Thorpe Constanine 27th Sept


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Thorpe Constanine 27th Sept

This was our first visit to the water, which was a little late in the year, however Neil Culham made the most of the peg to win with 73lb in second place was Pete Tomlinson with 49lb. 2oz

Full Result.

1 N Culham 73lb 2oz
2 P Tomlinson 49lb 8oz
3 G Smith
C Williams 42lb
5 C Shaw 37lb 11oz
6 J Rick 24lb 5oz
7 M Lacey 19lb 3oz
8 H Smith 18lb 9oz
9 D Briggs 18lb 2oz
10 D Butler 11lb

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw

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London Road Canal 25th October

This was Midlands last match of the season thanks to everyone who helped during a difficult season, stay safe and stay well. Under decent conditions the match was a close run thing, coming out on top was canal expert Simon Harper off fancied peg 198 putting 8 lb 8oz on the scales, in second place off end peg 208 was John Simpson with 8lb 3oz.

Chris Shaw
Hemmington Moat 18th Oct

Despite good conditions fish were hard to find, after a fishless first hour Martin Lacey changed to pole and started to catch roach and bream, netting two bonus carp at the end for 53lb, on the opposite bank Gary Smith had a carp first put in but then switched to pole finishing with 30lb.

Chris Shaw
London road canal 11th Oct 2020

Clive Williams was a runaway winner from favored peg 196 finishing with 18lbs of roach and skimmers, John Rick was second with 8lbs 7oz followed by Chris Shaw with 6lb 12oz, the canal continued to show good form from a selection of different pegs.

Chris Shaw

Pegs 23 and 21 held the fish making the most of the draw was Pete Tomlinson who put 86lb on the scales John Rick on peg 21 finished with 79lb.

Chris Shaw

A tale of two halfs for once the left hand bank was the place to be Daryl Butler did the business from peg 2 putting 121lb on the scales, in second place was Martin Lacey from peg 14 with 83lb. A special mention to Ian Mac who fished for the first time since lockdown Ian came a creditable 5th 50lb

Chris Shaw