Match Results

Match Results

Matches and match results...

25th September 2022 Caythorpe

Difficult conditions

Full Result

With a tricky downstream wind and low temperature weights were down, leading the way was Trent Ace  Andy Gammon fishing long pole, Andy caught roach and dace

 putting 9lb 8oz on the scales, in second was the evergreen John Rick fishing the stick  with 9lb 3oz, third was Daryl Butler with 7lb 9oz

A Gammon 9lb 8oz

J Rick 9lb 3oz

D Butler 7lb 9oz

N Culham 5lb 9oz

P Tomlinson 5lb 70z

C Williams 4lb 11oz

G Smith 4lb 7oz

M Lacey 3lb 15oz

P Winfield 3lb 13oz

N Proffitt 2lb 1oz

18th September 2022 Kingfisher Portland

Water levels still down

Full Result

Drawing peg 3 for the second time in the last 2 visits Pete Tomlinson produced the top weight again, fishing down the margin catching 20 carp for 48lbs

in second place was the ever improving Paul Winfield on peg 15 putting 71lbs on the scale, Nigel Proffitt was third with 67lb of mainly Ide and Chub.

P Tomlinson 84lbs

P Winfield 71lb 12oz

N Proffitt 67lb 14oz

M Lacey 56lb 4oz

J Rick 45lb 6oz

H Smith 35lb 6oz

D Butler 33lb 10oz

M Danby 30lb 11oz

N Culham 30lb

G Smith 28lb 8oz

C Williams 22lb 13oz

Hoveringham 11September 2022

Perfect conditions on the day

Full Result

Drawn on favored peg 1 Andy Gamon fished a very tidy match on the whip catching on hemp and maggot for 13lb

in second place was Dave Briggs who drew well down the field fishing feeder Dave had 2 good bream and some skimmers

for 10lb13oz third place went to Pete Tomlinson who drew the end peg and had 10lb 8oz of mixed fish on feeder.

A Gammon 13lb 9oz

D Briggs 10lb 13oz

P Tomlinson 10lb 8oz

D Butler 9lb 6oz

J Rick 8lb 11oz

J Simpson 7lb 8oz (section)

M Lacey 7lb 4oz

P Winfield 7lb 1oz(section)

C Williams 6llb 14oz

N Culham 6lb 13oz

N Proffit 6lb 3oz

C Shaw 3lb 15oz



Robinswood 4th September 2022

First visit for many years.

Full Result

The top end of the lake away from the dam end proved to be the best area, Pete Tomlinson drew the top end peg and made the most of the peg catching in the margins

for an easy win with 138lbs second was Paul Winfield on the next peg with 52lb, third place went to Daryl Butler on top end peg the opposite bank, Darly loosing numerous fish in the reeds.

P Tomlinson 138lb 10oz

P Winfield 52lb

D Butler 45lb 15oz

C Shaw 44lb 5oz (Section)

J Rick 42lb 12oz (Section)

C Williams 36lb 8oz

H Smith 30lb 14oz

M Lacey 27lb 5oz

N Culham 20lb 8oz

M Fletcher 9lb 12oz

Caythorpe 28th August 2022

Difficult day for many

Full Result

Leading the way was Pete Tomlinson using his tried and tested method of stick float of groundbait for a mixed bag of roach dace and perch, in second place was Neil Culham

fishing the whip catching 150 small dace , third place went to Dave briggs who had 2 barbel and a skimmer.

P Tomlinson 10lb 8oz

N Culham 9lb 7oz

D Briggs 8lb 2oz

J Simpson 7lb 14oz (Section)

G Smith 7lb 4oz

C Williams 5lb 7oz ( Section)

D Butler 5lb 1oz

P Winfield 3lb 15oz

J Rick 3lb 8oz

M Lacey 3lb 1oz

C Shaw 3lb






Portland 21/08/2022

Buzzard very poor results

Full Result

Fishing very hard on a decent day weather wise after the first hour fish switched off, leading the way was Lew Nightingale from peg 10 with 27lb

the next 2 weights came off the two end pegs, Pete Tomlinson 26lb and Martin Lacey with 21lb

L Nightingale 27lb 13oz

P Tomlinson 26lb 1oz

M Lacey 21lb 13oz

J Rick 21lb 2oz

G Smith 18lb 9oz (section)

C Shaw 14lb 10oz (section)

D Briggs 12lb 10oz

D Butler 11lb 9oz

P Winfield 11lb 7oz

N Culham 9lb 5oz

C Williams 9lb 5oz

H Smith 8lb 3oz

M Fletcher 2lb 15oz


Caythorpe 14th August 2022

Despite the div 1 national on the water the day before the stretch produced some decent weights.

Full Result

On a day when bream and barbel fed Paul Winfield fished feeder  catching bream and barbel for 18lb second place went to Neil Culham who  caught a decent bream and a barbel

in the last 45 miniutes to finish with 14lb.

P Winfield 18lb 11oz

N Culham 14lb 5oz

D Butler 11lb 7oz

M Lacey 8lb 6oz (section)

P Tomlinson 8lb

C Williams 7lb 2oz (section)

C Shaw 6lb 5oz

G.Smith 5lb 13oz

D Briggs 2lb 15oz

N Proffitt 2lb 14oz

M Fletcher 2lb 11oz


Mill Dam 7th August 2022

Big weights on old lake

Full Result

The top 3 were all in line on the day and margin  was the meathod.

After a slow start Daryl Butler picked up the pace to catch fish after fish in the margins, finishing with 171 lb in second place was Margin exper Pete Tomlinson

with 136lb, Mick Danby making up the top 3 with111lb, running him close was John Simpson with 110lb.

D Butler 171lb 14oz

P Tomlinson 136lb 5oz

M Danby 111lb 9oz

J Simpson 110lb 10oz

H Smith100lb

N Culham 98lb 9oz

C Williams 94lb 8oz

D Briggs 78lb 5oz

M Fletcher 63lb

G Smith 55lb 6oz

P Winfield 54lb 60z

N Proffitt 45lb 10oz

J Rick 38lb 6oz

L Nightingale 36lb 12oz

C Shaw 10lb 3oz


Sookholme 31st July 2022

Carp dominated match

Full Result

With silver fish not feeding carp dominated the weights, John Rick fished short to put 87lb 9oz on the scales Gary Smth finished with with 78lb for secon place, Paul Winfield

finished third.

J Rick 87lb 9oz

G Smith 78lb 6oz

P Winfield 63lb 11oz

P Tomlinson 63lb 9oz

N Culham 60lb 11oz

C Shaw 58lb 7oz

D Butler 51lb 2oz

M Danby 43lb 12oz

M Lacey 42lb 9oz

H Smith 37lb 12oz

C Williams 27lb 11oz

L Nightingale 22lb 14oz

M Fletcher 16lb 10oz

N Profitt 8lb 13oz

Caythorpe 24th July 2022

Challenge match v Barnston

Full Result

Midland only

On a very windy river the match fished well feeder proving the meathod Barnston with an easy win.

Chris Shaw 7lb 9oz

J Rick 6lb 14oz

N Culham 6lb 9oz

D Butler 5lb 13oz

C Williams 5lb 5oz

N Proffit 4lb 11oz

P Tomlinson 4lb 3oz

G Smith 4lb 2oz

P Winfield 3lb 3oz

M Lacey 2lb 15oz

D Briggs 2lb 8oz