Match Results

Match Results

Matches and match results...

Oct 29th Canal

Good weights

Full Result

C Williams 13lb 1oz

M Lacey 12lb 13oz

G Smith 10lb 15oz 

A Gammon 10lb

G Long 8lb 14oz

P Winfield 8lb 3oz

P Tomlinson 6lb

D Butler 5lb 13oz

J Simpson 5lb 12oz

J Rick 4lb 11oz

C Shaw 3lb 10oz

Oct 15th Portland

Peg 8 comes up trumps

Full Result

G Smith 164lb

P Winfield 137lb 15oz

N Culham 131lb 11oz

M Lacey 131lb 4oz

D Butler 120lb 4oz

P Tomlinson 103lb 8oz

J Rick 90lb 11oz

M Danby 88lb 6oz

J Simpson 81lb 3oz

A Gammon 76lb 5oz

M Fletcher 75lb 9oz

G Long 75lb 2oz

N Proffitt 71lb 8oz

D Briggs 71lb 6oz

C Shaw 62lb 11oz

Oct 2022 London Road 2023

Canal chocolate due to the heavy rain

Full, Result

C Shaw 13lb 5oz

C Williams 11lb 12oz

J Simpson 7lb 10oz

G Long 5lb 4oz

P Winfield 3lb 8oz

G Smith 3lb 2oz

J Rick 2lb

D Butler 1lb 10oz

M Lacey 1lb 7oz

P Tomlinson 7oz

8th October 2023 Springvale

Pete Tomlinson does it again.

Full Result

P Tomlinson 131lb 8oz

D Butler 104lb

N Culham 102lb 11oz

C Williams 75lb

M Lacey 70lb 11oz

J Rick 70lb

G Smith 69lb 7oz

N Proffitt 64lb

L Nightingale 45lb 11oz

C Shaw 43lb 3oz

M Fletcher 41lb 3oz

H Smith 34lb 13oz

P Winfield 32lb 8oz

D Briggs 29lb 10oz

1st October 2023 Mill Dam

9 Tons

Full Result

M Lacey 222lb 5oz

D Briggs 207lb 13oz

P Tomlinson 193lb 12oz

M Fletcher 186lb 3oz

P Winfield 133lb 11oz

J Rick 119lb 9oz

H Smith 118lb 5oz

N Culham 102lb 10oz

N Proffitt 102lb 2oz

C Williams 96lb 14oz

L Nightingale 92lb 9oz

24th September Springvale

6 ton weights

Fullm Result

N Culham 181lb

P Tomlinson 144lb 13oz

M Lacey 122lb 9oz

J Simpson 115lb 2oz

N Proffit 104lb 12oz

H Smith 101lb 1 oz

P Winfield 90lb 11oz

G Smith 90lb 2oz

L Nightingale 78lb 6oz

C Williams 56lb 12oz

17th September 2023 Sookholme

Good weights

Full Result

P Tomlinson 84lb 11oz

N Culham 61lb 6oz

G Smith 54lb 2oz

C Williams 50lb 5oz

P Winfield 47lb 1oz

M Lacey 46lb 1oz

J Rick 46lb

D Butler 44lb 5oz

N Proffit 33lb 6oz

H Smith 25lb 11oz

10th Sept 2023 Trent

Close match on a low and clear river

Full Result

G Long 8lb 3oz

M Danby 7lb 11oz

A Gammon 7lb 4oz

P Winfield 7lb 1oz

C Williams 5lb 7oz

J Simpson 5lb 6oz

N Culham 5lb

C Shaw 4lb 14oz

J Rick 4lb 14oz

P Tomlinson 4lb 12oz

M Lacey 4lb 7oz

D Butler 3lb 12oz

N Proffitt 2lb 2oz

August 27th Shelt Hill Hazel

Won on long pole shallow

Full Result

N Culham 131lb 13oz

M Lacey 86lb 4oz

P Tomlinson 79lb 9oz

C Shaw 79lb 4oz

J Simpson 74lb 15oz

D Butler 52lb 10oz

P Winfield 50lb 2oz

C Williams 45lb 5oz

G Smith 40lb 6oz

H Smith 35lb 1oz

D Briggs 32lb 15oz

L Nightingale 23lb 8oz

M Fletcher 18lb 7oz

21st August 2023 Sookholme

Win for Nigel Proffitt

Full Result

N Proffitt 57lb 8oz

P Winfield 54lb 4oz

G Smith 52lb 

P Tomlinson 47lb 15oz

D Butler 45lb 3oz (section)

N Culham 40lb 11oz

C Shaw 38lb 4oz (section)

M Fletcher 36lb 5oz

M Lacey 31lb 9oz

M Danby 22lb 5oz

J Rick 20lb 1oz

L Nightingale 9lb 12oz