Match Results

Match Results

Some general information about matches and match results?

First River Match

Our first river match proved to be an excellent day although being faced with a very strong downstream wind and the river carrying extra water the results showed that the river is in fine form. In first place fishing stick float was Clive Williams with a mainly roach catch of 23lb, in second was Gary Smith with 11lb made up of roach and dace, third place went to Chris Shaw with 9lb of roach and dace

Full Result

1 C Williams 23lb
2 G Smith with 11lb 14oz
3 C Shaw 9lb 15 oz
4 N Culham 8lb 8oz
5 D Butler 7lb 15 oz
6 J Rick 7lb 11oz
7 M Lacey 7lb 10 oz
8 P Tomlinson 5lb 6oz
9 D Briggs 4lb 3oz
10 M Fletcher 3lb 14 oz.

Springvale First Spring

Hi all its good to be back at last our first club match since 27th October 2019. On a perfect day John Simpson fished a great match, fishing shallow for Ide John put 95lb on the scales, in second place was Mick Danby with 87lb and third place went Horace Smith with 86lb. Chris Shaw won the Executive Cup top weight of committee members.

Full result

1 J Simpson 95lb 9oz
2 M Danby 87lb 14oz
3 H Smith 86lb 11oz
4 N Culham 84lb 3oz
5 G Smith 79lb 4oz (Section)
6 C Shaw 63lb 11oz
7 P Tomlinson 62lb 3oz (Section)
8 L Nightingale 61lb 9oz
9 D Butler 56lb 6oz
10 J Rick 39lb 4oz
11 C Williams 38lb 15oz
12 D Briggs 36lb 15oz
13 M Fletcher 26lb 6oz
14 M Lacey 26lb 3oz