th Dave Briggs 26lbs 7oz
9th Ian Mac 23lbs 2oz
10th Daryl Butler 8lbs 13oz
11th Jack Danby 7lbs 3oz
12th Martin Lacey 1lb 7oz

Beastie Lake, Decoy, 7th July, 2013
1st Anthony White 111lbs 4oz
2nd Neil Culham 101lbs 10 1/2oz
3rd Pete Tomlinson 89lbs 10oz
4th Jack Danby 89lbs 3oz
5th Gary Smith 88lbs 7oz
6th Chris Shaw 84lbs 1oz
7th Daryl Butler 77lbs 13oz
8th Mick Danby 73lbs 4oz
9th Martin Lacey 72lbs 9 1/2oz
10th Lew Nightingale 37lbs 15oz.

Old Lake, Mill Dam, 30th June, 2013.
1st Jack Danby 155lbs 13oz
2nd Gary Smith 83lbs 9oz
3rd Colin Wolf 79lbs 2oz
4th Mick Danby 76lbs 14oz
5th Anthony White 75lbs 8oz
6th Martin Lacey 67lbs 11oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 66lbs 8oz
8th Ian Mac 57lbs 6oz
9th Dave Briggs 52lbs 1oz
10th Lew Nightingale 50lbs 7oz
11th Neil Culham 47lbs 14oz
12th Daryl Butler 46lbs 15oz
13th Bob Bent 42lbs 12oz
14th Chris Shaw 42lbs 7oz.

Little John Lakes, Maid Marion, 23rd June, 2013
1st Anthony White 64lbs 0oz
2nd Lew Nightingale 44lbs 10oz
3rd Ian Mac 42lbs 4oz
4th Mick Danby 31lbs 10oz
5th Neil Culham 30lbs 5oz
6th Jack Danby 29lbs 14oz
7th Martin Lacey 28lbs 6oz
8th Chris Shaw 28lbs 5oz
9th Pete Tomlinson 26lbs 0oz
10th Daryl Butler 24lbs 8oz
11th Gary Smith 20lbs 9oz.

Robinswood, 21st June, 2013
1st Chris Shaw 41lbs 6oz
2nd Clive Williams 32lbs 0 1/2oz
3rd Anthony White 20lbs 12oz
4th Jack Danby 18lbs 3oz
5th =Pete Tomlinson 16lb 7 1/2oz
5th= Martin Lacey 16lbs 7 1/2oz
7th Mike Fletcher 14lbs 6oz
8th Ian Mac 11lbs 2oz
9th Lew Nightingale 8lbs 2oz
10th Pete Buttery 7lbs 13 1/2oz
11th Daryl Butler 7lbs 10 1/2oz
12th Gary Smith 6lbs 4oz

Cooper's Lake, 16th June, 2013
1st Martin Lacey 30lbs 0oz
2nd Daryl Butler 26lbs 13 1/2oz
3rd Gary Smith 25lbs 14oz
4th Anthony White 19lbs 12oz
5th Colin Wolf 18lbs 3oz
6th Chris Shaw 17lbs 12oz
7th Clive Williams 16lbs 5oz
8th Neil Culham 14lbs 13oz
9th Mick Danby 12lbs 12 1/2oz
10th Pete Tomlinson 11lbs 11oz
11th Jack Danby 5lbs 13oz
12th Lew Nightingale 5lbs 6oz
13th Ian Mac 4lbs 3 1/2oz
14th Rob Sheriff 1lb 12 1/2oz

Hacketts, 2nd June, 2013.
1st Jack Danby 64lbs 4oz
2nd Clive Williams 42lbs 10oz
3rd Mick Danby 40lbs 9oz
4th Daryl Butler 38lbs 12oz
5th Ian Mac 35lbs 15 1/2oz
6th Pete Tomlinson 35lbs 5oz
7th Anthony White 34lbs 14 1/2oz
8th Chris Shaw 24lbs 1 1/2oz
9th Gary Smith 18lbs 14oz
10th Martin Lacey 12lbs 14 1/2oz
11th Lew Nightingale 8lbs 4oz
12th Neil Culham 5lbs 3oz
Colin Wolf DNW Paul Nightingale DNW Dave Briggs DNW

Longford, Carrwood Lake, 26 May 2013.
1st Jack Danby 82lbs 6oz
2nd Chris Shaw 64lbs 9oz
3rd Martin Lacey 56lbs 7oz
4th Lew Nightingale 53lbs 2oz
5th Pete Tomlinson 47lbs 13 1/2oz
6th Anthony White 40lbs 12oz
7th Gary Smith 35lbs 4oz
8th Daryl Butler 28lbs 13oz
9th Mick Danby 27lbs 7 1/2oz
10th Dave Briggs 12lbs 0 1/2oz
11th Ian Mac D.N.W.

Beechwood, Kingfisher Lake, 19th May, 2013.
1st Gary Smith 29lbs 8 1/2oz
2nd Mick Danby 28lbs 14oz
3rd Anthony White 21lbs 10 1/2oz
4th Chris Shaw 13lbs 7oz
5th Clive Williams 10lbs 13oz
6th Daryl Butler 7lbs 6 1/2oz
7th Lew Nightingale 7lbs 4oz
8th Bob Bent 6lbs 15 1/2oz
9th Jack Danby 6lbs 15oz
10th Ian Mac 6lbs 9 1/2oz
11th Martin Lacey 4lbs 6oz
Pete Tomlinson D.N.W
Dave Briggs D.N.W.
Colin Wolf D.N.W

Carvale, 12th May, 2013.
1st P Nightingale 15lbs 9 1/2oz
2nd N Culham 15lbs 5 1/2oz
3rd C Shaw 14lbs 4 1/2oz
4th D Briggs 13lbs 6 1/2oz
5th M Lacey 11lbs 1oz
6th J Danby 10lbs 6oz
7th A White 9lbs 12oz
8th D Butler 8lbs 8 1/2oz
9th G Smith 8lbs 5 1/2oz
10th P Tomlinson 7lbs 1 1/2oz
11th B Bent 6lbs 14oz
12th M Fletcher 5lbs 15oz
13th C Williams 5lbs 5oz
14th L Nightingale 4lbs 14 1/2oz
15th M Danby 3lbs 15oz
16th I Mac D.N.W

Portland Four Islands, 5th May 2013.
1st G Smith 167lbs 12oz
2nd A White 94lbs 15oz
3rd C Williams 73lbs 4oz
4th P Tomlinson 71lbs 9 1/2oz
5th C Shaw 70lbs 7oz
6th P Nightingale 63lbs 0oz
7th J Danby 44lbs 1oz
8th R Sherrif 36lbs 0oz
9th D Briggs 31lbs 15oz
10th M Lacey 31lbs 9 1/2oz
11th D Butler 24lbs 6oz
12th Ian Mac 18lbs 0oz
13th M Danby 17lbs 10oz

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 10th February, 2013.
1st John Rick 2lb 14oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 10oz
3rd Ian Mac 9 oz
4th Gary Smith 8 1/2oz
5th= Lew Nightingale 4oz
5th= Trevor Blair 4oz
5th=Chris Shaw 4oz
8th Clive Williamson DNW

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 10th February, 2013.
1st Clive Williamson 8lb 0oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 5lb 9oz
3rd Gary Smith 1lb 11oz
4th Lew Nightingale 1lb 10oz
5th John Rick 1lb 9oz
6th Trevor Blair 14oz

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 16th December, 2012.
1st Trevor Blair 4lb 6oz
2nd John Rick 3lb 10 oz
3rd Bob Bent 3lb 9 1/2oz
4th Rob Sheriff 3lb 4oz
5th Gary Smith 15oz
6th Chris Shaw 12oz
7th John Morley 11oz
8th Paul Nightingale 9oz
9th Clive Williamson 7 1/2oz
10th Ian Mac 6 1/2oz
11th Lew Nightingale 6oz
12th Pete Tomlinson 1/2oz

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 9th December, 2012.
1st Daryl Butler 5lb 6oz
2nd Clive Williams 3lb 12 1/2 oz
3rd Pete Tomlinson 3lb 8oz
4thChris Shaw 3lb 6 1/2oz
5th Trevor Blair 3lb 4oz
6th Gary Smith 2lb 14oz
7th John Rick 2lb 10oz
8th Lew Nightingale 2lb 5oz
9th Ian Mac 14oz

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 18th November, 2012.
1st Clive Williams 10lb 4oz
2nd Daryl Butler 6lb 7oz
3rd Chris Shaw 6lb 1oz
4th John Rick 5lb 0oz
5th Gary Smith 3lb13oz
6th= Ian Mac 2lb 7oz
6th= Trevor Blair 2lb 7oz
8th Pete Tomlinson 2lb 5oz

Nottingham Canal, Winter Series, 11th November, 2012.
1st Clive Williams 5lb 0oz
2nd Ian Mac 3lb 80z
3rd Paul Nightingale 3lb 6 oz
4th Trevor Blair 2lb 11 oz
5th John Rick 2lb 14oz
6th Gary Smith 2lb 6oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 1lb 8oz
8th Lew Nightingale DNW

Nottingham Canal, 27th October, 2012.
1st Gary Smith 5lbs 10 1/2oz
2nd Paul Nightingale 5lbs 10oz
3rd= Lew Nightingale 4lbs 13oz
3rd= Pete Tomlinson 4lbs 13oz
5th Bob Bent 4lbs 0oz
6th Anthony White 3lbs 9 1/2oz
7th John Rick 3lbs 4oz
8th Ian Mac 2lbs 11 1/2oz
9th Clive Williams 2lbs 8 1/2oz
10th Martin Lacey 1lb 12 1/2oz
11th Daryl Butler 0lbs 12 1/2oz

Coopers Lake, 21st October, 2012.
1st Gary Smith 113lbs 11oz
2nd Anthony White 84lbs 0 1/2oz
3rd Neil Culham 57lbs 8 1/2oz
4th Mick Danby 36lbs 7oz
5th Colin Wolf 33lbs 4 1/2oz
6th Martin Lacey 32lbs 10 1/2oz
7th Clive Williams 31lbs 6oz
8th Ian Mac 29lbs 1 1/2oz
9th John Rick 21lbs 12 1/2oz
10th Chris Shaw 18lbs 12oz
11th Pete Tomlinson 12lbs 14oz
12th Jack Danby 12lbs 11oz
13th Lew Nightingale 10lbs 1oz

Hacketts, Main Lake, 14th October, 2012.
1st Daryl Butler 81lbs 9oz
2nd Anthony White 48lbs 7oz
3rd Jack Danby 30lbs 2 1/2oz
4th Clive Williams 23lbs 10 1/2oz
5th Colin Wolf 23lbs 6oz
6th Martin Lacey 14lbs 15 1/2oz
7th Gary Smith 14lbs 13oz
8th= Ian Mac13lbs 6oz
8th= Mike Fletcher 13lbs 6oz
10th Chris Shaw 12lbs 12 1/2oz
11th Mick Danby 11lbs 1 1/2oz
12th John Rick 10lbs 1oz
13th Neil Culham 9lbs 6oz
14th John Morley 7lbs 9 1/2oz
15th Pete Tomlinson 7lbs 6 1/2oz
16th Bob Bent D.N.W.

Nottingham Canal, London Road, 7th October, 2012.
1st Paul Nighingale 8lbs 5 1/2oz
2nd Anthony White 8lbs 3oz
3rd Gary Smith 6lbs 9 1/2oz
4th Pete Tomlinson 4lbs 9oz
5th Chris Shaw 3lbs 6oz
6th Daryl Butler 2lbs 9 1/2oz
7th Clive Williams 2lbs 9oz
8th John Rick 1lb 7 1/2oz
9th Ian Mac 0lbs 9 1/2oz
10th Martin Lacey 0lbs 5 1/2oz
11th Dave Briggs 0lbs 5oz.

Robinswood, Lake 2, 30th September, 2012.
1st Kele Redwood 39lbs 7oz
2nd Anthony White 31lbs 1oz
3rd Nick West 26lbs 8oz
4th Pete Tomlinson 25lbs 14 1/2oz
5th Mike Fletcher 25lbs 12oz
6th Chris Shaw 22lbs 11 1/2oz
7th Martin Lacey 16lbs 1 1/2oz
8th John Rick 15lbs 3oz
Ian Mac D.N.W
John Morley D.N.W.

Nottingham Canal, Willows, 23rd September, 2012.
1st Martin Lacey 6lbs 11oz.
2nd Dave Briggs 4lbs 5 1/2oz
3rd Clive Williams 3lbs 4 1/2oz
4th Anthony White 2lbs 10 1/2oz
5th John Morley 2lbs 10oz
6th Pete Tomlinson 2lbs 1oz
7th Paul Nightingale 2lbs 0 1/2oz
8th Gary Smith 1lb 14oz
9th Chris Shaw 1lb 6 1/2oz
10th Bill Belchin 10oz
11th Daryl Butler 7 1/2oz

Robinswood, Lake 3, 16th September, 2012.
1st Anthony White 49lbs 11 1/2oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 45lbs 5oz
3rd John Morley 42lbs 12 1/2oz
4th Daryl Butler 38lbs 6 1/2oz
5th Bill Belchin 32lbs 5oz
6th Neil Culham 31lbs 8oz
7th Chris Shaw 30lbs 10oz
8th Lew Nightingale 27lbs 3oz
9th Martin Lacey 25lbs 10 1/2oz
10th Mick Danby 18lbs 12 1/2oz
11th Jack Danby 18lbs 0oz
12th John Rick D.N.W.

Mill Dam, Match Lake, 9th September, 2012.
1st Neil Culham 104lbs 14oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 100lbs 0oz
3rd Gary Smith 98lbs 3oz
4th Jack Danby 94lbs 10oz
5th Martin Lacey 81lbs 0oz
6th Bill Belchin 79lbs 8oz
7th Chris Shaw 76lbs 9oz
8th Anthony White 74lbs 3oz
9th Clive Williams 72lbs 14oz
10th Rob Sherriff 52lbs 1oz
11th John Morley 51lbs 6oz
12th Lew Nightingale 51lbs 0oz
13th Mick Danby 45lbs 10oz
14th Daryl Butler 45lbs 6oz
15th John Rick 41lbs 4oz
16th Dave Briggs 40lbs 5oz
17th Ian Mac 35lbs 6oz

River Trent, Caythorpe, 3rd August, 2012.
1st Anthony White 22lbs 2oz
2nd Martin Lacey 13lbs 6 1/2oz
3rd John Morley 9lbs 6 1/2oz
4th Gary Smith 7lbs 14 1/2oz
5th Daryl Butler 7lbs 3oz
6th Ian Mac 7lbs 2 1/2oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 6lbs 4 1/2oz
8th John Rick 5lbs 2 1/2oz
9th Bob Bent 4lbs 11 1/2oz
10th Clive Williams 4lbs 11oz
11th Chris Shaw 3lbs 11 1/2oz
12th Dave Briggs 3lbs 6 1/20z
13th Paul Winfield 2lbs 8 1/2oz

Hackett's, Big Lake, 27th August, 2012.
1st Chris Shaw 32lbs 6oz
2nd Colin Wolf 25lbs 13 1/2oz
3rd Anthony White 16lbs 9 1/2oz
4th Daryl Butler 15lbs 1oz
5th Lew Nightingale 14lbs 14oz
6th Martin Lacey 13lbs 14oz
7th Jack Danby 13lbs 12oz
8th Neil Culham 12lbs 3oz
9th Gary Smith 10lbs 11 1/2oz
10th Ian Mac 9lbs 1oz
11th Clive Williams 6lbs 14oz
12th John Morley 5lbs 4 1/2oz
13th Paul Nightingale D.N.W

Robin Hood Lakes, 19th August, 2012.
1st N.Culhan 106lbs 12oz
2nd A.White 83lbs 15oz
3rd P.Tomlinson 74lbs 10oz
4th J.Danby 53lbs 8oz
5th C.Williams 50lbs 14oz
6th G.Smith 42lbs 6oz
7th M.Lacey 33lbs 13oz
8th C.Shaw 27lbs 5oz
9th M.Danby 26lbs 5oz
10th J.Morley 24lbs 4oz
11th I.Mac 22lbs 12oz
12th D.Butler 18lbs 8oz
13th L.Nightingale 12lbs 5oz

Portland, Old Lake, 12th August 2012.
1st Gary Smith 41lbs 5 1/2oz
2nd Daryl Butler 28lbs 14oz
3rd Anthony White 27lbs 11 1/2oz
4th Mick Danby 19lbs 1 1/2oz
5th Paul Nightingale 17lbs 11 1/2oz
6th Neil Culham 16lbs 5 1/2oz
7th John Morley 15lbs 13 1/2oz
8th Colin Wolf 14lbs 8 1/2oz
9th Clive Williams 13lbs 3oz
10th Pete Tomlinson 12lbs 5 1/2oz
11th Chris Shaw 10lbs 3oz
12th Lew Nightingale 5lbs 6oz
13th Martin Lacey 3lbs 3 1/2oz
14th Jack Danby 1lb 11oz
15th Bob Bent D,N.W.

Caythorpe, Trent, 5th August, 2012.
1st Paul Winfield 12lbs 12oz
2nd Clive Williams 11lbs 11 1/2oz
3rd Gary Smith 9lbs 13 1/2oz
4th Martin Lacey 9lbs 2oz
5th John Morley 8lbs 13 1/2oz
6th Paul Nightingale 3lbs 14oz
7th Anthony White 3lbs 11 1/2oz
8th Chris Shaw 3lbs 11 oz
9th Pete Tomlinson 2lbs 11 1/2oz
10th= John Rick 1lb 12oz
10th= Ian Mac 1lb 12oz
12th Lew Nightingale D.N.W.

Mill Dam, Old Lake, 29th July, 2012.
1st John Rick 112lbs 1oz
2nd Pete Tomlinson 104lbs 15oz
3rd Jack Danby 91lbs 8oz
4th Mick Danby 77lbs 15oz
5th Gary Smith 76lbs 6oz
6th Colin Wolf 74lbs 9oz
7th Chris Shaw 66lbs 0oz
8th Mick Fletcher 64lbs 11oz
9th Neil Culham 58lbs 4oz
10th Rob Sherriff 51lbs 15oz
11th Clive Williams 46lbs 11oz
12th Anthony White 45lbs 10oz
13th Ian Mac 38lbs 15oz
14th Bill Belchin 31lbs 8oz
15th Martin Lacey 18lbs 12oz

Eye Kettleby, Lake 5, 22nd July, 2012.
1st Neil Culham 61lbs 13oz
2nd Gary Smith 56lbs 10 1/2oz
3rd Anthony White 50lbs 12 1/2oz
4th Clive Williams 48lbs 7oz
5th Jack Danby 31lbs 0oz
6th John Rick 29lbs 6oz
7th Colin Wolf 27lbs 3 1/2oz
8th Bill Belchin 24lbs 11oz
9th Mike Fletcher 23lbs 11oz
10th Mick Danby 22lbs 10oz
11th Martin Lacey 18lbs 12oz
12th Lew Nightingale 18lbs 5oz
13th Ian Mac 17lbs 0 1/2oz
14th Bob Bent 11lbs 9 1/2oz
15th Daryl Butler 11lbs 4 1/2oz
16th Pete Tomlinson 4lbs 10oz

Robinswood, Lake 2, 15th July, 2012.
1st Pete Tomlinson 80lbs 15oz
2nd Colin Wolf 49lbs 10oz
3rd Daryl Butler 42lbs 3oz
4th Jack Danby 39lbs 13oz
5th Martin Lacey 32lbs 1oz
6th Mick Danby 26lbs 13 1/2oz
7th John Rick 26lbs 1oz
8th Anthony White 23lbs 4 1/2oz
9th Bill Belchin 23lbs 2 1/2oz
10th Gary Smith 22lbs 3oz
11th Clive Williams 13lbs 6oz
12th Ian Mac 10lbs 9oz

Cooper's, Weston upon Trent, 8th July, 2012.
1st Gary Smith 68lbs 6oz
2nd Anthony White 64lbs 9oz
3rd Pete Tomlinson 49lbs 7 1/2oz
4th Clive Williams 49lbs 3oz
5th Chris Shaw 48lbs 12oz
6th Mick Danby 43lbs 5oz
7th John Rick 37lbs 6oz
8th Daryl Butler 35lbs 4oz
9th Paul Nightingale 33lbs 7oz
10th Dave Briggs 31lbs 10oz
11th Bob Bent 29lbs 13oz
12th Jack Danby 25lbs 1oz
13th Martin Lacey 13lbs 14oz

Decoy Lakes, Willow, 1st July, 2012.
1st Neil Culham 189lbs 3oz
2nd Anthony White 97lbs 6oz
3rd John Rick 62lbs 13oz
4th Jack Danby 58lbs 10oz
5th Daryl Butler 57lbs 6oz
6th Colin Wolf 48lbs 5oz
7th Martin Lacey 39lbs 11oz
8th Mick Danby 37lbs 8 1/2oz
9th Chris Shaw 26lbs 12 1/2oz

Little John lakes, Friar Tuck, 24th June, 2012.
1st Paul Nightingale 47lbs 11oz
2nd Anthony White 36lbs 6oz
3rd Neil Culham 33lbs 12oz
4th Gary Smith 30lbs 14oz
5th Clive Williams 30lbs 2oz
6th Lew Nightingale 26lbs 6oz
7th Mick Danby 26lbs 2oz
8th Daryl Butler 25lbs 15oz
9th Jack Danby 25lbs 14oz
10th Mick Fletcher 22lbs 15oz
11th Martin Lacey 22lbs 5oz
12th John Rick 20lbs 6oz
13th Ian Mac 18lb 10oz
13th= Pete Tomlinson 18lbs 10oz
15th Bob Bent 18lbs 1oz
16th Dave Briggs 12lbs 1oz

Carrvale, 17th June, 2012
1st Anthony White 33lbs 4oz
2nd Neil Culham 13lbs 11oz
3rd Mick Danby 13lbs 5oz
4th Colin Wolf 12lbs 8oz
5th Gary Smith 11lbs 6 1/2oz
6th Chris Shaw 10lbs 10oz
7th Pete Tomlinson 9lbs 14 1/2oz
8th Paul Nightingale 8lbs 15 1/2oz
9th Clive Williams 8lbs 4oz
10th Daryl Butler 5lbs 11 1/2oz
11th John Morley 5lbs 8 1/2oz
12th Martin Lacey 4lbs 13oz
13th Lew Nightingale 3lbs 0 1/2oz
14th Ian Mac 2lbs 15oz
15th John Rick 2lbs 3oz
16th Bill Belchin 1lb 13oz
17th Jack Danby 1lb 12 1/2oz
18th Rob Sherriff D.N.W.

Shearsby, Alder, 10th June, 2012
1st Gary Smith 77lbs 12oz
2nd Chris Shaw 36lbs 6 1/2oz
3rd Colin Wolf 35lbs 12 1/2oz
4th Anthony White 33lbs 12oz
5th Pete Tomlinson 26lbs 9 1/2oz
6th Paul Nightingale 25lbs 14 1/2oz
7th John Rick 23lbs 9oz
8th Ian Mac 20lbs 11 1/2oz
9th Mike Fletcher 19lbs 11 1/2oz
10th Lew Nightingale 18lbs 9 1/2oz
11th Martin Lacey 17lbs 1oz
12th Daryl Butler 14lbs 6 1/2oz

Lodge Farm, Top Lake, 3rd June, 2012
1st Anthony White 81lbs 5oz
2nd Gary Smith 40lbs 7oz
3rd Daryl Butler 39lbs 11oz
4th Colin Wolf 25lbs 6oz
5th Lew Nightingale 21lbs 3oz
6th Chris Shaw 18lbs 4oz
7th Neil Culham 17lbs 6oz
8th Paul Nightingale 17lbs 1oz
9th John Rick 16lbs 12oz
10th Martin Lacey 14lbs 13oz
11th Pete Tomlinson 8lbs 7oz
12th Ian Mac 5lbs 7oz

Hemmington, Moat, 27th May, 2012
1st Paul Nightingale 51lbs 4oz
2nd Anthony White 40lbs 2oz
3rd Jack Danby 34lbs 12oz
4th Pete Tomlinson 27lbs 11oz
5th John Rick 26lbs 9oz
6th Chris Shaw 26lbs 5oz
7th Gary Smith 20lbs 11oz
8th Mick Danby 18lbs 13oz
9th Dave Briggs 12lbs 7oz
10th Clive Williams 11lbs 10oz
11th Martin Lacey 10lbs 10oz
12th Lew Nightingale 9lbs 5oz
13th John Morley 8lbs 6oz
14th Daryl Butler 4lbs 0oz

Little John Lakes, Maid Marion, 20th May, 2012.
1st Colin Wolf 62lbs 10oz
2nd Anthony White 59lbs 6oz
3rd Paul Nightingale 52lbs 7oz
4th Neil Culham 47lbs 2oz
5th Pete Tomlinson 39lbs 6oz
6th John Rick 36lbs 9oz
7th Daryl Butler 28lbs 3oz
8th Mick Danby 25lbs 4oz
9th Mike Fletcher 22lbs 6oz
10th Martin Lacey 19lbs 4oz
11th Bob Bent 18lbs 13oz
12th Clive Williams 18lbs 10oz
13th Lew Nightingale 16lbs 2oz
14th Gary Smith 15lbs 9oz
15th Chris Shaw 8lbs 15oz
16th Ian Mac 8lbs 11oz
17th Jack Danby 7lbs 1oz
18th John Morley D.N.W.

Beechwood Fishery, Oaks Lake, 13th May. 2012.
1 Paul Nightingale 64lb 14oz
2 Anthony White 49 - 10 - 0
3 Gary Smith 29 - 13 - 0
4 Chris Shaw 18 - 3 - 0
5 Ian Mac 14 - 3 - 8
6 Pete Tomlinson 14 - 1 - 0
7 Bill Belchin 12 -11 - 0
8= John Rick 12 -1 - 8
8= Rob Sherriff 12 - 1 - 8
10 Daryl Butler 11 -14- 8
11 Martin Lacey 11 -1 - 0
12 Bob Bent 10 - 5 - 0
13 Dave Briggs 6 - 4 - 0
14 Jack Danby 3 - 11 - 0
15 Mick Danby DNW

Portland Fishery, Old Lake 6th May, 2012.
1 Neil Culham 49 - 9 -0
2 Martin Lacey 44 -14 -0
3 Clive Williams 23 - 0 - 8
4 Gary Smith 22 -10 -8
5 Paul Nightingale 20 - 6 -0
6 Colin Wolf 16 - 12 - 0
7 Pete Tomlinson 14 - 0 - 8
8 Daryl Butler 11 - 14 - 8
9 Chris Shaw 10 - 11 - 8
10 Anthony White 8 - 0 - 0
11 Ian Mac 5 - 11 - 8
12 Mick Danby 5 - 4 - 8
13 Dave Briggs 4 - 10 - 0
14= Jack Danby DNW
14= John Morley DNW

Midland Match Fixtures including Winter League and Notts Fed (see below)

Club Trophy Winners
2011 to 2012

Knock Out Cup:
Pete Tomlinson...38lbs 8oz, beating Anthony White at Horseshoe Lake, Decoy
(self explanatory) fished head to head, winner progresses to the next round

Wheatsheaf Cup:
Gary Smith.....16lb 10oz carp caught from the old lake at Portland
(Biggest fish caught throughout the season)..

William Oldham Cup:
Anthony White...1152lbs 8 1/2oz.....2nd Pete Tomlinson...964lbs 2 1/2oz
(Total weight from matches fished throughout the season)

Portland Cup:
Anthony White...54 points...2nd...Pete Tomlinson 71 points
(total from points awarded throughout the season)...
1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd etc, down to 15.
Non fishing members awarded 16 points, 6 matches dropped thoughout the season.

Senior Citizens Cup:
Colin Wolf...586lbs 8 1/2oz.
(Total weight by OAP's throughout the season)

Midland Cup:
Anthony White...512lbs 6 1/20z
(total weight from matches fished outside Nottinghamshire)

Shipstone Cup:
Gary Smith...154lbs 10oz
(total weight from challenge matches throughout the season)

Trent Cup and Rose Bowl:
Gary Smith 14lbs 4oz...2nd Stuart Mclelland 14lbs
(total weight from matches fished on outr own waters at Hoveringham and Caythorpe)

Gertie Whitehouse Cup:
Gary Smith 12lbs...2nd Bill Belchin 9lbs 5oz.
(total weight from canal matches throughout the season)

Anglers Shield:
Neil Culham...193lbs 2 1/2oz, taken from Willows Lake at Decoy.
(highest individual weight from one match)
New club record, beating Chris Shaw's 190lbs 14oz, from the same venue the previous season.

Merit Award:
Pete Tomlinson
(awarded by the committee to the most deserving angler during the season)

Executive Cup:
to be decided at the first match of each season

(fished for by committee members only)