Match Results

Match Results

Matches and match results...

June 4th 2023 Portland

well done to Martin 116lb

Full Result

M.Lacey 116lb 6oz

N Proffitt 97lb 7oz

M Fletcher 96lb 2oz

P Tomlinson 77lb 4oz

J Simpson 74lb 6oz

D Butler 71lb 5oz

N Culham 60lb 4oz

P Winfield 58lb 10oz

A Gammon 53lb 11oz

G Smith 47lb 9oz

L Nightingale 41lb 13oz

D Briggs 36lb 3oz

M Danby 30lb 3oz

C Shaw 28lb 14oz

J Rick 24lb 15oz

28th May 2023 Springvale

Oak Avenue

Full result

N Culham 90lb 90z

A Gammon 70lb10oz

J Simpson 70lb 

L Nightingale 62lb 10oz

N Proffitt 57lb 6oz

D Butler 56lb 5oz 

P Tomlinson 55lb 11oz

C Shaw 54lb 1oz

P Winfield 50lb 3oz

G Smith 47lb 12oz

G Long 42lb 2oz

H Smith 40lb 14oz

D Briggs 36lb 3oz

M Lacey 35lb 14oz

M Fletcher 22lb 4oz

J Rick 13lb 3oz


Wellow Dam 21st May 2023

Nigel Proffitt wins his first midland match

Full Result

N Proffitt 70lb 9oz

M Danby 58lb 11oz

P Winfield 53lb 13oz

N Culham 50lb 2oz

D Butler 47lb 5oz

J Simpson 48lb 14oz

L Nightingale 34lb 15oz

G Long 32lb 14oz

G Smith 29lb 11oz

C Shaw 23lb 11oz

P Tomlinson 21lb 9oz

H Smith17lb 6oz

M Lacey 16lb 5oz

D Briggs 8lb 14oz



Portland old lake14th may2023

Another 110lb winning weight

Full result

D Butler 119lb 1oz

P Tomlinson 107lb

H Smith 103lb1oz

G Smith 102lb 6oz

N Culham 98lb 10oz

C Shaw 97lb 14oz

P Winfield 97lb

M Lacey 94lb 15oz

M Danby 89lb 12oz

D Briggs 85lb 12oz

N Proffit 71lb 9oz

J Rick 46lb 11oz

L Nightingale 38lb 5oz


Springvale 7th May 2023

First match produces 100lb

Full Result

N Culham 126lb 2oz

P Tomlinson 79lb 7oz

M Lacy 67lb 7oz

P Winfield 59lb 15oz

N Proffitt 54lb

D Butler 50lb 6oz

J Rick 43lb

G Smith 36lb 2oz

D Briggs 22lb 5oz

H Smith 10lb 7oz

L Nightingale DNW



Oct 2022 London Road

Canal in a dour mood

Full Result 

With the canal running very clear fish were hard to come by on the day Gary Smith came out on top with 6lb 7oz of small fish on end peg 14

running him close was Andy Gammon 6lb 5oz on peg 24, in third place was Chris Shaw with 4lb 12oz

G Smith 6lb 7oz

A Gammon 6lb 5oz

C Shaw 4lb 12oz

J Simpson 4lb 10oz

D Butler 4lb 3oz

= P Tomlinson

C Williams 3lb 13oz

P Winfield 3lb 4oz

M Lacey 2lb 15oz

J Rick 1lb 10oz

D Briggs DNW

23rd October 2022

Fished in heavy rain for most of the match

Full Result

On the day the first 3 weights came from consecutive pegs

Fishing peg 12 Martin Lacey caught in the deepest part of his swim finishing with 87lb of carp and chub

Pete Tomlinson on peg 11 finished with 67lb mainly from the margins, on peg 10 Gary Smith had 57lb

M Lacey 87lb 1oz

P Tomlinson 67lb 5oz

G Smith 57lb

H Smith 53lb 3oz (section)

J Simpson 48lb 14oz (section)

D Butler 34lb 12oz

N Culham 32lb 15oz

P Winfield 31lb 2oz

D Briggs 23lb 9oz

C Williams 22lb 14oz

C Shaw 9lb 1oz

October 2nd, 2022, Caythorpe

good weights on the last river match

Full Result

J Rick 16lb 13oz

C Williams 12lb 5oz

M Lacey 11lb 14oz

P Tomlinson 11lb 2oz

J Simpson 9lb 5oz(section)

D Butler 8lb 11oz(section)

G Smith 7lb 14oz

N Proffitt 7lb

N Culham 5lb 13oz

P Winfield 5lb 8oz

D Briggs 4lb 4oz

M Fletcher 3lb 10oz

16th October 2022 Springvale.

Excellent weights on the day

Full Result

Drawn on peg 7 Gary Smith fished bomb and pellet catching ten carp in the fist hour, then caught in the margins to 

win with72lb, second was Nigel Proffitt with 51lbs ahead of Neil Culham with 47lb.

G Smith 72lb 12oz

N Proffitt 51lb 3oz

N Culham 47lb

M Lacey 43lb 4oz(section)

P Tomlinson 39lb 4oz

H Smith 33lb (section)

C Williams 30lb 10oz

P Winfield 22lb 11oz

D Butler 21lb

D Briggs 10lb 6oz

L Nightingale 3lb 6oz

9th October 2022 Nottingham Canal

Very patchy weights

Full Result

With the canal still very clear, mostly small fish the order of the day, 

 Martin Lacey on top end peg 196 fished a great match  to put 18lbs on the scales for an easy win, Martin had a slow start but built his swim

as the day went catching roach and skimmers, second place went Daryl Butler with a net of small fish.

M Lacey 18lb 10oz

D Butler 6lb 13oz

C Williams 6lb 10oz

P Tomlinson 6lb 4oz (section)

G Smith 6lb 2oz

P Winfield 4lb 11oz (section)

C Shaw 3lb 7oz

D Briggs 2lb 14oz

J Rick 1lb 3oz