Match Results

Match Results

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Portland 1st May 2022

Portland Old Wood produced a close match

Full Result

Our first match priduced some decent weights, on top  was Gary Smith drawing peg  11 for the 3rd time running. putting 80lb on the scales, in second spot was Neil Culham from peg 14 with 66lb, fishing his first midland match for many years Andy Gammon was third with 58lb.

G Smith 80lb 10oz

N Culham 63lb 15oz

A Gammon 58lb

C Williams 49lb 4oz

P Tomlinson 48lb 8oz (section) executive cup

H Smith 37lb 10 oz

L Nightingale 36lb 12oz (section)

M Lacey 36lb 7oz

C Shaw 35lb 14oz

D Briggs 34lb 12oz

D Butler 33lb 10oz

M Fletcher 32lb 10oz

J Simpson 16lb 3oz

P Winfield 11lb 11oz

London Road Canal 31st Oct 2021

Torrential rain and high winds made for difficult conditions

Full Result

Worst weather possible for this match but good weights recorded.

In first spot was Chris Shaw fishing hemp Chris put 14lb 6oz of Roach on the scales from peg 206 second place went to John Rick on peg 186 catching a mixed bag on maggot for 12lb 14oz 

Third pplace went to John Simpson with 8lb 10oz of peg 197.

C Shaw 14lb 6oz

J Rick 12lb 14oz

J Simpson 8lb 10oz

C Williams 8lb 7oz (section)

D Butler 7lb 7oz

P Tomlinson 5lb 7oz (section)

 =G Smith 5lb 7oz(section)

M Lacey 5lb 5oz

P Winfield  5lb


Nottingham Canal 24th October 2021

Good result in difficult conditions.

Full Result

Match fished in difficult conditions with rain and wind , top 3 weights came from the regular consistent pegs Clive Williams on peg 186 

catching for most of the match finishing with 12lb 14oz, second place went to Pete Tomlinson on peg 189 with 11lb 7oz, followed by John Simpson 9lb 9oz on peg 196

C Williams 12lb 14oz

P Tomlinson 11lb 7oz

J Simpson 9lb 9oz

P Winfield 8lb 9oz

J Rick 6lb 14oz

M Lacey 6lb 13oz

D Butler 6lb 1oz

C Shaw 4lb 6oz

Portland 17th Oct 2021

OLD Wood produces a consistent match

Full Result

Finishing the season as he started on the same peg he won again with 91lb in second spot was Gary Smith with 71lb

3rd place went to Pete Tomlinson with 70lb

N Culham 91lb 15oz

G Smith 71lb

P Tomlinson 70lb 15oz

D Butler 66lb 2oz

C Williams 64lb 10oz (section)

H Smith 62lb 11oz (section)

M Lacey 60lb 8oz

C Shaw

D Briggs =40lb 13oz

P Winfield 37lb 8oz

M Fletcher 19lb

L Nightingale 16lb 10oz

Springvale 10th Oct 2021

Barnstone record easy win.

Full Result

Midland fished there annual challenge with Barnston on Duke lake at Springvale recording the top five weights, then best Midland man was John Simpson with 100lb 9oz.

Midland Weights only.

J Simpson 100lb 9oz

N Culham 92lb 4oz

C Williams 72lb 3oz

G Smith 63lb 1oz

D Butler 53lb 5oz

H Smith 35lb 8oz


Portland 3rd October 2021

Old wood produced a close match

Full Result

Drawing the same peg 11 second time in 2 matches Gary Smith used his experiance from the previous match to good use putting 65lb on the scales including a carp of 10lb,

running Gary close was Martin Lacey with a return to form from  peg 6 with 60lb.

Full Result

G Smith 65lb 4oz

M Lacey 60lb 8oz

M Danby 54lb 4oz

P Tomlinson 53lb 11oz

L Nightingale 50lb 8oz

D Butler 49lb 8oz

C Williams 45lb 4oz

J Simpson 41lb 8oz

H Smith 38lb 12oz

P Winfield 30lb 9oz

N Culham 26lb 9oz

J Rick 27lb 7oz

D Briggs 16lb 5oz

Springvale 26th September 2021

Consistent weights from Duchess lake

Full  Result

Clive Williams fished a great match to top the field with 104 lb fishing worm and caster, in second spot was Gary Smith with 99lb.

C Williams 104lb 3oz

G Smith 99lb 11oz

N Culham 96lb 9oz

P Tomlionson 72lb 11oz (section)

M Fletcher 36lb (section)

J Rick 35lb 3oz

D Butler 31lb 2oz

M Lacey 29lb 3oz

H Smith 22lb 8oz

D Briggs 14lb 2oz

Mill Dam 19th September 2021

Excellent weights at old lake

Full Result

Neil Culham came out on top on his favorite venue, fishless first hour before his swim came alive catching carp at 11 mtrs, then switching to the margins. 

to put 132lb on the scales.

second place went to Horace Smith who caght in the margins for 100lb

 N Culham 132lb 11oz

H Smith 100lb 7oz

D Butler 97lb 9oz

M Lacey 78lb 1oz (section)

P Tomlinson 75lb 12oz

L Nightingale 70lb 10oz

C Williams 66lb 14oz (section)

M Danby 65lb 9oz

D Briggs 44lb 1oz

G Smith 42lb 13oz

J Rick 42lb 2oz

Wellow Dam Sept 12th 2021

Carp dominate at Wellow

Full Result

Fishing the margins proved to be the answer on the day, margin master Pete Tomlinson came out on top with 51lb from peg 9, in second place was Gary Smith who made the most of a deeper margin on peg15 to put 47lb on the scales, the ever consistant Neil  Culham drawing his favorite peg 3 was third with 46lb.

All members pleased to welcome Martin our match secretary back to fishing after a a back injury.

P Tomlinson 51lb 5oz

G Smith 47lb 8oz

N Culham 46lb 140z

P Winfield 40lb 1oz (Section)

C Shaw  33lb 6oz 9 (Section)

C Williams 28lb

D Butler 23lb 14oz

H Smith 20lb 12oz

D Briggs 20lb 3oz

L Nightingale 19lb 12oz

M Lacey 15lb 120z


Caythorpe September 5th 2021

Perfect conditions at Caythorpe

Full Result

With the river low and clear the top end of the stretch produced the best weights Dave Briggs caught a mixed bag including an eel of 2lb and some big perch along with roach and dace from peg11 putting 11lb 7oz on the scales, in second was Clive Williams on peg 8, third place went to P Tomlinson on peg 11.

D Briggs 11lb 7oz

C Williamms 10lb 8oz

P Tomlinson 10lb

M Danby 7lb 2oz

G Smith 6lb 13oz

N Culham 5lb 8oz

C Shaw 5lb

D Butler 2lb 14oz

P Winfield 2lb 13oz

M Fletcher 2lb 8oz

J Rick 2lb 4oz